Guide to Amber Flashing Light Bars

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Guide to Amber Flashing Light Bars

If you’re in the market for amber flashing light bars, there are a few things you need to know. If you haven’t purchased this type of equipment before, the many choices available can seem overwhelming especially when it comes to different features. At 911 Signal USA, we want to make it super easy to choose the right amber flashing light bars, so we created this guide.

How Amber Flashing Light Bars are Used

There are many ways to use amber flashing light bars. Usually this type of equipment is used on tow trucks, emergency vehicles, construction trucks, and much more. You can even install an amber LED light on a POV (private operating vehicle).

Amber LEDs have two primary functions; to brighten an area and to let other drivers know something is going on. An emergency vehicle may use amber lights when responding to the scene of an accident or when performing a routine traffic stop. Tow trucks use this color lighting to help prevent an accident while removing another disabled vehicle. Construction companies often put amber lighting on their vehicles to give people a head up that they’re working and need a bit of space on the road.

Features of Amber Lighting

When you check out our inventory, you’ll see that many of the products in our inventory are offered with amber LEDs. Before choosing which light in our inventory is best for your situation, you need to consider how you are going to use the light.

To start the comparison process, look at the specs. You’ll want to determine which lights are the brightest. For this, you’ll want to pay special attention to how many LEDs are in a particular unit. You’ll also want to look at the LED Generation being used in the light. For instance, are they Generation III or Generation IV. By using the best generation lights possible, you benefit from the best technology on the market.

Another feature you need to check out is the unit’s flashing patterns. Many amber lights in our inventory come with pre-programmed flash patterns. The availability of different flash patterns means you can use the unit in many ways. Even better flash patterns can be controlled from within your vehicle. For best results, you’ll want to make sure your amber light has pre-set features. With these features, you can store your preferred flash patterns.

Amber Lights from 911 Signal USA are Durable

911 Signal USA amber lights are very durable. Since emergency and warning lights are an expensive endeavor, it’s important to choose units that are very durable and can withstand normal impacts and bumps. We specialize in offering the highest quality products. Contact us anytime about any of our amber lights and we’ll help you make the best choices.

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