Still Time to Buy Snow Plow Lights

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Still Time to Buy Snow Plow Lights

The winter is winding down, but there’s still plenty of time for snow and ice. If you drive a plow truck, you know how much abuse your vehicle takes during the winter months and how dangerous it is to be out and about when must people want to stay home and off the roads. If you’re snow plow lights aren’t cutting it anymore, or you don’t have any warning devices on your vehicle, you still have time to order them.

LED Light Choices for Snow Plows

If you’ve put off buying an LED light for the vehicle you use to remove snow because you weren’t sure about size, we’re here to help. If you haven’t bought one because you thought you couldn’t afford one, you’ve got to check out our low prices.

For most snow removal vehicles, we recommend a mini LED light bar. Our most popular mini LED light bar is the Compact 04 Mini LED Light Bar. It comes with magnetic mounts on the bottom and offers plug and play action. What this means is you don’t have to leave it on your vehicle all year long. Instead, you can install it only when you’re out removing snow.

If you don’t think the 8.9″ is big enough, you can also find options up to 48″. All of the Mirage light bars are created with LED technology and come in a variety of split or solid combo warning light colors including white and amber.

Why Light Bars are Important to Snow Plows

We recommend our mini light bars to snow plow drivers because this type of device provides safety while driving. A roof-mounted light emits illumination at long distances and easily brightens up a road, so drivers can see exactly what they’re plowing and other drivers are aware of a plow truck on the road and have time to give it room if needed. Ultimately, safety is the biggest reason so many drivers opt to install a light bar to their vehicle when working in snowy parking lots and clearing driveways.

At 911 Signal USA – customers are our biggest priority. We always work hard to make sure we offer high-quality products and that each of our customers is satisfied with their purchases. Contact us today with your lighting and budget requirements. We’re happy to answer your questions and will help you design the best set-up to keep you safe on the road.

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