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Don’t Drive Through Emergency Vehicles with Lights Flashing

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I know what you’re thinking, why are statements like this necessary? Well, if you are a first responder or even someone that lives with a first responder, you know that the things people will do on the road or at a scene are unfathomable. Most people in their right mind would never drive through a line of fire trucks with emergency lights flashing, but then there are a select few who would. Either these drivers are oblivious to what is going on around them, or they simply don’t care about anything except for where they are going.

Reasons you Shouldn’t Drive Through Fire Trucks with Emergency Lights

Black SUV trying to squeeze through several fire trucks on the road with emergency lights flashing.

This vehicle attempted to squeeze between fire trucks responding to a call in downtown Columbia.


As you can see from the picture included with this blog, this SUV decided to drive through a group of fire trucks with emergency lights flashing. Hence, the subtitle, reasons you shouldn’t drive through fire trucks with emergency lights flashing, but this rule of the road goes for any vehicle with emergency lights or warning lights flashing. The most important reasons you should never drive through fire trucks or other emergency vehicles with lights flashing include:

  • The fact that you could be endangering first responders moving between vehicles.
  • You could interrupt or destroy first responder equipment, such as fire hoses, being used in between emergency vehicles.
  • You could be ticketed by law enforcement.
  • You are putting lives at risk.
  • Interfering with first responders ability to provide needed aid to those in trouble.

Reasonable Alternatives to Driving Through Parked Emergency Vehicles with Lights Flashing

Thankfully, there are many reasonable alternatives to driving through parked emergency vehicles with lights flashing. First, and foremost, turn around and find an alternative route. Secondly, if you look closely, there may be a person or persons directing traffic. If so, wait patiently and follow the person’s instructions for safe passage near emergency vehicles. Even if the person directing traffic is sending you a direction you do not want to go, do not argue with them and be on your way.

Please feel free to share these tips with drivers of all ages. The more people who know how to handle these type of situations on the road – the better. If you are guilty of this type of behavior on the road, now you know, so you can work on not being that person on the road. When the community and first responders work together, it helps keep everyone safer as a whole.

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Smart Traffic Signals can Aid Emergency Vehicles on the Road

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First responder vehicles, traffic signals, and the ways these two vehicles interact has changed a great deal over time. For instance, a century ago, if you drove up to an intersection, in a Model T, you would likely be greeted by a jolly police officer directing traffic. Soon that police officer was replaced by a traffic signal and in the not so distant future traditional traffic signals may be replaced by “smart” traffic signals. To learn more about this technology and how “smart” traffic signals can aid emergency vehicles on the road, check out the information below.

Utah is Leading the Way in Advanced Traffic Signals

If you think “smart” traffic signals is something that is just talked about and likely to never exist, you will probably be surprised to find out this technology is already being used in Utah. In fact, when it comes to advanced traffic signals, Utah is leading the way. Utah uses an advanced traffic signal system that is designed to optimize “green time.” By doing this, Utah can improve traffic flow. This system was created in response to the 2002 Winter Olympics and controls approximately 80-percent of the traffic signals in the state.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Get Network of Smart Traffic Signals traffic lights

Understandably, not every state or city can afford to install smart traffic signals because of labor and building expenses. The city of Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania, has been working with Stephen Smith, a professor at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University to research artificial intelligence and install the first city-wide network of smart traffic signals in the big city. In Smith’s plan, Pittsburgh’s traffic signals will rely on radar sensors and cameras to detect traffic and create algorithms that will instantly adjust traffic signals based on real-time conditions.

Pittsburgh to have 49 Smart Traffic Signals by the End of the Year

By the end of 2014, Pittsburgh should have at least 49 smart traffic signals installed. In 2012, Pittsburgh received nine smart traffic signals and saw immediate results. According to Smith, smart traffic signals can even be used in small, cash-strapped cities, because the technology can be installed one intersection at a time.

Smart Traffic Signals can Benefit Emergency First Responders

In addition to improving the flow of traffic, reducing idle times, and even decreasing emissions in a city, smart traffic signals can benefit emergency first responders too. This technology has the ability to recognize first responders using sirens and lights and can change traffic signals to allow first responders to pass through unharmed. Since crossing intersections is one of the most dangerous parts of any first responder’s job, relying on traffic signals to help keep everyone safer is an idea that any city should get behind.

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Texas Police Officer Okay after Attempted Murder

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An Austin, Texas police officer is safe and sound despite a terrifying event that occurred on Thursday, September 4th. At 11:05pm on September 4th, Austin police officer M. Murphy survived a horrifying event that included a suspect pulling a pistol on the officer and pulling the trigger. Thankfully, the weapon did not go off.

Incident Occurred after Car was Identified Stole

The events leading up to the event included Officer M. Murphy noticing a gray Toyota Camry acting suspiciously. After running the license plate of the Camry, Officer Murphy realized the car was stolen and attempted to pull the driver over. Dodge Charger Police Cruiser

Suspect Ignored Emergency Vehicle Lights and Police Officer Instruction

Immediately upon learning the Toyota Camry was stolen, Officer Murphy attempted to pull over the suspected car thief, 20-year-old Andrew Jones, using his patrol car’s emergency vehicle lights. When lights were not enough to make Jones pull over, Officer Murphy delivered instructions for Jones to pull over via the patrol car’s PA system. However, Jones refused to pull over and ignored emergency vehicle lights and police officer instruction.

Pursuit Ended when Suspect Hit Another Vehicle

When Jones attempted to outrun Officer Murphy, he lost control of the Toyota Camry and struck a pick-up truck. After crashing the stolen vehicle, Jones attempted to run and this is when he tried to shoot Officer Murphy. When Jones’ pistol, later identified as a Sig Sauer, did not go off, Officer Murphy was able to subdue the suspect with a taser and arrest him. Currently, Jones is in jail with pending charges including attempted murder.

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Mayor’s Chief of Staff uses Emergency Vehicle Lights to Run Red Lights

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The mayor’s office in Toledo, Ohio, is under a great deal of scrutiny after the city leader’s chief of staff, Bob Reinbolt, was caught on tap using a black SUV’s emergency lights to run red lights. Reinbolt is also the Director of Safety for the city of Toledo.

Illegal use of Red Emergency Lights Occurred on August 4, 2014

In Ohio, it’s important to remember that emergency lights are usually only allowed to be used in Code 3 situations. However, in this video, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff is clearly using red emergency vehicle lights on the road and then ran a red traffic signal. After further research, it was clear that the city of Toledo had no Code 3 emergencies at the time the Chief of Staff was driving the vehicle. 911 Signal USA's Skyline LED light bar activated with warning lights

Toledo Chief of Staff Caught on Tape by Toledo Police Officer

The video that caught the Chief of Staff using illegal red lights came from the dash of a Toledo Police Department vehicle. In Toledo, police officers will often activate their warning lights and pull into the street when they see an emergency vehicle with activated warning devices headed their way. After pulling into the road to aid what the officer thought was an emergency vehicle en route to a Code 3 emergency, the officer became suspicious of the vehicle.

Police Department Warned City Leaders that Acting Like a Police Officer causes Liability

While the police department recognizes that the Chief of Staff and other city leaders are often granted special police powers, the department is quick to point out that “acting like a police officer” on the road is not a special power that should be allowed. In fact, according to many city officials can actually create liability for the city by behaving in this type of behavior.

Police in Ohio Must Take/Pass Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy before Running Code 3 Lights

Toledo, Ohio police are required to pass a Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy before they are allowed to run Code 3 lights. Additionally, cops must also take and pass a defensive, emergency vehicle and pursuit operation classes. At the time of this blog, it is unclear whether city officials have to take these classes.

Chief of Staff Running Red Lights with Emergency Lights Activated did not Obey Ohio Revised Code

In addition to opening up the city to liability, Bob Reinbolt violated Ohio Revised Code when he ran red lights with warning devices activated. While police and other first responders are allowed to take part in such behaviors, Ohio revised code requires emergency vehicles to slow down and proceed cautiously through red lights or stop signs. In the Toledo Police Department dash cam, the black SUV driven by Bob Reinbolt never slowed down when driving through traffic lights.
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Reasons to Consider an LED Emergency Vehicle Light Upgrade

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One common reason that first responders and others suggest as the reason they haven’t upgraded to LED emergency vehicle lights is because their old-fashioned lighting is still working and performs just fine. However, once we get down to the nitty gritty in terms of LED lights, most people change their mind and opt to go ahead and perform an LED emergency light upgrade.

Top 3 Reasons you Need an LED Warning Light Upgrade

  • LED technology is coming down in terms of price. For this reason, many departments, volunteers, and agencies have opted to upgrade traditional Halogen lights to brand new LED lights.
  • LEDs make it easier to see what is going on around you. No matter what you career is, police, security, volunteer firefighter, etc., it is incredibly important to be able to see what is going on around you. With LED lights, seeing is easier. The way light emitting diodes are created allow you to be seen easily. This means whether on the ground, in your vehicle, or around the corner, you will be more visible when you replace your halogen lights with brand new technology.
  • Vehicle electrical problems are dramatically decreased when LEDs are used on automotive vehicles. In fact, problems such as dead batteries, alternators, load shedding, high idle, and other electrical problems can be decreased when you replace your energy-sucking halogens with brand new emergency lights that use light-emitting diodes. ant-6_one

Let us Talk LED Emergency Vehicle Lights with You

During our years in the business, we have become familiar with LED technology. We understand where this technology was created, the popularity of this type of lighting today, and the increases in technology in the future. We have also worked with agencies, departments, organizations, and individuals all over the country, even the world, which has given us the real-world experience to better understand the needs of customers that use our equipment on a regular basis. With this experience in mind, please feel free to contact us with any questions about LED emergency vehicle lights in our online inventory.


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Ambulance Theft Leads Police on Chase

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Saturday, August 9th, an ambulance theft kept police in Reading busy. A Pennsylvania man stole an ambulance and led police on a high speed chase. Kevin Charles Fountain, 46, stole a Reading City ambulance as it was sitting in front of Abraham Lincoln Hotel on N. Fifth Street at about 6am.

Police Activated Emergency Lights and Pursued Suspect

At around 6:30am, police spotted the stolen ambulance and immediately activated their police emergency lights and siren. However, Fountain, who hasn’t had a driver’s license since 1992 did not stop.911 Signal USA's Skyline LED light bar activated with warning lights

Ambulance Thief Ran Red Lights to Elude Police

In an attempt to elude police, the ambulance thief ran red lights and drove at a very high rate of speed. Eventually, Fountain parked the ambulance at a house in the 200 block of Boone Rd and exited the emergency vehicle. This location was approximately eight miles from where the chase began.

Suspect Arrested for Ambulance Theft

Once the ambulance came to a rest, the suspected ambulance stealer was immediately arrested and gave police a false name. Later, officers were able to identify the suspect as Fountain through fingerprints.

Ambulance Stealer Reportedly Just Wanted to go for a Ride

When questioned by police, Fountain allegedly told officers he simply wanted to “go for a spin.” As a result of his actions, Fountain is facing a charge of receiving stolen property, unauthorized use of a vehicle, fleeing/eluding police, and providing false identification to law enforcement. It is believed that the ambulance thief will also receive charges relating to driving without a license and running red lights.

Emergency Vehicle Lights are Imperative to Police during High Speed Chases

Thankfully, no one was injured during this high speed chase. During this type of incident, it is imperative that police have bright, properly working emergency vehicle lights. Police involved in the ambulance chase immediately activated their police lights and siren when the chase began. While the emergency lights did not help pull the thief over, it did help keep everyone else in the community aware of what was going on, which allowed police to do their jobs safely and effectively.

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