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Emergency Light Resources from 911 Signal USA

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Whether you are an existing customer or just browsing our inventory of low-cost, high-quality emergency lights, one thing you will realize is that we are customer-minded. We keep our prices low so anyone that needs quality emergency lights can afford them. Additionally, we also offer an industry-leading warranty and guarantee the technology we use in our LED lights will move traffic and help you be seen on the road. On top of all of this, we have also created several helpful resources that allow you to buy and install the right emergency vehicle lights for your fleet vehicle or POV. To learn more about the emergency light resources we offer, check out the information and YouTube videos below.

LED Warning Light Installation Videos

Our YouTube channel is full of interesting videos that are designed with our customers in mind. In addition to questions about our technology and products, we also receive many questions about installation. We don’t install our warning lights, but we do have a Dodge Charger demo vehicle. When we outfitted this demo vehicle with our LED lights and emergency vehicle accessories, we took detailed videos to help our customers install these warning lights and gear on their own fleet vehicles and POVs. To learn more about installing emergency lights, check out this emergency light resource video today.

Check out 911 Signal USA Demo Videos

We also realize that customers often want to see our emergency lights, sirens, and accessories in action before they buy. This is especially important when buying our lights online. To ensure our customers can get exactly what they need and know exactly what to expect when they purchase our emergency lights, we have created dozens of primo LED demo videos.

Emergency Light Wiring Resource Videos from 911 Signal USA

In addition to installation, one of the other huge concerns we here from customers is about wiring. When you purchase emergency vehicle lights from 911 Signal USA, you will receive the wiring you need to install your emergency lighting and manufacturer instructions too. If you have car electrical experience, installing our emergency LED lights should be easy to install, wiring included. However, if you don’t have experience with this type of lighting, you may want to seek the advice or services of a professional. If you aren’t sure whether you have what it takes to install this type of gear, check out this wiring video from our experienced installer working on our Dodge Charger demo vehicle.

Subscribe to 911 Signal USA on YouTube

When you check out our emergency light resource videos on YouTube, make sure to subscribe to our channel. Subscribing to our channel now means you will get first access to the best demo, installation, and wiring videos on the market. Additionally, you will get to see new products added to our inventory before anyone else.

Stay Bright and Stay Safe with 911 Signal USA!


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Man Arrested Driving Fake Police Vehicle with Emergency Lights

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A North Haven, Connecticut, man appeared in court today to answer charges of driving a fake police vehicle outfitted with emergency lights. Not only did the accused man outfit his motorcycle with emergency lights, but he also added a siren and wrote the word “POLICE” on the front, sides, and rear, of the motorcycle.

Source: NBC Connecticut

Source: NBC Connecticut

Fake Motorcycle Cop was Busted When he Drove Past Real Police

The accused fake motorcycle cop, Nicholas Ferrucci, 21, was arrested after a police officer witnessed Ferrucci drive through a red light. Soon after the infraction, the officer pulled Ferrucci over and it quickly became obvious that the suspect was not actually a police officer. After inspection, Ferrucci’s motorcycle was found to have a working siren, red and blue emergency LED lights, and a digital camera.

Fake Cop on Unauthorized Police Motorcycle Charged in Court

After his arrest, the North Haven man was charged with second degree reckless endangerment, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, reckless driving, traffic control signal violations, operating without insurance and unauthorized lights and flashing lights. The reckless driving charges are connected with the fact that officers believe Ferrucci’s actions nearly caused two MVAs.

Suspect Under Investigation for Impersonating a Police Officer

In addition to the charges stated above, the North Haven man is being investigated in connection with recent reports of a man impersonating a police officer while driving a motorcycle. If police determine Ferrucci is responsible for this rash of recent reports more charges may be filed.

Police and Fire Emergency Lights are for First Responders Only

It’s important that everyone realizes police and fire emergency lights are for first responders only. Additionally, if you suspect that someone is using lights and sirens inappropriately, it is important to contact law enforcement immediately. Anyone using LED emergency lights inappropriately is putting everyone in danger.

Police and Firefighters can get Emergency Lights at 911 Signal USA

If you are a first responder, including police and firefighters, you can stretch your budget further when you shop 911 Signal USA. We have a huge collection of the best police lights and fire lights on the market. If you have any questions regarding our huge inventory or any of the products in our inventory, please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or on any of our social media accounts.

Stay Safe!


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Albuquerque Police Sergeant Going on Trial for Vehicular Homicide

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On Monday, September 22, 2014, jury selection is scheduled to begin in an Albuquerque police sergeant, Adam Casaus, vehicle homicide trial. Casaus is charged with vehicular homicide and reckless driving after he allegedly ran a red light at Paseo and Eagle Ranch in Albuquerque and killed 21-year-old Ashley Browder in February 2013.

Police Sergeant was Off-Duty at the Time of the Accident

At the time of the accident, approximately 1:30am on February 13, 2013, police sergeant Adam Casaus was off duty driving his department-issued Chevy Tahoe. However, he activated his emergency lights and was speeding when approaching the intersection at Paseo and Eagle Ranch. USA_-_NEW_MEXICO_-_Albuquerque_police

Police Officer Charged with Homicide by Vehicle and Reckless Driver Claims he was Chasing Drunk Driver

Later, Casaus claimed he was tracking what he thought was to be a drunk driver driving erratically in an SUV. After investigators checked with dispatch, it was determined that Casaus had not been advised of a possible drunken driver, nor did he report that he was following or searching for a possible drunken driver. While Casaus activated his emergency lights, he did not have his siren turned on. As a result, Casaus’ vehicle broadsided a vehicle containing Ashley and Lindsay Browder. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office investigated the crash and based their decision on physical evidence and eyewitness accounts. According to eyewitnesses, Casaus was driving at approximately 65mph.

Ashley Browder was Acting Responsibly the Night she was Killed

The night that Ashley Browder was killed, she was acting responsibly. She had been partying with friends at a local nightclub, and realized she could not drive home. At this time, she called her 19-year-old sister, Lindsay. Lindsay set out to pick up her sister in a Honda CRV, but the duo never made it home.

Investigation Revealed Adam Casaus did not Act Responsibly

After a lengthy investigation, charges were filed against Sgt. Casaus because he was found to not have acted responsibly. Ashley Browder was asleep in the front passenger seat and was killed in the accident. Ashley’s sister, Lindsay, suffered fractures to her spine and a broken pelvis. During the preliminary hearing, Lindsay Browder testified that she did not have the radio on because she did not want to disrupt her sister. She went on to testify that she never heard a siren or saw Casaus’ emergency lights. Initially, Sgt. Casaus was placed on desk duty and later paid leave. On May 24, 2013, Casaus was terminated from employment.

All Emergency Vehicle Drivers Must Act Responsibly

This is a reminder to all emergency vehicle drivers out there that driving responsibly is and always should be the number one priority. While emergency lights and sirens are designed to make vehicles seen and heard, it is just as important that this equipment is used appropriately and in the appropriate settings. Not only can accidents occur when this equipment is used irresponsibly or at inappropriate times, but it can also be punishable by law.

Learn more about Emergency Vehicle Light Laws in our Online Resources

During our time in the business, we have fielded and answered many emergency vehicle light questions. However, we are constantly receiving questions about emergency vehicle light laws. With emergency vehicle lighting requirements varying greatly from one region to another, it is impossible for anyone one person to know all the facts about each state in the US. However, we have created several emergency vehicle light resources in our online store that make finding this information quick and easy. It is our hopes that by providing this information to our customers and first responders all over the world, everyone can stay safer and be seen better in the field with the right gear and the proper information.

Choose 911 Signal USA as your go-to emergency light retailer, and you won’t be disappointed in our LED technology or our everyday low prices.


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Sunbather Run Over by County Vehicle Responding to Urgent Situation

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On Monday, September 15, 2014, a Venice Beach sunbather was run over by a county vehicle responding to an urgent situation. Believe it or not, this is the second time a sunbather has been run over by a Venice Beach county vehicle in the last four months.

25-Year-Old Victim was Sunbathing Near Ocean Front Walk and Venice Blvd.

The 25-year-old victim was sunbathing near Ocean Front Walk and Venice Blvd. at 4:30 pm on Monday when she was run over by a county vehicle. The vehicle was being driven by a county lifeguard. According to the City News Service in Venice Beach, the lifeguard did not see the sunbather. The woman’s husband was in the water when his wife was run over. 800px-Venice_Beach_Lifeguard_Tower

Sunbather had Non-Life Threatening Injuries

Thankfully, the woman suffered non-life threatening injuries. From the collision, the sunbather received many fractures and several lacerations to internal organs. In May, a sunbather was run over by a LA County Dept. of Beaches and Harbors SUV. The woman was lying flat down on the sand and the driver did not see her. She was also hospitalized for serious injuries, but survived the incident.

Both County Drivers did not See Sunbathers on Beach

In both cases, the drivers of the county vehicles did not see the woman sunbathing on the beach. In this most recent situation, the lifeguard was responding to a call of swimmers to close to rocks. En route to the location, the county driver was using emergency lights and sirens to alert sunbathers and others on the beach of an urgent situation. The second sunbather was hit by the county vehicle when the lifeguard was returning from the call. Returning to his post, the lifeguard was not using lights or sirens.

If you need new LED emergency lights or sirens, you can get them at the best prices from 911 Signal USA. We specialize in dash lights, visor lights, surface mount lights, and much more. Let us help you stay seen and heard on the road!


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Don’t Drive Through Emergency Vehicles with Lights Flashing

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I know what you’re thinking, why are statements like this necessary? Well, if you are a first responder or even someone that lives with a first responder, you know that the things people will do on the road or at a scene are unfathomable. Most people in their right mind would never drive through a line of fire trucks with emergency lights flashing, but then there are a select few who would. Either these drivers are oblivious to what is going on around them, or they simply don’t care about anything except for where they are going.

Reasons you Shouldn’t Drive Through Fire Trucks with Emergency Lights

Black SUV trying to squeeze through several fire trucks on the road with emergency lights flashing.

This vehicle attempted to squeeze between fire trucks responding to a call in downtown Columbia.


As you can see from the picture included with this blog, this SUV decided to drive through a group of fire trucks with emergency lights flashing. Hence, the subtitle, reasons you shouldn’t drive through fire trucks with emergency lights flashing, but this rule of the road goes for any vehicle with emergency lights or warning lights flashing. The most important reasons you should never drive through fire trucks or other emergency vehicles with lights flashing include:

  • The fact that you could be endangering first responders moving between vehicles.
  • You could interrupt or destroy first responder equipment, such as fire hoses, being used in between emergency vehicles.
  • You could be ticketed by law enforcement.
  • You are putting lives at risk.
  • Interfering with first responders ability to provide needed aid to those in trouble.

Reasonable Alternatives to Driving Through Parked Emergency Vehicles with Lights Flashing

Thankfully, there are many reasonable alternatives to driving through parked emergency vehicles with lights flashing. First, and foremost, turn around and find an alternative route. Secondly, if you look closely, there may be a person or persons directing traffic. If so, wait patiently and follow the person’s instructions for safe passage near emergency vehicles. Even if the person directing traffic is sending you a direction you do not want to go, do not argue with them and be on your way.

Please feel free to share these tips with drivers of all ages. The more people who know how to handle these type of situations on the road – the better. If you are guilty of this type of behavior on the road, now you know, so you can work on not being that person on the road. When the community and first responders work together, it helps keep everyone safer as a whole.

For the best prices on LED emergency lights for first responder vehicles, please visit 911 Signal USA.




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Smart Traffic Signals can Aid Emergency Vehicles on the Road

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First responder vehicles, traffic signals, and the ways these two vehicles interact has changed a great deal over time. For instance, a century ago, if you drove up to an intersection, in a Model T, you would likely be greeted by a jolly police officer directing traffic. Soon that police officer was replaced by a traffic signal and in the not so distant future traditional traffic signals may be replaced by “smart” traffic signals. To learn more about this technology and how “smart” traffic signals can aid emergency vehicles on the road, check out the information below.

Utah is Leading the Way in Advanced Traffic Signals

If you think “smart” traffic signals is something that is just talked about and likely to never exist, you will probably be surprised to find out this technology is already being used in Utah. In fact, when it comes to advanced traffic signals, Utah is leading the way. Utah uses an advanced traffic signal system that is designed to optimize “green time.” By doing this, Utah can improve traffic flow. This system was created in response to the 2002 Winter Olympics and controls approximately 80-percent of the traffic signals in the state.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Get Network of Smart Traffic Signals traffic lights

Understandably, not every state or city can afford to install smart traffic signals because of labor and building expenses. The city of Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania, has been working with Stephen Smith, a professor at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University to research artificial intelligence and install the first city-wide network of smart traffic signals in the big city. In Smith’s plan, Pittsburgh’s traffic signals will rely on radar sensors and cameras to detect traffic and create algorithms that will instantly adjust traffic signals based on real-time conditions.

Pittsburgh to have 49 Smart Traffic Signals by the End of the Year

By the end of 2014, Pittsburgh should have at least 49 smart traffic signals installed. In 2012, Pittsburgh received nine smart traffic signals and saw immediate results. According to Smith, smart traffic signals can even be used in small, cash-strapped cities, because the technology can be installed one intersection at a time.

Smart Traffic Signals can Benefit Emergency First Responders

In addition to improving the flow of traffic, reducing idle times, and even decreasing emissions in a city, smart traffic signals can benefit emergency first responders too. This technology has the ability to recognize first responders using sirens and lights and can change traffic signals to allow first responders to pass through unharmed. Since crossing intersections is one of the most dangerous parts of any first responder’s job, relying on traffic signals to help keep everyone safer is an idea that any city should get behind.

Order Lights and Sirens from 911 Signal USA

If your first responder vehicle needs lights and sirens, you can get this equipment at incredibly affordable prices at 911 Signal USA. We specialize in LED lights and accessories and offer a great value plus free shipping. Contact us today to get your vehicle on the road with the visibility it needs to be seen anywhere.




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