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911SignalUSA is a leading worldwide manufacturer of emergency vehicle lights and sirens, including LED light bars, warning lights and strobe lights.

Best Deals on LED Lights for Your Fleet

We constantly get asked why we have such low prices for our high-quality LED lights. It is quite simple - we manufacture emergency vehicle lights ourselves, with no middleman to double, triple or quadruple prices. We design and build emergency vehicle lighting systems, from light bars to grille lights to traffic advisors, using components from some of the world's largest companies.

You may see products similar to ours in the marketplace at a substantially higher price, as we also have private labeled our vehicle lights for many companies around the globe. We have numerous active patents in the USA, Europe and Asia protecting our newest LED Lights.

We have been creating high-quality LED police lights, fire truck lights, and ambulance lights since 2000 and private labeling them under other names for other companies we work with. We now sell our products, under the 911SignalUSA brand, direct to you, the customer.

Top Selling Items For April 2014!

  • An LED Dash Light That Delivers! Do you need more lighting on in the rear or front of your vehicle? If so, our heavy duty sealed ...
  • A Simple Use Toggle Switch No one will dispute the fact that emergency light switch boxes help first responders do their job mor...
  • Choose from a Variety of Siren Sounds with this Top-Notch Emergency Vehicle Equipment Sirens are an essential part of every EMS w...
  • A Compact Three Button Switch Box The 911-930 Switch from 911 Signal USA is a compact three button switch box that gives users th...
  • Your First Choice For A Two-Piece Stealthy LED Visor Light Bar Whether undercover, patrolling the neighborhood, or responding to ...
  • 911 Signal USA has Mounting Brackets Too! At 911 Signal USA, we strive to be your one-stop shop for competitively priced emergen...

Resources about Emergency Vehicle Lights

We've created a variety of resources to help you make an informed decision about purchasing emergency vehicle lights and warning systems. In every light and siren category you'll find buying guides, safety and maintenance guides and answers to frequently asked questions. Our LED light bars buying guide is a good place to start to compare sizes, wattage and optics of some of our best-selling products. Then take a look at our emergency light demonstration videos to see what type of color and flash patterns are available..

At 911 Signal USA we want to help you make sure your emergency vehicle fleet is outfitted with the appropriate lighting for the job. Check out our state-by-state guide to laws regarding emergency vehicle lights for information about what light types and colors are required for your vehicles.

For installation and maintenance personnel, we've created a library of light installation videos to demonstrate the optimal placement and mounting configuration for your new emergency vehicle lights. Check out our emergency light wiring videos for handy tricks and troubleshooting tips to make sure your lights and sirens work flawlessly..

You'll also find specialized info about emergency lights and sirens for specific vehicles, whether you need a siren for your police car or lights for your ambulance. We even have recommendations about lights for volunteer firefighters and tow trucks.

An Energy-Efficient LED Full-Size Light Bar with TIR Optics One of the best ways to ensure your emergency vehicle can be seen fro...