Product Spotlight: F912M Mini Light Bar from 911 Signal USA

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Product Spotlight: F912M Mini Light Bar from 911 Signal USA

The F912M mini light bar from 911 Signal USA is the perfect choice for drivers that need LED warning lights, but don’t have room or the budget for a full-size light bar. With this mini light bar on your emergency vehicle or POV, you will be able to move traffic thanks to affordable 360-degree light output. To learn more about this inexpensive full-size light bar alternative, check out the information below.

F912M LED Mini Light Bar Houses 42 Light Bulbs

In order to create the best visibility possible, we created the F912M with 42 LED light bulbs. Each light bulb measures one-watt for a total of 42-watts of output. The light bar is also created with flash pattern memory, over two dozen flash patterns, and offered in a variety of popular warning light colors including red, blue, white, green, and amber/yellow.

Mini LED Light Bars are Easy to Install

When you order a mini LED bar light from 911 Signal USA, you will be ready to install your emergency vehicle light as soon as your shipment arrives. Included with purchase is the component itself, 9 feet of installation cord, and installation equipment. The instructions included with purchase will show you how to install the emergency light to your vehicle’s electrical system. If you have any questions or concerns about installing this equipment yourself, it is important to consult a professional for proper installation.

Durable Housing will Protect your Warning Lights from the Elements

The mini light bar from 911 Signal USA is made to be installed on the exterior of an emergency vehicle or POV. For this reason, we created this bar light with polycarbonate lenses and aluminum housing. The housing of this LED ensure that your emergency lighting will easily handle anything that comes it way. We used polycarbonate materials to create the lenses of the F912M to ensure these lenses won’t fog or scratch. With lenses that will always remain clear, you can count on being able to project clear light output each and every time  you activate your warning LED lights.

Order a Durable Mini Lightbar from 911 Signal USA

Our mini lightbar is durable, affordable, and extremely easy to use. When you order this lightbar for your fleet vehicle or emergency vehicle, you won’t be disappointed with our quality or our customer service.


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