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Emergency First Responders Prepare for Landslides across the Country

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After the devastating Washington landslides, many other states are being cautious when it comes to land movement. The Washington landslides took 36 lives and destroyed homes, buildings, and other property. One area in particular that is worried about land movement is Jackson, Wyoming, a popular tourist resort. In Jackson, officials have noticed recent land slippage and are worried that a potential landslide could cost lives and destroy property.

Jackson, Wyoming Land Slippage has a 5-Percent Chance of Creating a Landslide

The officials in Jackson are worried about a landslide because of slight movements in the hillside. After evaluation, the slippage presents a 5-percent risk of a landslide. As a result, some businesses have closed their establishments in order to protect themselves and their customers. Despite the closings, officials remain confident that a major collapse is not imminent.A picture of the aftermath of a landslide in British Columbia

Small Jackson, Wyoming Area under Threat of Landslide

The hill in question is not a very populated area. In fact, there are only two restaurants, a Walgreens store, and one home that rest at the bottom of the hill that is still moving. An evacuation order has been put in place and Jackson officials encourage residents and business owners to adhere to the evacuation order. The businesses in the threatened area will remain closed until there is evidence that the land slippage has stopped.

Emergency First Responders in Jackson have a Unique Situation

Despite being a popular tourist area, the area is relatively remote, which provides challenges to emergency first responders, especially if a natural catastrophe were to occur? To help emergency responders handle the curving, narrow roads in this area, it is essential that the emergency first responders have the proper emergency vehicle equipment including lights and sirens. With the proper emergency lights and sirens, emergency first responders will be able to navigate the difficult terrain, including unstable mountains, and will make it easier for emergency first responders to get to where they need to be as quickly as possible.

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The City of Detroit receives Needed Police Cars

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Over the past few years, the city of Detroit has been hit hard financially. The economic struggles of this city has affected the lives of its citizens and it public services as well. With this in mind, the city of Detroit recently received a donation of 25 police department vehicles.

Penske Truck Rental Company Donated Police Vehicles to the City of Detroit

The company behind the huge donation was Penske, a popular truck rental company. These vehicles were donated so that the historical Motor City can stay safe, despite the municipal budget difficulties that the city is facing and will likely continue to face in the near future.


Donated Police Cars is just the Beginning

As if 25 donated police cars wasn’t enough, this donation from Penske is said to be just a part of a bigger donation. Reportedly, the city of Detroit will be receiving a total of 100 police vehicles and 23 ambulances. The donations will be given in installments and its goal is to replace the city’s aging vehicles.

Detroit came together to complete this Donation

While much of the attention is on Penske at the moment, the truck rental company isn’t the only Detroit company to add to the donation. Other contributors include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, General Motor Co., Ford Motor Co., FirstMerit Bank, Quicken Loans Inc., Chrysler Group LLC, the Kresge Foundation, and Platinum Equity LLC. Together these companies will cover the $8 million dollar expense of the donation and the first installment of donated vehicles on the road should happen around July 2014.

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Can Placing Ads on Fire Trucks Earn Money for Fire Departments?

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It’s no secret that many fire departments are struggling with small budgets. This is true in both the volunteer and paid sectors. In some areas, fire departments are going beyond flower sales and hosting dinners and are actively seeking alternative ways to earn money for needed emergency vehicle lights, fire trucks, and other equipment. An article in the Chicago Tribune reported that the Palatine Fire Department in Illinois is considering placing ads on fire trucks for a fee.

Placing Ads on Fire Trucks may be a Valid Option when Raising Taxes isn’t Possible

The city of Palatine decided to consider this option after voters rejected a tax increase that would have provided them with the income they needed to replace equipment and maintain the department. The city recognized that voters weren’t going to approve a tax increase anytime in the near future and also realized; the department would cease to exist without new revenue. Palatine fire officials realize that placing ads on their fire trucks may not make-up for the loss in income, but with closure being the only other alternative, fire officials decided they must do something. A white and yellow fire truck featuring amber warning lights activated.

Will Residents Appreciate Advertising on the City’s Fire Trucks?

One of the issues Palatine fire officials have been dealing with is whether residents will complain about advertising on their city’s fire trucks. According to Palatine’s Fire Chief, Hank Clemmensen, “If it keeps their taxes down and is done in good taste, I don’t see my residents complaining.” Clemmensen goes on to defend his proposal by adding “You see it on buses all the time, so I don’t see this as much of a stretch.”

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Fire Department Budgets
Could Placing Ads on Fire Trucks help your Department's Budget?


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Firefighter Arrested by Cop over Fire Truck Dispute – Who’s Right?

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By now most of you have probably seen the video of a police officer arresting a firefighter at the scene of an accident, but do you know the whole story? Check out the information provided below and then vote in our poll to express who you think was right in the situation.

Why did a Police Officer arrest a Firefighter

On February 4, 2014, Chula Vista firefighters were dispatched to a roll-over accident on the freeway. Three fire engines responded to the call. According to the local IAFF, the three firefighter trucks were parked in a manner that was consistent with their training and coincided with the best way to protect personnel and victims on scene. A California Highway Patrol officer was also on scene and requested that the three fire trucks be removed from the fast lane of the freeway.

Despite the fact that the firefighters were tending to crash victims, two of the firefighters complied with the firefighter’s request and one firefighter refused the officer’s request. The firefighter that refused to move his truck continued aiding the victims of the roll-over. After refusing to comply with the officer’s request, the firefighter, who was later identified as a 12-year veteran of the department, was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser where he stayed for about an hour and a half.

Cop Arresting Firefighter Caught on Tape

This entire event has been publicized all over the world because it was caught on tape. In the YouTube video featured below, you can see a California Highway Patrol cop arresting a Chula Vista firefighter. In the background, you can see fellow firefighters providing aid to crash victims as the arrest takes place.

Chula Vista Police and California Highway Patrol after the Arrest

Shortly after the arrest, representatives from the Chula Vista police department and California Highway Patrol released a joint statement addressing the issue. In the statement, both departments expressed that what happened was an unfortunate occurrence and that is the intention of both departments to work together for the same common goals.

Firefighters have been detained by Police in the Past

While this particular incident has become well-known because of the video incident, it is not the first time a firefighter has been detained by police at an accident scene. In 2010, a Montecito Battalion Chief in California was handcuffed for refusing a request by CHP to move a fire truck. In Missouri, in 2003, a firefighter was arrested for a similar situation. Later, the Missouri firefighter sued the police department that arrested him and won his case.

What Needs to Happen to Avoid Firefighter/Police Conflicts at Scenes

While this incident was certainly not the first, hopefully, with the publicity the arrest gathered, it will be one of the last. To help alleviate the tension between first responders, both departments should discuss with personnel what their specific department’s protocol is in this situation.

What’s Your Opinion?

Now that you have read the case and seen the video, what’s your opinion? Take our poll to find out.

Who's Right?
In your opinion? Who was in the wrong?

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Would Things be Different if you were Chief?

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Whether you are a rookie in your department or a veteran that hasn’t yet reached the rank of chief, you may be eying the position. In this blog, we have created a list of characteristics that every chief should have. Check out the article to see if your chief has all, or most of these characteristics.

Who makes a great Chief?

Whether we are talking about the fire department or the police department, a chief serves as a public figure and a person that the community looks to in a time of need or crisis. For this reason, it is important that a chief be fair, stern, full of integrity, and honest. Sign that says "Let no man's ghost come back to say my training let them down."

Fair, Accessible, and Open-Minded Chiefs

A fire chief or police chief are the public’s link to the department. To meet the needs of the public, a chief must be accessible. To handle situations, especially difficult or delicate situations, easily, a chief should also be open-minded. When dealing with the public and handling community safety concerns, chiefs must also be fair. Since so many communities have a very diverse population, it is important that a chief be open and willing to work with anyone in their community; regardless of race or ethnicity. For best results, a trustworthy police or fire chief should have a history of treating everyone in their community fairly.

Honesty and Integrity – The Most Important Characteristics of a Chief

To be a successful leader, a chief must possess honesty and integrity. In most situations, it is the chief who has the final decision, which means the person filling that role must be extremely honest and have good morals.

Chiefs must have the Ability to Lead

A chief must be a leader. As a liaison to the public and other emergency service departments, a chief must have the ability to solve problems, manage personnel, and come up with suffice alternatives in an emergency. To gain the reputation of being honest and full of integrity, a chief may have to be stern with those he manages and should always lead by example.

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911 Signal USA’s Best Selling Lights and Sirens for March 2014

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If you have visited our blog or our website before, you already know that we are experts in the emergency vehicle light field. In an effort to provide our customers with the best information possible, we gather the best selling emergency lights right on our home page. In this blog, we have provided a detailed description of what other people are buying this month.

IW3 100-Watt Siren

It’s no surprise that our IW3 100-watt siren is a best seller this month. This 27-button siren was just released a few days ago and is available at a super low introductory price of $299.99. To learn more about this siren, you can find it highlighted on our homepage and can also check out this demo video. If you visit the product description page on our website, you can also play the eight different siren sounds.

C4-2 Reflex Traffic Advisor LED Light

Another popular LED light this month is the C4-2 Reflex Traffic Advisor LED light. This unique LED light features Reflex technology and Generation III LED light bulbs. This 10-inch light is one-inch thick and features 26 different flash patterns.

C4 Wasp Surface Mount LED Light

At less than $40, the C4 Wasp surface mount LED light is a great way to increase the visibility of your fleet vehicle or POV without going broke. This unique light features three-watt bulbs and can create up to 12-watts of bright LED light. You can learn more about the C4 WASP lights in this video from our YouTube channel.

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Whether you are interested in one of the lights and sirens listed above, or have something else on your wishlist, you can find exactly what you need when you browse our inventory. If you have any questions about the lights or sirens mentioned here or featured in our online store, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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