Where Should Tow Truck Lights be Installed?

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Where Should Tow Truck Lights be Installed?

Tow trucks need to have lights mounted on the front, back, and top of the vehicle. Lights around the entire vehicle allow the driver to see around the whole truck for better visibility. Some tow trucks carry magnetic mount LEDs and install them on the car being towed to increase its presence on the road.
If you are buying a new tow truck, you need to consider what type of lighting will make your vehicle noticeable on the road; especially when towing another vehicle. At 911 Signal USA, we specialize in high-quality tow truck lights that will improve the durability of your entire system.

When Should Tow Truck Drivers Use Lighting?

There are tons of situations that could cause a tow truck driver to use their warning lights. In general, it’s better to err on the side of caution when installing tow truck lights. For instance, we recommend having more lights than you think you need because you never know what could happen on the road. Tow truck drivers often have to work near busy roads to hook up a disabled car. In this situation, it’s best to use as many lights as possible, so that other drivers realize someone is working near the road.
Tow truck drivers also use their lights when they’re pulling a car. There are several reasons a driver may need lights when towing, but the most important are that the tow truck is usually traveling slower than traffic on the road. By riding with the lights on, drivers are aware of a situation and use more caution.

How to Choose the Right Light for Your Tow Truck

If you need lights for your tow truck, you’ll find them at 911 Signal USA. We are ready and prepared to provide you with the best quality lighting choices that will help you be prepared for any situation. Contact us today, and we’ll help you choose the right tow trucks for your rig.

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