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Pennsylvania Home Invasion Leads to Arrest

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According to a Philly new station, CBS Philly, a suspect broke into an Upper Merion home on July 22, 2014 at 8am. The homeowners, a man and woman, were home when the burglary took place. The suspect entered the home, found a rifle, and held the couple at gunpoint. The female victim was tied up while the male victim was taken from the home and driven to an ATM where the suspect wanted him to withdraw money.

Police Spotted Suspect Driving Homeowner’s Vehicle

When police were alerted to the situation, they were able to track the suspect, who was driving the homeowner’s vehicle, down. The suspect tried to flee from police and after a short chase attempted to get away on foot by jumping from the vehicle. Eventually, cops were able to corner the suspected thief in a neighbor’s yard a short distance away.

Traditional police vehicle with emergency vehicle lights activated

Homeowners were not physically harmed during the home invasion.

Neighbors are on Alert and Concerned

After the ordeal took place, neighbors were on high alert and reasonably concerned for their safety and the safety of their neighborhood.

Homeowners were not Harmed or Targeted

The entire situation in Upper Merion was unusual, but the homeowners were not hurt and police do not believe the couple was targeted. Instead, law enforcement believes the suspect rode public transportation to the Upper Merion neighborhood and then walked around until he found a home to rob. Details regarding the investigation lead authorities to believe that the suspect was surprised to find a man and woman in the home.

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Shots Fired at Undercover Officer – Arrests Made

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According to The Delaware News Journal, a third suspect has been arrested in correlation with shots fired at an undercover officer. The arrest come after a July 7th shooting involving an undercover officer.

Three Suspects Arrested for Firing Shots at an Undercover Officer

Three individuals have been arrested for firing shots at an undercover officer. Arrested suspects include Troy Faison, 26, Sirair Bailey, 24, and Edward Jackson, 21. Faison and Bailey were arrested and charged with attempted murder right after the shooting and Jackson was arrested approximately a week later. Jackson’s charges include possession of heroin with intent to distribute, resisting arrest, conspiracy, possession of a firearm while committing a felony, and reckless endangerment. Our Dodge Charger demo vehicle during daylight hours outside activated.

Suspects were Pulled Over for Speeding Prior to the Shooting

Shortly before the suspects were involved in the shooting, an undercover police officer had tried to pull the men over for speeding. When the trio refused to stop, the officer pursued them and a high speed chased developed. At this time, one of the men began to fire at the officer from the moving vehicle. Shortly after, the vehicle the men were driving crashed and the occupants tried to flee on foot. Only Faison and Bailey were apprehended at this time.

Third Suspect Arrested During Illegal Drug Sale

On July 14th, police witnessed Edward Jackson participating in a drug deal. At the time, officers suspected Jackson was selling heroin and obtained a search warrant for his residence. During the search of Jackson’s home, officers found a handgun, $3,000 in cash, and 624 bags of heroin. Another man unrelated to the undercover officer shooting was also arrested for selling drugs.

Thankfully, officers were not injured during the shooting and no innocent bystanders were injured by the gunfire, the high speed chase, or the crash. However, the situation does draw attention to the fact that police put their lives on the line every single day and face many challenges that risk their safety. If you need police lights and sirens at the best prices on the Internet, you can find them in our online inventory. We offer everyday low prices and free shipping on all orders over $350.  Explore 911 Signal USA today and get everything you need for less.


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K9 Officer Attacked by Man Wielding Knife

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On July 13, 2014, a San Diego man was shot and killed after threatening police and attacking a police dog with a machete. Before shooting the suspect, police attempted to subdue the suspect with stun guns to no avail.

Police Responded to a Call of an Erratic Man

Police were called to a City Heights apartment in San Diego in response to a call of a man behaving erratically. The suspect Ja Ma Lo Day, 21, was reportedly threatening his family with a knife. When police responded to the incident, the suspect refused to drop his weapon and eventually attacked a K-9 officer and swung the knife at responding officers before being shot and killed by police. traditional red and blue police lights on the roof of a police vehicle

K9 Officer Attacked is Expected to Make a Full Recovery

Nando, an 8-year-old German Shepherd, received staples in his back to close the back wound and is expected to make a full recovery. Nando was already scheduled to retire at the end of July.

Suspect had History of Violence and Mental Illness

A local TV station, San Diego 6, reported that Ja Ma Lo Day was a Burmese refugee and had a history of mental illness and behaving violently. In 2013, the suspect was arrested for assaulting his brother with a knife.

Law Enforcement Situations can Escalate Quickly

Incidents like this are a reminder that any law enforcement situation can escalate quickly. When lives are on the line, it is absolutely necessary for police to have the equipment they need to get where they are going quickly and safety. One of the best ways for police to arrive on the scene quickly is to have bright LED light bars on their patrol cars. When drivers see activated lights and sirens, they know to move out of the way and allow officers to get to their intended destinations as quickly as possible.

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No Police Lights needed to Stop Uber Car Driver

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The chief executive of Convene, Ryan Simonetti, was recently involved in a dramatic chase against his will while using the popular car service Uber in Washington, D.C. Simonetti and two colleagues were in a vehicle that went on a 10-minute chase through Washington, D.C. Reportedly the driver of the car was trying to desperately escape a taxi inspector who refused to give up.

Uber Driver barely missed Other Vehicles on the Road

In a desperate attempt to avoid the taxi inspector, the Uber car service driver barely missed other vehicles on the road and traveled at high rates of speed. Simonetti did everything he could to stop the car driver from speeding through town including ripping the driver’s pant leg off. Additionally, Simonetti also tried to force the driver’s foot down on the brake in an attempt to slow the car down.

Uber Confirmed Incident – Won’t Release the Driver’s Name

Since the incident occurred, an Uber spokesperson did confirm the incident to the Washington Post. However, the company would not reveal the name of the driver. Instead, Uber stated the driver has been terminated and the Washington, D.C .Taxicab Commission is investigating.

Police need LED Warning Lights to Stay Safe on the Road

Police weren’t needed to stop this car chase, but if they had been, police lights could have helped end the chase quickly. Law enforcement need quality police lighting to make their presence on the road noticeable. It’s also important for police to have this lighting to get to locations quickly and in timely.

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Summer Heat increases Crime in most Areas

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In most areas as the summer heat increases, so does crime. Many studies have shown that summertime is a dangerous time for law enforcement as a result of an increase in crime. Specifically, a study by James Alan Fox, a Northeastern criminology professor found violent crime peaks the highest when temps hit the mid 80s. Interestingly, this same study showed that violent crime begins to dip when temps soar into the 90s.

Oppressive Heat Keeps more People Inside

According to James Alan Fox, the fact that violent crime declines in extremely hot weather isn’t, but increases in hot weather isn’t a coincidence. Instead, Fox states the decrease in crime when thermometers read above 90-degrees is because this is when people give up on fighting and go inside to escape the oppressive heat.

Tempers often Flare in Uncomfortable Heat

According to some experts, one reason violent crime seems to be popular when the temps are in the 90s is because tempers often flare when people are uncomfortably hot. When tempers are flaring and fuses are short, many people are more prone to impulsive, violent crimes. Warm temps also tend to attract more people to the outdoors, which can make them a target of violence or criminal acts.

Schools Out and Teenagers have Little Else to Do

Social scientists have also theorized that school letting out for summer break also increases the increase in summertime crimes. When teenagers are left to their own devices with little to keep them busy, trouble often follows.

No Matter what the Reason is…Summertime is a Dangerous Season for Police

No matter why crime increases in the summer, this is a dangerous season for police. During summer months, police are often answering more calls and must be more vigilant. One way police can help keep themselves safer in the field is to use police LED lights, which can help law enforcement stay safer in volatile situations. At 911 Signal USA, we understand police’s need to stay safe during the summer months and every month of the year. To help police get the warning lights they need to stay safe we offer the best LED police lights on the market. Check out our huge inventory of emergency vehicle lights today.


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High Speed Chase on Bay Bridge Leaves Two Dead

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A high speed chase that crossed the Bay Bridge in San Francisco left two suspected car thieves dead in a fiery crash. The crash took place on June 25, 2014. California Highway Patrol spotted a reportedly stolen BMW convertible in Oakland. CHP immediately pursued the car, but the drivers refused to stop.

Stolen Car Continued Over the Bay Bridge

The high speed chase continued over the Bay Bridge and reached speeds of over 130 miles per hour. When the stolen vehicle driver attempted to exit the highway in San Francisco, the driver reportedly lost control and slammed into a concrete wall. Reportedly one man died in the flames and another died after being thrown from the vehicle.

Highway Ramp Closed During Investigation

As soon as the crash occurred, a Major Accident Investigation Team was called to the scene The ramp was closed until the accident could be investigated and the coroner could finish his on-scene investigation as well.

High Speed Chase Creates Several Risks

High speed chases like this create several risks. During these chases, police put themselves in difficult positions. Officers need to protect the community and themselves while also trying to apprehend criminals. The best way for officers to do this is to equip their emergency vehicles with the best LED emergency lights such as light bars, dash lights, and surface mount lights. With quality police lights on their cruisers, police can make themselves more visible when responding to emergency situations such as high speed chases.

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