Missourian City Council Creates Emergency Zones for Warning Lights

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In most states, an emergency vehicle with its warning lights activated is granted the right of way on the road. However, as many of us have seen in our own driving experiences, some drivers fail to yield to emergency vehicles, which can create dangerous situations on the road and in the field. In Missourian, Washington, the City Council has taken steps to protect first responders by creating emergency zones and increasing punishments for drivers who fail to give emergency vehicle drivers the right of way.

Washington City Council is creating an Active Emergency Zone

The request for the emergency zones was explained by Police Chief Ken Hahn. Hahn explained that Washington state had recently passed a state law requiring the creation of an active emergency zone, and that by passing such an ordinance in the city, Missourian was simply mirroring state law. City Council agreed and unanimously approved the creation of a first responder zone.

What is an Emergency Zone, and How Does it Effect First Responders?

An emergency zone is the perimeter around first responders who are engaged in an active emergency. An “active emergency” is described as any incident on a highway that requires the services of first responder personnel. This description goes on to include incident or accident removal as well.

How to Determine where an Emergency Zone is Located

According to the new ordinance, an emergency zone begins within 300 feet of an active emergency zone. Signs of an emergency zone could be a parked emergency vehicle with warning lights activated, first responders directing traffic, or a visual accident site.White and yellow crime scene tape in a pile

Consequences for Drivers who Ignore Emergency Zones or Warning Lights

Drivers who ignore first responders, drive to close to emergency zones, or fail to respond properly to emergency vehicle lights could be punished under this new ordinance. Hopefully, as more people become aware of the new ordinance, first responders in the city will have an easier time traveling to and from emergencies in Missourian.

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