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The Size of Your Emergency Devices Does Matter

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How many times have you considered whether the size of something really matters. Some people will preach that size isn’t a factor in most situations, but the truth is almost always size really does matter. Nowhere is size more of a factor than when picking out emergency devices for your fleet vehicles and POVs. Whether you want a small light with an intense beam of a full-sized light bar, the size of an emergency light is important. Below, we’ll go over different options in our online store, so you can pick the right size for you

Grille and Surface Mount LEDs

In our online store, we have a variety of grille and surface mount LEDs. Not only do these LED lights come in different sizes and shapes, but they also allow you to mix, match, and truly customize your emergency light set-up. With the ability to customize your set-up, you can get exactly what you need to satisfy your industries requirements.

Ambulance Lighting

Ambulances need to be seen in daytime and nighttime hours. One way to do that is to make sure their vehicle is outfitted with the very best emergency devices on the market. Like with grille and surface mount lighting adding a variety of different ambulance lights – lights in different sizes and shapes, you can make sure your ambulance is always able to be seen.

Visor Lights are a Must-Have for Emergency Vehicles

Visor lights are a must have when you need to be seen. The lights are installed on the interior of a vehicle and spread across the entire interior windshield. When compared to a full-size roof-mounted light bar, a visor light is much thinner. The thinness of the visor light makes it ideal for use in combination with a roof-top light bar. Specifically, a full-size light bar. But, if a person doesn’t want to install a light bar to the roof of their vehicle permanently, a mini LED light bar is another great option.

Although a mini light bar is much smaller than a full-size unit, it still offers 360-degrees of illumination. Mini LED light bars are created with magnet mounts and use plug and play option. What this means is the device can be stored in the trunk or even your backseat when not needed and installed quickly when it is needed.

Off Road LED Light Bars

Although we cater mostly to first responders, we also offer a range of off-road products. Off road lights are ideal for the exterior or interior of any vehicle. Small off road lights work well when mounted in pairs. If there isn’t room for two units, there’s always the option to install a full-size LED off-road light.

As you see, 911 Signal USA offers a variety of different size lights for your vehicles. Hopefully, you now understand why the size of your device really does matter. If you have any questions or would like suggestions for your vehicle, please contact us today.

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Still Time to Buy Snow Plow Lights

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The winter is winding down, but there’s still plenty of time for snow and ice. If you drive a plow truck, you know how much abuse your vehicle takes during the winter months and how dangerous it is to be out and about when must people want to stay home and off the roads. If you’re snow plow lights aren’t cutting it anymore, or you don’t have any warning devices on your vehicle, you still have time to order them.

LED Light Choices for Snow Plows

If you’ve put off buying an LED light for the vehicle you use to remove snow because you weren’t sure about size, we’re here to help. If you haven’t bought one because you thought you couldn’t afford one, you’ve got to check out our low prices.

For most snow removal vehicles, we recommend a mini LED light bar. Our most popular mini LED light bar is the Compact 04 Mini LED Light Bar. It comes with magnetic mounts on the bottom and offers plug and play action. What this means is you don’t have to leave it on your vehicle all year long. Instead, you can install it only when you’re out removing snow.

If you don’t think the 8.9″ is big enough, you can also find options up to 48″. All of the Mirage light bars are created with LED technology and come in a variety of split or solid combo warning light colors including white and amber.

Why Light Bars are Important to Snow Plows

We recommend our mini light bars to snow plow drivers because this type of device provides safety while driving. A roof-mounted light emits illumination at long distances and easily brightens up a road, so drivers can see exactly what they’re plowing and other drivers are aware of a plow truck on the road and have time to give it room if needed. Ultimately, safety is the biggest reason so many drivers opt to install a light bar to their vehicle when working in snowy parking lots and clearing driveways.

At 911 Signal USA – customers are our biggest priority. We always work hard to make sure we offer high-quality products and that each of our customers is satisfied with their purchases. Contact us today with your lighting and budget requirements. We’re happy to answer your questions and will help you design the best set-up to keep you safe on the road.

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Can I Use Police Lights on My Vehicle?

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One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “am I allowed to use police lights” on my personally owned vehicle? We can’t answer this question because every state has different laws regarding emergency light installation. In addition to whether you can install warning devices most areas also have regulations regarding the type of lights or other equipment that can be added to vehicles.

For this reason, we encourage every customer to do their research to determine if they can use warning lights and what colors and types of equipment are appropriate for their vehicles. While we can’t give legal advice regarding the colors or types of equipment you use, we are experts in the lighting industry and can help you choose the systems that will work best for your vehicle or fleet. Below, we’re going to go over some generalities to help you locate the information you need to make the right decisions based on color and type.

Are Blue LED Lights Legal to Use on Civilian Vehicles?

With few exceptions unless you are a police officer or a fleet manager buying on behalf of law enforcement agency, you can’t use blue lights on your vehicle. Anyone that installs blue police lights on their vehicle in an attempt to impersonate an officer is committing a crime. If you aren’t a cop and think you fall under one of the very few exceptions regarding this color, you should research your local laws.

Who Can Buy Emergency Lights from 911 Signal USA?

Another popular question we receive is “who can buy these lights?” Usually, this message is sent to us via Facebook messenger or email. Someone sees our ads or stumbles across our website and wonders if these products are available for anyone to purchase. The answer is yes! Anyone can purchase warning lights from our online site. But, just because you are allowed to buy it doesn’t mean you can use it.

While we are talking about ads, it’s also important to point out that many of our products are shown in our online store with red and blue LEDs. But, that’s not the only color combination we offer. We have dozens of combinations available including white, green, and amber. What we want everyone to understand is that our products are available for purchase by the general public, but it is the buyer’s responsibility to understand the laws governing the use of lighting in their area.

What Types of Lighting are Allowed for Use by the General Public?

Again popular question that is somewhat difficult to answer. Even though amber lights are the most permissible lighting color next to white, we will still recommend our customers research the legality before buying and using on private or first responder vehicles.

Some professions are required to use mounted LED lights. Examples of vehicles that may use amber lights include construction vehicles, privately hired security companies, farmers, tow trucks, and many others. Some seasonal workers such snow plows and vehicles used by landscapers may use warning lights.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is a blue and red combination light should only be used on police vehicles.  At 911 Signal USA, we have red and blue combination lights for police, amber lights for utility vehicles that need them and much more. To help you get the information you need to make informed decisions, we’ve also created an emergency vehicle light guide.

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Guide to Amber Flashing Light Bars

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If you’re in the market for amber flashing light bars, there are a few things you need to know. If you haven’t purchased this type of equipment before, the many choices available can seem overwhelming especially when it comes to different features. At 911 Signal USA, we want to make it super easy to choose the right amber flashing light bars, so we created this guide.

How Amber Flashing Light Bars are Used

There are many ways to use amber flashing light bars. Usually this type of equipment is used on tow trucks, emergency vehicles, construction trucks, and much more. You can even install an amber LED light on a POV (private operating vehicle).

Amber LEDs have two primary functions; to brighten an area and to let other drivers know something is going on. An emergency vehicle may use amber lights when responding to the scene of an accident or when performing a routine traffic stop. Tow trucks use this color lighting to help prevent an accident while removing another disabled vehicle. Construction companies often put amber lighting on their vehicles to give people a head up that they’re working and need a bit of space on the road.

Features of Amber Lighting

When you check out our inventory, you’ll see that many of the products in our inventory are offered with amber LEDs. Before choosing which light in our inventory is best for your situation, you need to consider how you are going to use the light.

To start the comparison process, look at the specs. You’ll want to determine which lights are the brightest. For this, you’ll want to pay special attention to how many LEDs are in a particular unit. You’ll also want to look at the LED Generation being used in the light. For instance, are they Generation III or Generation IV. By using the best generation lights possible, you benefit from the best technology on the market.

Another feature you need to check out is the unit’s flashing patterns. Many amber lights in our inventory come with pre-programmed flash patterns. The availability of different flash patterns means you can use the unit in many ways. Even better flash patterns can be controlled from within your vehicle. For best results, you’ll want to make sure your amber light has pre-set features. With these features, you can store your preferred flash patterns.

Amber Lights from 911 Signal USA are Durable

911 Signal USA amber lights are very durable. Since emergency and warning lights are an expensive endeavor, it’s important to choose units that are very durable and can withstand normal impacts and bumps. We specialize in offering the highest quality products. Contact us anytime about any of our amber lights and we’ll help you make the best choices.

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911 Signal USA Lights the Way for First Responders

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Helping police, firefighters, paramedics, security officers and more stay safer on the job is our number one priority. 911 Signal USA offers high-quality, low-cost LED emergency vehicle lights and accessories to help light the way for first responders. We understand these individuals put their lives at risk to serve and protect their communities, and we want them to be able to access gear that will improve their safety and visibility at an affordable cost.

First Responders Need Bright Emergency Lights

Bright emergency LED lights are a necessity for first responders because so many drivers on the road are distracted. Advanced soundproofing, noise canceling features, and a variety of other distractions make it difficult for first responders trying to get the attention of drivers on the road. With bright LED warning lights, first responders have a better chance of moving traffic and getting to where they need to be as quickly as possible.

Understanding Why First Responders Need Bright Emergency Lights

First responders need bright emergency lights and loud sirens because accidents involving police, EMS, and fire department vehicles are on the rise. In a year, there can be as much as 6,500 accidents involving first responder vehicles. Every agency around the world has different requirements, and we understand this. To make it as easy as possible to get what you need, our customer service team is standing by to help.

911 Signal USA carries the best LED lights to meet your emergency vehicle needs. Shop our online store to choose from a range of light bars, beacons, and switch boxes. We also offer video resources, article resources, and detailed product descriptions to help you choose the lights and accessories you need.

Visit our online store for more information about LED lights, including our full-size light bars, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or services.



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15 Signs You’re a Firefighter

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In 2009, Forbes surveyed 5 and 6-year-olds to see what they wanted to be when they grew up. As you would expect, many wanted to be models, astronauts, lawyers, doctors, and firefighters, of course. In fact, 5 out of 33 6-year-olds surveyed wanted to be firefighters. All over the world, there are hundreds of thousands of paid and volunteer firefighters, and many of them have known they wanted to be a firefighter since they were very young children. Here are 15 signs you are a firefighter.

15. You dressed as a firefighter for every Halloween as a kid

14. You’re red pick-up truck has more decals than the station pumper

13. You’re jealous of other firefighters’ POV emergency light set-ups

12. You’ve left a meal on the table at a restaurant because your pager went off

11. Everyone at the station is related to you

10. You can tell what type of fire is in the distance just by the smell

9. Children are afraid to get in water fights with you

8. When you have your work gear on, you resemble Darth Vader

7. Your trunk is equipped with enough gear to put out a minor blaze

6. Everyone of your t-shirts says “firefighter”

5. Your POV has more lights than your Christmas decoration collection

4. You’re not afraid to stomp out a fire with your boots instead of waiting for water

3. You’ve said “she’s hot” and you weren’t talking about a lady

2. You lay your clothes out in a manner that makes them easy to put on in case of a call

1. You have more toy fire trucks than most children

Do you have a tip you’d like to add to the list? If so, let us know in the comments below.

911 Signal USA is a leading retailer of LED emergency lights. When you shop with us, you can get everything you need to complete your emergency vehicle light set-up for less.


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