About 911 Signal USA

At 911 Signal USA, we are a manufacturer and distributor of emergency vehicle lights and equipment. We strive to provide the first responder, emergency responder, and warning vehicle community with the very best police lights, fire lights, ambulance lights, and warning lights. In fact, our LED emergency lights feature the very best technology, quality, and design available on the emergency vehicle lighting market. Better yet, all the emergency lights we sell our backed by our industry leading warranty.

  • Our warning lights feature flash pattern memory, which allows users to choose their favorite patterns.
  • We specialize in construction beacons, LED grille lights, police lights, LED dash and deck lights, construction lights, visor lights, construction warning lights, and strobe kits. Each of our powerful LED lights features Generation III LED bulbs which make them great for use on EMS vehicles, police cruisers, construction trucks, and fire trucks.

The 911 Signal USA Mission

With every transaction we complete, we strive to:

  • Establish trust between 911 Signal USA and our customers
  • Conduct business in an ethical manner
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Fill our inventory with powerful, high-quality stock
  • Offer our emergency lights at affordable prices

As a leading retailer of emergency vehicle lights and equipment, we value our customers. In fact, we value our customer’s honesty, expertise, and professionalism. As a result, we work to provide each and every customer with high-quality emergency lights and warning equipment such as strobe kits, police lights, speakers and  sirens, fire truck light bars, LED grille lights, construction beacons, LED dash and deck bars, visor lights, and LED lighting. 

Here, at 911 Signal USA, we consider you, our customer, to be our greatest asset. For this reason, we operate our business with the same pride that our customers do in their profession.