Can I Use Police Lights on My Vehicle?

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Can I Use Police Lights on My Vehicle?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “am I allowed to use police lights” on my personally owned vehicle? We can’t answer this question because every state has different laws regarding emergency light installation. In addition to whether you can install warning devices most areas also have regulations regarding the type of lights or other equipment that can be added to vehicles.

For this reason, we encourage every customer to do their research to determine if they can use warning lights and what colors and types of equipment are appropriate for their vehicles. While we can’t give legal advice regarding the colors or types of equipment you use, we are experts in the lighting industry and can help you choose the systems that will work best for your vehicle or fleet. Below, we’re going to go over some generalities to help you locate the information you need to make the right decisions based on color and type.

Are Blue LED Lights Legal to Use on Civilian Vehicles?

With few exceptions unless you are a police officer or a fleet manager buying on behalf of law enforcement agency, you can’t use blue lights on your vehicle. Anyone that installs blue police lights on their vehicle in an attempt to impersonate an officer is committing a crime. If you aren’t a cop and think you fall under one of the very few exceptions regarding this color, you should research your local laws.

Who Can Buy Emergency Lights from 911 Signal USA?

Another popular question we receive is “who can buy these lights?” Usually, this message is sent to us via Facebook messenger or email. Someone sees our ads or stumbles across our website and wonders if these products are available for anyone to purchase. The answer is yes! Anyone can purchase warning lights from our online site. But, just because you are allowed to buy it doesn’t mean you can use it.

While we are talking about ads, it’s also important to point out that many of our products are shown in our online store with red and blue LEDs. But, that’s not the only color combination we offer. We have dozens of combinations available including white, green, and amber. What we want everyone to understand is that our products are available for purchase by the general public, but it is the buyer’s responsibility to understand the laws governing the use of lighting in their area.

What Types of Lighting are Allowed for Use by the General Public?

Again popular question that is somewhat difficult to answer. Even though amber lights are the most permissible lighting color next to white, we will still recommend our customers research the legality before buying and using on private or first responder vehicles.

Some professions are required to use mounted LED lights. Examples of vehicles that may use amber lights include construction vehicles, privately hired security companies, farmers, tow trucks, and many others. Some seasonal workers such snow plows and vehicles used by landscapers may use warning lights.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is a blue and red combination light should only be used on police vehicles.  At 911 Signal USA, we have red and blue combination lights for police, amber lights for utility vehicles that need them and much more. To help you get the information you need to make informed decisions, we’ve also created an emergency vehicle light guide.

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