The Size of Your Emergency Devices Does Matter

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The Size of Your Emergency Devices Does Matter

How many times have you considered whether the size of something really matters. Some people will preach that size isn’t a factor in most situations, but the truth is almost always size really does matter. Nowhere is size more of a factor than when picking out emergency devices for your fleet vehicles and POVs. Whether you want a small light with an intense beam of a full-sized light bar, the size of an emergency light is important. Below, we’ll go over different options in our online store, so you can pick the right size for you

Grille and Surface Mount LEDs

In our online store, we have a variety of grille and surface mount LEDs. Not only do these LED lights come in different sizes and shapes, but they also allow you to mix, match, and truly customize your emergency light set-up. With the ability to customize your set-up, you can get exactly what you need to satisfy your industries requirements.

Ambulance Lighting

Ambulances need to be seen in daytime and nighttime hours. One way to do that is to make sure their vehicle is outfitted with the very best emergency devices on the market. Like with grille and surface mount lighting adding a variety of different ambulance lights – lights in different sizes and shapes, you can make sure your ambulance is always able to be seen.

Visor Lights are a Must-Have for Emergency Vehicles

Visor lights are a must have when you need to be seen. The lights are installed on the interior of a vehicle and spread across the entire interior windshield. When compared to a full-size roof-mounted light bar, a visor light is much thinner. The thinness of the visor light makes it ideal for use in combination with a roof-top light bar. Specifically, a full-size light bar. But, if a person doesn’t want to install a light bar to the roof of their vehicle permanently, a mini LED light bar is another great option.

Although a mini light bar is much smaller than a full-size unit, it still offers 360-degrees of illumination. Mini LED light bars are created with magnet mounts and use plug and play option. What this means is the device can be stored in the trunk or even your backseat when not needed and installed quickly when it is needed.

Off Road LED Light Bars

Although we cater mostly to first responders, we also offer a range of off-road products. Off road lights are ideal for the exterior or interior of any vehicle. Small off road lights work well when mounted in pairs. If there isn’t room for two units, there’s always the option to install a full-size LED off-road light.

As you see, 911 Signal USA offers a variety of different size lights for your vehicles. Hopefully, you now understand why the size of your device really does matter. If you have any questions or would like suggestions for your vehicle, please contact us today.

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