Improve Your Motorcycle Lighting Before Spring with 911 Signal USA’s Help

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Improve Your Motorcycle Lighting Before Spring with 911 Signal USA’s Help

The temps are low, and most of the country is getting tired of winter. If you ride a motorcycle, you’re probably counting down the days until the weather warms up enough to get your bike on the road. While you’re waiting, you should start thinking about improving your motorcycles lighting before spring hits. Thinking about what you need now gives you plenty of time to order equipment, get it installed, and be ready to ride when Mother Nature gives you a break. At 911 Signal USA, we specialize in emergency vehicle lights for first responders, but we also cater to motorcycle riders and off-road drivers. Today we want to tell you about our bike light options.

Think About Internal and External Mount Options for Your Bike

If you’re considering lights for your bike, where do you want to put them? After you’ve decided where you need more light determine why you need it? Do you want rear facing surface mount LEDs to decrease the risk of being rear-ended? Do you want to install surface mount lights on the sides of your motorcycle to increase your visibility while crossing intersections, or do you just want lighting that makes you bike stand out in a crowd of Harleys (for all the right reasons). If you answered yes to any of these questions, 911 Signal USA has exactly what you need.
We feel like it’s important to point out that there isn’t a right or wrong answer to any of the questions we mentioned above. It comes down to personal preference. Some riders even like to add strobe lights to headlights to minimize the need to drill holes into the bike and still get lighting that will get someone’s attention during an emergency.

Tips for Buying Motorcycle LED Lights

If you’re in the market for motorcycle LED lights or you just want to browse your options, there are a few tips we have to offer. Consider the available space on your bike before you purchase. If you’ve got a custom paint job on your Road King, you probably don’t want to add surface mount lights, but might consider a license plate bracket with surface mount lights installed.
You’ll also want to go through all of our surface mount light options because we have lots of choices. We offer round, square, and triangle options. Our inventory includes units with the best LED technology and is easily installed. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to fit exactly what you need. Thanks to our low prices, you’ll also be able to stay within your budget constraints.

Protect Your Investment – Have Motorcycle Lighting Installed by a Professional

To protect your investment and your warranty, you should always have your motorcycle lighting installed by a professional. If you customize your bike and don’t have it done by a professional, you could risk voiding your bike warranty and the warranty that’s including with your lighting. Even worse, you could end up stranded on the side of a road and have to have your ride towed home on a truck. Professional installers know what they’re doing and will help you feel confident that you can enjoy your ride no matter how long or short.
If you have questions about the lighting mentioned here, contact our team today. We’ve worked with hundreds of customers just like you all over the world and are ready to add you to that list.

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