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New York Police Murdered in Patrol Car

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Two NY police officers were working a “critical response” area, a high crime area, when they were brutally murdered Saturday afternoon. The officers, Officer Rafael Ramos and Officer Wenjian Liu, usually worked downtown Brooklyn, but this afternoon, duty called them to a different neighborhood and this is where they lost their lives.

New York Officers were Ambushed

While the police shooting is still under investigation, it has been widely reported that Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, targeted the police after making anti-police remarks on social media. According to reports, Brinsley approached the passenger side of the vehicle, where Officer Liu was seated, took a shooting stance and opened fire, striking both officers in the head and upper torso. Reportedly, Brinsley has a very long criminal history and was not native to Brooklyn. Instead, it appears that Brinsley traveled from Baltimore to Brooklyn with the sole intent of killing police.

No Provocation between Police and Shooter before Shooting

Before the shooting took place, there was no contact between police and the shooter. Simple stated, the police officers were assassinated by a delusional man. Neither officer had a chance to draw their weapon or react to the shooter.

Baltimore Police Sent Warning to New York, but It Was Too Late

Before his shooting spree, Brinsley had posted on social media that he intended to shoot police in New York. New York police received the threat information, but it was too late for the two Brooklyn officers. In fact, the intended threat was received at nearly the same time as the officers were slain.

Families Filled Woodhull Medical Center

As news of the police shooting spread, families of Officer Ramos and Officer Liu rushed to Woodhull Medical Center, and they were not alone. Dozens of supporters rushed to the hospital to show their support.

Gunmen Found Dead

Shortly after the police officers were ambushed while on duty, the suspect was found dead near a subway station. Apparently, the suspect died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It is also believed the Brinsley shot his ex-girlfriend in the stomach before traveling to Brooklyn. The ex-girlfriend has undergone extensive, emergency surgery, and is expected to make a full recovery.

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9/11 NYC Command Center Bus Revamped

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On September 11, 2001, a NYC command center bus pulled up to the towers right before the second tower fell and didn’t leave until the area was clear of debris. Now, this historic command center has been revamped and will be put back into use by NYC’s Office of Emergency Management and the Mayor.

Mobile Concepts Revamped Historic Bus

Mobile Concepts is the company that was responsible for revamping the bus that was a saving grace for many first responders in the dark and dangerous days that followed the towers collapse. During the remodel, the NYC Command Center bus received brand new radios, a pneumatic mast, new wires, security cameras, vinyl seats, and counter tops. In fact, Mobile Concepts didn’t just revamp the bus, they upgraded it as well. Some of the upgrades include a 55-inch Smartboard, night vision lights, diesel generators, and LED lights.

New York City Choose to Re-Purpose Rather than Trash the Command Bus an aerial picture of the controlled demo of the towers

The remodel, upgrade, and repair of the 9/11 Command Center bus cost the city about $339,000, but the city wanted to re-purpose rather than trash the bus. In fact, the bus was already fitted with a 1996 Pivot Chassis. The chassis only was work $200,000, so the money spent in remodels and upgrades was well worth the cost and time it took to repair it according to the city.

Former Command Center Bus is On Its Way to New York City

Despite the time it took to restore the 9/11 Command Center bus, Mobile Concepts came through and the bus is on its way back to New York City. When the bus arrives in NYC, it will be put back into use and will serve the city for many more years.

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Man Arrested for Police Impersonation Driving with Emergency Lights

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In the United States, each state has emergency vehicle light statutes. These statutes determine who can and cannot use emergency vehicle lights on their personal and fleet vehicles and in most cases delegate what color lights should be used. With this in mind, anyone using emergency vehicle lights that don’t conform to state statutes can be fined and penalized by law enforcement. On December 12, 2014, in Moreno Valley, a man was arrested for impersonating a peace officer.

Man had Emergency Vehicle Lights on POV and Law Enforcement Equipment City_of_Moreno_Valley_CA_Flag

When 25-year-old Hezekiah Williams was arrested, he had emergency vehicle lights and law enforcement equipment in his vehicle. Williams attracted the attention of law enforcement when a civilian called the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to report a person driving a tan Chevy Impala who had tried to pull someone over with their vehicle.

Witness was Suspicious of Fake Police Car with Louisiana Plates in California

The witness went on to tell police that they were suspicious of the Chevy Impala trying to pull people over because the vehicle had Louisiana plates, in California. When the Impala driver, Williams, realized he was being followed by another vehicle, he immediately sped off. The witness pursued the Impala and was able to lead police enforcement to the vehicle’s location.

Riverside County Sheriff Department Arrested Suspect

While the incident is still under investigation, Williams has been booked into Robert Presley Detention Center. Anyone with information about the case should call Deputy Garcia at 951-486-6700. Below, we will go over easy tips on how to determine if you are being pulled over by a real police vehicle.

Tips to Determine Whether  the Vehicle Pulling You Over is a Police Vehicle

From the time, we are in kindergarten, we are told to pull over for police officers. Whether you are being pulled over for speeding or need to move over to let an emergency vehicle pass, it is important to yield to emergency lights. With Move Over laws in all 50 states, failing to yield to emergency vehicles is actually punishable by law. But, there are also people who enjoy using police equipment illegally and get a thrill out of trying to pull over civilians. To help you determine whether the vehicle that is trying to pull you over is truly a police vehicle, follow the tips mentioned above.

Is the vehicle a marked police cruiser?

Under most circumstances, when law enforcement attempts to pull you over, the vehicle will be a marked police vehicle. This isn’t true for undercover or unmarked police vehicles, but we will go over how to handle that situation below. If the vehicle that is pulling you over is a marked police vehicle, you can confidently pull over for police.

Suspicious of the Vehicle Pulling You Over? Drive to a Well Lit Location

If you are suspicious that the vehicle trying to pull you over is not really a police vehicle, don’t pull over! Instead, drive to a well-lit area like a gas station before pulling over. Even better, if  there is a police station nearby, drive to the police station or a substation. To avoid getting in trouble, if you are truly being pulled over by legit cops, call 911 and report that you are suspicious of the vehicle pulling you over and inform them that you are driving to a well-lit location. In most situations, dispatch can tell you whether the vehicle is legit or not, and if it is not, the dispatcher can send police to your location. Some drivers in these types of situations will also activate their 4-way lights to signal to the driver trying to pull them over that they acknowledge what is happening.

Ask for Identification, Look for Badges

If you already pulled over before becoming suspicious, look for badges and ask for identification. Badges and identification can be faked, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. It is important to note that police officers carry identification that clearly marks their department and identifies themselves. These specific types of badges are hard to fake. If the officer is not in uniform, you can request that the officer call a uniformed officer to the scene of the traffic stop. If the officer trying to pull you over won’t do this, you can call 911.

Convinced the Person Pulling You Over is an Imposter? Drive Away

If at any time during a traffic stop, you are convinced the person pulling you over is an imposter…drive away. Next, call 911 and drive to a well-lit area and wait for the real police to show up.

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Firefighter Ran Over by Fire Truck Gets Early Christmas Gift

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On Thanksgiving day, Boca Raton firefighter, Captain Mike McBrien, was accidentally ran over by a fire truck. McBrien had passed out on the job right before being run over, and is expected to make a full recovery. While he, his family, and his brothers are all thankful, McBrien is going to heal, the firefighter captain couldn’t help but be disappointed in the fact he couldn’t decorate his house for Christmas this year.

Firefighter Brethren Saves the Day

When Captain McBrien’s firefighter brethren heard their beloved captain would fully recover, they wanted to do something special for the Capt. and his family. Instead, of bestowing the family with cards, food, and flowers, 20 Boca Raton firefighters showed up at the Captain’s house to decorate for Christmas. Captain McBrien was still in the hospital at Delray Medical Center when the firefighters showed up to decorate and was reported grateful for the support from his firefighters.

Firefighters Decorated with Injured Captain’s Children

A picture of firefighters decorating an injured firefighter's house for Christmas

Photo credit: CBS Miami Online

While Captain McBrien was recuperating, the Boca Raton firefighters got the captain’s kids involved and sent pictures to the injured firefighter. EMS Captain Jason Stout, spoke for the group, and said, he sent an email to everyone in the Local union 1560 about his plan. The email reportedly said come if you can and bring extra ladders and lights.

Donations Came Pouring In for Injured Firefighter

While 20 firefighters showed up to decorate Captain McBrien’s house for Christmas, dozens of others donated Christmas lights and cords. The firefighters had so many icicle lights that they were able to wrap the entire rim of the house in icicles and put a big 7 on the roof. (In honor of McBrien’s truck number.)

Boca Raton Firefighters Wanted Captain to Know he has Back-Up

Firefighters know they take inherent risk every day they complete their job. While firefighters themselves accept that risk, many worry about their families. With that in mind, EMS Captain Jason Stout said he organized this event because he wanted Captain McBrien and his family to know they have back-up.

Events that Led up to Captain McBrien’s Injuries

On Thanksgiving day 2014, Captain McBrien didn’t feel very well, but went to work anyways. His department responded to a house fire that turned out to be a false alarm. While talking to the homeowner, McBrien began to feel dizzy and lightheaded. He attempted to get in the fire truck, but put his hands on his knees and feel forward instead. Unfortunately, the person driving the fire truck didn’t realize the Captain had fallen and backed the truck up. McBrien remembers waking up as the truck went over his leg and called for help. EMS Captian Jason Stout was the first EMS on the scene. Unbelievably, McBrien did not require surgery on his leg. After extensive testing, it was determined that the captain has a fracture and must wait for the swelling to decrease before returning to work. Thankfully, McBrien can enjoy his festive Christmas decorations when he gets home from the hospital thanks to his fellow firefighters.

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Suspect Steals Unusual Transportation – Leads Police on 90-Minute Chase

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Suspects stealing cars and fleeing from police isn’t unusual. In fact, there have even been instances of suspects stealing police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks, but a 90-minute chase in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Saturday, December 6, 2014, was unusual. The uniqueness of this chase was due to the fact that the Florida man stole a 20-ton front loader and led police on a 90-minute chase.

Reports of Erratic Driving Led to the Chase

The chase began when police received reports of someone driving a front end loader erratically near the intersection of 16th St. and 62nd AVE. N in St. Petersburg. Soon after a police officer began to follow the $250,000 Volvo L110G front loader and activated emergency lights and sirens to gain the attention of the driver and make him stop. Instead of stopping the front loader, the suspect ran stop signs, hit curbs, and drove onto the sides of streets.

Chase Never Exceeded 25MPH

A picture of a front end loader and St. Petersburg police cruiser

Photo credit: Tampa Bay Times online

If you have ever been stuck behind a front loader when you are in a hurry, you already know front loaders aren’t speedy vehicles. With this in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you that the St. Petersburg police chase on Saturday never exceeded 25 mph. The slow chase veered through St. Petersburg neighborhoods and ended an hour and a half after it began.

Officers Had No Means to Corral Stolen Front Loader

The reason this unusual police chase took so long was because police had no means to corral the huge stole front loader. Every time, police created a roadblock, the suspect, 32-year-old Donald John Clark, simply plowed through them.

Front Loader Eventually Ran Out of Gas

Finally, the front loader ran out of gas and the suspect was arrested. Initially, Clark tried to flee from officers, but was quickly subdued by a Taser and taken into custody.

Suspect Being Held in Pinellas County Jail

At this time, Clark is being held in the Pinellas County jail in lieu of a $35,000 bail, and this is not the first time Clark has been arrested. In the past, Clark has been arrested for disorderly conduct, driving without a license, and driving under the influence. In 2012, Clark served time in jail for a DUI conviction.

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Driver Makes Stop at Hospital to Elude Police

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We’ve all heard stories of people racing to the hospital and getting pulled over by police, but how many of us have heard a story of a person driving to the hospital to try and elude police. Well that is what happened early Saturday morning, 11/29/2014, in Utah. A driver made a quick stop at a hospital, after traveling through three cities at a high speed, to avoid capture by police.

Driver Being Sought by Police Stops at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

Trouble began early Saturday morning when a Spanish Fork police officer reported that he had attempted to stop a vehicle traveling on Interstate 15 near mile marker 250. According to the officer his emergency vehicle lights and sirens were activated, but the driver was not yielding.

Spanish Fork Police Officer Ended Chase because of City Policy

The Spanish Fork police officer ended his pursuit because of city policy, but not before he gave a description of a gold Subaru Legacy without a license plate. Shortly after, a Utah County Sheriff picked up the chase when he spotted the gold Legacy still on I-15. Like the Spanish Fork office, the county sheriff popped on his emergency lights and siren and the driver once again refused to yield to the police officer vehicle. The county sheriff had to give up chase because his cruiser was governed at 97mph and the suspect’s Subaru Legacy was exceeding that speed in a 65-mph zone. Shortly after, another sheriff deputy picked up the chase and employed emergency lights and siren. The driver ignored emergency lighting and audible signals for the third time and exited the freeway at exit 265.

Law Enforcement Attempted to Box in Fleeing Suspect

Once off the freeway, several police officers tried to box the Subaru in, but were unsuccessful. The suspect drove through Provo at high speeds, ignored traffic signals, and also continued to ignore officer’s emergency vehicle lights.

Driver Stopped in Front of Utah Valley Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Room Entrance UVRMC

Eventually, the high speed chase came to a halt when the suspect stopped right in front of the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Room entrance. When apprehended by police, the 53-year-old suspect told police he refused to stop because his passenger, who could be seen telling the driver to stop throughout the chase, was choking. Sgt. Spencer Cannon, of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office said “He was coming from south Payson and his passenger would have been dead by the time he arrived at the hospital.” Needless to say, the officer’s weren’t buying what the suspect was selling and their hunch was corroborated by a volunteer statement from the passenger that said “he was never choking.” Later the unhappy passenger told police the suspect told him to corroborate his story so he would not get in trouble with police.

Suspect Had Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia in Car at Time of Arrest

When the driver was arrested, he was found with a drug paraphernalia and a partially burnt bowl of marijuana. Since the driver chose to stop in front of the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, he may also face charges of having drugs in a drug-free zone because the hospital is within 1,000 feet of Provo High School, which is a drug free zone.

Suspect Admits to Smoking Weed

After being arrested the 53-year-old suspect admitted he would test positive for weed because he had just smoked some. At this time, the officers determined the suspect was under the influence of a drug and arrested him for driving under the influence of a controlled substance and for having a measurable amount of a controlled substance. Later, a drug test showed the suspect was positive for marijuana, amphetamines, and methamphetamine. The suspect has also been to prison twice, had a suspended driver’s license and did not have car insurance.

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