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By design, these LED beacons are flashing lights that draw the attention of drivers and pedestrians, and warn of an approaching hazardous situations or emergency vehicles. LED Beacons are extremely affordable emergency lights that can be used in many different instances including mounted on a vehicle or used on metal traffic signs. There are two main types of emergency beacon lights; rotating and strobe. However strobe is the most popular type of beacon lights, as this type of warning light is more energy efficient. At 911 Signal USA, you can find cheap emergency strobe lights and rotating beacon lights in a variety of colors and sizes to meet any need you may have.

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  • Versatile LED Strobe Beacon Fits Every Vehicle Strobe beacons, such as the F105 Strobe Be ...
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Common Uses for Emergency Beacon Lights

Rotating beacon lights are often mounted to the tops of vehicles to increase the vehicle's visibility to pedestrians and other drivers. Examples of vehicles that may use a rotating beacon as a part of their vehicle warning lights include:

  • Police vehicles
  • Fire trucks
  • Ambulances
  • Construction trucks
  • Road crew trucks
  • Snow removal trucks

Why You Should Buy Beacon Lights from 911 Signal USA

At 911 Signal USA, we understand the budget concerns of local, state, and federal government agencies. For this reason, we offer extremely affordable emergency strobe lights for vehicles. We also offer our expert opinions and advice on the best way to stretch your budget and get the best beacon lights and other emergency response vehicle lights for your fleet. You can expect our quality LED beacon lights to last for about 100,000 hours, and you will never be disappointed with the bright light and flashing power of our strobe beacon warning lights.

Beacon Light Resource Center

We have gathered everything you need to know about 911 Signal USA beacon lights in easy to navigate pages. To learn how to safely maintain and install beacon lights, check out the Beacon Light Safety and Installation Guide. Specific information about the strobe and rotating beacons carried at 911 Signal USA can be found in our Beacon Buying Guide. For all concerns or questions, not covered in this section, visit our 911 Signal USA Frequently Asked Questions about Beacons.