Get Up Close and Personal with our Full-Size LED Light Bar

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If you are looking for a full-size light bar, you are going to love our F912 full-size LED light bar. This hi-def light bar has a very low-profile and is able to create bright light output when you pop it on. With an industry leading warranty accompanying any purchase you make from us, you can always shop with 911 Signal USA with confidence.

A Full-Size Light Bar provides 360-Degrees of Light Output

To make sure this light bar can get you noticed on the road, we used 66, one-watt LED bulb that will create 66-watts of bright LED outfit. The most impressive part of this light is that it is able to create 66-watts of LED light output by only drawing 15 amps of power from your POV or fleet vehicles battery. When you choose an LED light bar, you will also enjoy a light that will last a very long time. On average, this light bar should work about 100,000 hours, which equals out to be about ten years of average use.

Find the Right Light Bar for your Career

We know that not all career require or need the same type of lighting. To be sure we can meet the needs of any driver, we offer this light in white, amber, blue, red, and green. We can also accommodate you if you need split or solid color combinations. If a full-size LED light bar is not right for you, we also carry a variety of different bar lights too. When you browse our inventory, you will find different types of full-size light bars, a mini light bar, and many light bar alternatives as well. Our most popular light bar alternative is our visor lights.

Check out our YouTube Channel

We have provided a demo of the 912 light bar in the YouTube video above. To learn more about our full-size light bars, make sure to check out our inventory. We also have dozens of demo videos on our YouTube channel and installation how-tos as well. While you are checking out our selection of videos, make sure to subscribe to our channel, so you can have new videos delivered directly to your email.

Make the right decision for your fleet vehicle or POV when you shop with 911 Signal USA. We have been in the business of emergency vehicle lighting for a very long time which means we have the experience and expertise to help you get the attention you deserve on the road. If you have any questions about any LED light bar in our inventory, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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