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911 Signal USA Dash Light Friday

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At 911 Signal USA, we want everyone who needs quality LED emergency lights to do their job to be able to afford them. We realize that not everyone who needs a dash light can afford them – no matter how low our prices are. In an effort to help, we host a dash light Friday contest every week on our Facebook page.

Like Our Facebook Page

To be eligible for our dash light Friday contest, you need to like our Facebook page. Usually, our weekly giveaway starts between 7 and 8 am on Fridays. Each contest is different, but the gist of the giveaway is the same every week.

Follow Post Instructions, Like, and Share

When our dash light Friday giveaway goes live on Facebook, it will have special instructions in the post itself. Follow the post instructions and make sure to like and share the post as well.

How we Choose a Dash Light Friday Contest Winner

While we like to call our giveaway dash light Friday, we don’t actually pick a winner to the following Monday. The details of when a winner will be posted are always in the Facebook post. We choose Random.Org to help us choose a random winner from the comments section in a giveaway post.

Dozens of Dash Light Winners

Over the 1 ½, we have given away a ton of Witel dash lights. When a winner is chosen, they can expect to receive their dash light in 2 to 4 weeks. We cover shipping and handling, so the Witel is absolutely free. The only thing we ask, we certainly don’t require it, is that any dash light Friday winner sends us a video or pic of the light once it is installed.

Join Us on Facebook Today

For your chance to win a Witel dah light, join us on Facebook. When a dash light giveaway is live, it will be pinned to the top of the page. (Yellow ribbon in the right hand corner.) Remember, you can’t win, if you don’t enter!

911 Signal USA is an online retailer of quality LED emergency vehicle lights! If you don’t want to take your chances with our giveaways, you can buy your own dash light at a low price today.


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Dangers of Distracted Driving

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As first responders on the road, you understand the significant impact of distracted driving on the road. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how risky distracted driving is until it is too late. Here, we will go over the dangers of distracted driving and ways to prevent it on the road.

Department of Transportation Reports People Die Every Day from Distracted Driving

Every single day, more than 9 people,  in the United States dies as a result of distracted driving. Additionally, over 1,110 people are injured in crashes for the same exact reason. The increase in injuries due to distracted driving is especially scary because it is a reminder that distracted drivers put themselves and anyone in their path at risk of an accident. To help prevent distracted driving deaths and accidents, it is important to realize exactly what distracted driving is.

Examples of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving occurs when you take your attention away from driving to focus on something else. However, distracted driving doesn’t just occur when you take your eyes off the road. Instead, distracted driving can occur when you take your hands off the wheel, or when you simply stop focusing on your driving. Although there are a variety of reasons you can become distracted while driving, the most common actions that increase distracted driving include:

  • Eating while driving
  • Texting while driving
  • Using a cell phone while driving

Other Types of Distractions on the Road

While the distractions above are the most common causes of distracted drivers on the road, there are a variety of other reasons that a driver may become distracted including:

  • Billboards
  • Reflections in mirrors
  • Rubbernecking at crash scenes
  • Grooming
  • Reading maps
  • Picking up fallen objects
  • Dealing with passengers, including petes
  • Changing CDs/radios
  • Talking with passengers
  • Dealing with a handsfree unit
  • Using voice activated cell phone features
  • Daydreaming

Texting While Driving is the Worst Type of Distracted Driving

Any of the types of distractions listed above are extremely dangerous, but texting while driving is the most dangerous type of distracted driving because it combines all types of driver distractions. Texting while driving is a problem in many countries across the world, but according to a CDC study, texting while driving in the United States is more prevalent than any other country.

What is Being Done to Reduce Distracted Driving on the Roads

To help reduce the loss of life and injuries on the road due to distracted driving, many states are enacting laws that are aimed to reduce these types of crashes. In fact, many states have already banned texting while driving. Another step that many states are taking is to use graduated driver licensing programs for teen drivers. A graduated system allows teens to get their driver’s license slowly and increases the amount of training and awareness that can be done.  In 2009, President Obama enacted a law that prevents federal employees from texting while driving on government equipment. Cell phone and electronic device use is also banned by the Federal Railroad Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Dash Lights from 911 Signal USA can Help Get the Attention of Distracted Drivers

In addition to increasing traffic accidents, and even death, distracted driving is also a huge problem for first responders. When a first responder pops on code lights and heads to a scene, it can literally be a life or death situation for the person waiting for help. To be able to give the person on the other hand the best odds at surviving, first responders need to get to scenes as quickly as possible. Despite bright emergency lights and loud sirens, some drivers are so distracted on the road that they don’t notice emergency vehicles, which slows down first responders. At 911 Signal USA, we understand the importance of first responders to be able to move traffic. Our selection of LED dash lights are designed to help get the attention of distracted drivers and move traffic for first responders. When you order one of our dash lights, you can mount the LED light on the dash of your vehicle. When activated, a dash light will deliver visbility that can’t be missed on the road. In fact, the light from a POV or fleet vehicle using a dash light will shine light directly into the rearview mirror of cars in front of you, which can help get the attention of distracted drivers. If you have any questions about our emergency LED dash lights, please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or on your favorite social media account.



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Create Affordable Forward Facing Visbility with 911 Signal USA Dash Lights

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At 911 Signal USA, we understand how important it is for vehicles to have the best visibility possible. LED emergency lights are our specialty and all of the emergency lights in our online store are priced to sell. If you are looking for affordable forward facing visibility, you can get exactly what you need when you choose affordable 911 Signal USA dash lights.

911 Signal USA’s Dash Lights are Bright and Affordable

One of the easiest ways to created affordable forward facing visibility is to buy dash lights from 911 Signal USA. We have a variety of dash lights that are easy to install and capable of creating the light you need to stay visibly bright during nighttime and daytime hours. Some of the most popular dash lights in our inventory include:

  • Witel Model A
  • Witel Model B
  • F201-L

Choose Linear or TIR Dash Lights in 911 Signal USA’s Inventory Witel Dash Light model B

To make sure we can cater to every driver’s needs, we have made many of our dash lights available with linear or TIR optics. Linear lenses on our dash lights will create a wide dispersal pattern that makes other drivers and pedestrians on the road easier to spot. Dash lights made with TIR optics condense light to provide a create a narrow beam that is perfect for focused applications.

Order 911 Signal USA Grille and Surface Mount Lights to Accompany a Dash Light

In addition to creating forward facing light, it is important for first responders to have a variety of other emergency LED lights too. Our dash lights are perfect for creating forward facing light and our grille and surface mount lights go very well with our dash lights. Many of our LED surface and grille lights are weatherproofed, which means they can be installed on the interior or exterior of an emergency vehicle or POV.

Make 911 Signal USA Your Go-To Shop for Emergency LED Lights

When you choose to make 911 Signal USA you go-to shop for emergency LED lights, you can always count on getting the brightest, high-quality LED lights from our online store. We offer lighting solutions for every inch of the exterior and interior of your vehicle and will help you stretch your budget as far as possible to ensure you stay safe in the field. Check out our inventory today!




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Buy LED Dash Lights for POVs at 911 Signal USA

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Our online catalog is overflowing with high-quality LED emergency vehicle lights, sirens, and accessories. The most popular category in our inventory is our dash lights. To learn more about our dash lighting, check out the information below. All of the emergency lighting featured in this blog can be purchased at affordable prices in our online store.

The Witel Dash Light from 911 Signal USA Witelwitel-1-main

The Witel dash light is the most popular in this category, especially with volunteers. At a price of just $72.96, you can’t afford not to have this bright LED light on your POV. When you install this emergency light, you will enjoy 24-watts of bright LED light output and easily increase your visibility on the road.

The Witel Model B Dash Light Witel Dash Light model B

Another popular emergency lighting choice in our inventory is our Model B Witel dash light. This dash light features everything the original Witel features and more. With this upgraded version, you will receive, linear optics, bright LED light output, and 30+ flash patterns.

F201-X LED Dash LightF201 X LED dash light

The F201-X LED dash light is a mini dash light that provides a huge amount of power in its tiny package. With this emergency light installed on the dash of your POV or first responder vehicle, you will receive your choice of TIR or LIN optics, bright LED light output, 19 flash patterns, and flash pattern memory too.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these LED dash lights and dozens of other emergency vehicle lights in our inventory, visit our homepage and choose the category on the left that you would like to learn more about. No matter which LED light or accessory you choose from our online store, you can trust us to exceed your expectations. Every light in our inventory comes with an industry leading warranty and excellent customer service. Let us help you increase your visibility on the road today.


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Create a Flash on the Dash with 911 Signal USA Dash Lights

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When you need a bright flash illuminating from the dash of your vehicle, you need a dash lights from 911 Signal USA. To meet the needs of first responders with various budgets, we offer dash lights at different price points. To learn more about our LED dash light, check out the information below and read the product specifications in our inventory as well.

The Witel Dash Light Model A

We carry two different Witel dash lights in our inventory. The model A dash light is one of our most popular emergency vehicle lights because it is easy to use and even easier to install. When you activate this LED light, you will enjoy 24-watts of impossible to miss LED light. This focused light output is created by eight, Generation III LED light bulbs.

The Witel Dash Light Model B

The model B Witel dash light is a newer addition to our inventory. The same as the model A, this dash light is extremely easy to use and install. You can use suction cups and a cigarette lighter plug to install this light temporarily, or you can hardwire the light to your emergency vehicle’s electrical system. No matter how you install this LED, you will enjoy bright light output thanks to sixteen, one-watt LED lights. The Witel Dash Light from 911 Signal USA

The F201-L Dash Light

Whether you are equipping an emergency vehicle for the first time or enhancing your emergency light set-up, you can benefit from the use of our F201-L dash light. This moderately priced emergency light fits nicely on the dash of any vehicle and provides 12-watts of LED illumination when activated.

F201-X Dash Light

Our F201-X dash light is a 12-volt emergency light that will only draw .35 amps of power. There are six, 0.75 LED watt light bulbs in this unit. Altogether, this light is capable of creating 4.5-watts of focused LED light. You can choose to purchase this light with linear or TIR optics. To ensure you always get exactly what you need, this light is made with nineteen different flash patterns and also has flash pattern memory too.

Our F211 Dash Light is made with Linear Optics

If you are a fan of linear optics, you will appreciate the bright light that is emitted from the F211. This dash light features six, one-watt LED light bulbs, which will ensure you can’t be missed on the road. The poly-carbonate housing of this emergency light ensures it will be very durable in any situation and the use of LED bulbs means you can count on this light for illumination for about 100,000 hours.

If you need dash lights for your emergency vehicle, you can find it at 911 Signal USA. All of our lights are made with LED technology which means the equipment will last longer, shine brighter, and perform better than any other light on the market. If you have any questions about our dash lighting, please contact our customer service representatives.

When you choose 911 Signal USA as your emergency vehicle light retailer, you can rest assured that the equipment you purchase will meet and exceed SAE standards and provide you with the flash you need on your dash to be safe.





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Our Witel Dash Light is a Great for any Firefighter’s Light Set-Up

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the volunteer firefighter on your list? If so, check out our Witel dash light. This affordably priced LED light is easy to use, simple to install, and extremely bright. To learn more about this bright emergency LED light, keep reading below.

Volunteer Firefighters Usually Buy Emergency Vehicle Lights out of their Own Pocket

Any volunteer firefighter on your Christmas list would be happy to receive this bright LED dash light. Most volunteer firefighter departments have extremely tight budgets, which mean volunteers have to buy their own warning lights to use on their POVs. When you gift a volunteer with our dash light, you are providing them with something they need to stay safer on scenes and en route and also helping to keep people in your community safer at the same time.

The Witel Dash Light is priced Affordably

At 911 Signal USA, we understand the budget concerns associated with first responders. As a result, we price our LED lights at competitive prices, which make them more affordable for first responders. At less than $75, the Witel dash light is an extremely affordable warning light that will illuminate the dash of a vehicle and increase its visibility no matter where it goes.

The Witel Dash Light from 911 Signal USA

Enjoy Portability and Easy Installation

Another great bonus associated with our Witel dash light is that it can be powered by a cigarette lighter plug. This means that many volunteers can share this light, or a volunteer can use this dash light in many different vehicles in their possession. When you order this dash light from us, you will receive everything you need to install the light, suction cups and a cigarette lighter plug, right away. If you rather hardwire the Witel LED light into your vehicle’s electrical system, you can do that too, and several Witel lights can be wired together.

Dash Light Delivers Eight-Watts of LED Light Output

When this dash light is installed on a fleet vehicle or POV, it will generate eight-watts of bright LED light output. In addition to bright light, this dash warning light comes with 30 different flash patterns and flash pattern memory. The availability of many flash patterns and flash pattern memory ensures that no matter what type of situation a first responder finds themselves in, they have the flash patterns they need to increase their visibility and keep them safer on the road.

A Variety of Solid and Split Colors Makes this Dash Light Ideal for any Career

This dash light comes in a variety of solid and split colors, which means it is ideal for any career. To find the right light for your career or the volunteer that you want to gift, use our dropdown menu box on our website. When you do this, you can also choose between LIN or TIR optics.

Install the Witel Dash Light with Confidence thanks to a Polycarbonate Housing

No matter what type of vehicle you are installing this dash light in, you can install with confidence because of this LED lights durability. The housing of this LED light is made of polycarbonate housing, which makes it extremely strong and able to handle a great deal of intense situations.

Check out our Witel dash light in our online store. While you are there, make sure to check out our other affordable LED emergency lights including our surface mount lights, light bars, and hideaways too.

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