Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about LED Lightbars

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Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about LED Lightbars

The most important thing to realize when discussing lightbars is to remember that this emergency light wasn’t always created with LED technology. In fact, when lightbars were first introduced to the market, this warning device was nothing more than a simple rotating light on the top of an emergency vehicle.

Lightbars have Evolved Over Time

Over time, lightbars have evolved a great deal. Through time, different styles have been introduced to the market and the technology used to create these lights has changed quite a bit. One of the first transitions that occurred was the dedication of warning light colors. Although some colors vary by state, there are many colors that stay true – no matter where you are.

Basic Warning Light Color Assignments

As mentioned above, certain state statutes can require the use of different colors, but for most drivers, the following color assignments hold true. Skyline LED Light Bar from 911 Signal USA

Red Emergency Lights

When red lights are used in an LED lightbar, it is usually always indicative of an emergency vehicle, if the red lights are forward facing.

Like Red LEDs, Blue Emergency Lights with this Technology are Reserved for Emergency Vehicles

Like red warning lights, blue emergency LED lights are usually only allowed to be used by emergency vehicles. In most states, blue LEDs can only be used by law enforcement, firefighters, and EMTs.

Amber Warning Lights are Often Used by Utility Vehicles and Security Patrol Transportation

While red is usually only used by emergency vehicles, amber/yellow emergency lights are usually used by utility vehicles. The definition of utility vehicles is defined by local state statutes, but usually includes construction vehicles, utility vehicles, funeral escorts, security vehicles, snow plows, hearses, and tow trucks.

White LEDs on a Lightbar is Usually Restricted to Certain Vehicles

Depending on the state you reside in, white LEDs in a lightbar is usually only allowed by certain vehicles.

Green LED Lightbars are Used by Government Agencies

In most states, green LEDs are only allowed to be used by government agencies such as Homeland Security. While Homeland Security is the most common agency that uses this color lighting, the allowance for green LED lights is usually extended to any security company that is protecting critical infrastructure.

Purple LED Lights are Used on Funeral Vehicles

Unless your state allows funeral vehicles to use purple LED lights, you may have never seen this type of lighting in a lightbar. However, under many state statutes, purple LED lightbars are only allowed to be used by funeral vehicles.

Emergency Light Patterns are Better with LED Lightbars

Not only are there more color choices with LED lightbars, but this technology creates better light patterns too. Many of the lightbars in our online inventory are created with dozens of light patterns. To make using this warning lighting even better, we have installed flash pattern memory in many of other lightbars too. With flash pattern memory, you don’t have to rely on your memory to know what pattern you used last. Instead, the warning device will do it for you.

Get LED Lightbars of any Size at 911 Signal USA

At 911 Signal USA, we realize that different drivers have different emergency vehicle light needs. For instance, police officers and security officers don’t have the need for the same type or same color warning lights. For this reason, we offer dozens of LED lightbars in our online store. These lightbars come in different sizes, shapes, and wattages to help you meet your needs effortlessly. In addition to providing you with exactly what you need to do your job effectively, our LED emergency light inventory is priced affordably. If you have any questions about our warning lights, practices, or LED technology, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. We look forward to providing you with affordable LED emergency vehicle lights to increase your visibility on the road.


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