What Truck Lights are Useful at a Construction Site?

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What Truck Lights are Useful at a Construction Site?

At 911 Signal USA, we specialize in emergency vehicle lights for police, fire, and EMS vehicles. We also offer units in amber and white for utility vehicles; such as those used at a construction site. Construction vehicles can benefit from utility lighting for a number of reasons. Like first responder emergency vehicles, a construction vehicle is easier to see when outfitted with bright, LED warning lights. We’ll go over other reasons you should install warning units on your construction vehicle below.

Understanding the Benefit of Construction Vehicle Lighting

When you’re outfitting your company’s construction trucks with equipment, you should consider emergency truck lights. Even if you think you no one will ever use the lighting, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised how often the lights will be used after they are installed. Are you still not convinced? Consider the following scenarios.

Construction Lights Improve Visibility on a Site

Construction lights are the easiest way to make a work site safer. There are a variety of lights that can easily be installed on work trucks and equipment including floodlights, strobe lights, and roof-top light bars. By installing this equipment on trucks that are already in use, workers will not have to haul, move, and store the equipment when not in use. With better lighting at a construction site workers will be safer and their work will likely be more accurate. Lights can also increase the workday because workers can work before and after the sun sets.

Construction Vehicles Can be Moved Where Lighting is Needed

Another great benefit of installing warning lights on a construction vehicle is the usability of the equipment. When installed on a truck or construction equipment, a vehicle can be moved to improve lighting wherever it is needed. What this means is if your workers need more light on the other side of a lot, you can do it simply by moving a truck. A vehicle can also be positioned anyway that’s needed to provide the best visibility.

Roadside Construction is Safer with Warning Lights

Working on the side of the road is dangerous. Construction workers have to be aware of their surroundings at all times. One of the biggest risks in this situation is that a driver won’t notice workers near roadways. If a driver doesn’t have enough time to adjust their path before approaching a construction site tragedy could occur.

One way to decrease this risk is for any vehicle used during roadside projects to be equipped with flashing amber lights. Due to the nature of the risk involved, roadside trucks should be installed with warning equipment on the front, back, and sides of a vehicle. With 360-degrees of visibility construction workers can feel safer while working near roadways.

Having the right construction lighting on your vehicle will keep crews, drivers, and members of the public safe by effectively directing traffic away from work sites. One of the best lights for roadside crews is a directional traffic advisor. This type of equipment is extremely bright and signals drivers to move to the right or left to avoid a work crew.

Check out 911 Signal USA for all of your construction vehicle needs. We offer light bars, hideaways, bumper lighting, and traffic advisors that will fit your vehicles and your budget. If you have any questions or need help choosing the right amber warning lights for your fleet – please contact our customer service team that will be happy to help.

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