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911 Signal USA’s Full-Size Skyline LED Lightbar

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One of the most impressive LED emergency lights in our online store is the full-size Skyline lightbar. We outfitted our Dodge Charger demo vehicle with the Skyline lightbar because of its sleek design and impressive visibility. Learn more about this $1299 lightbar today.

Skyline LED Lightbar is Packed with LED Technology

To make sure the Skyline could produce the best visibility possible, we packed it full of LED light bulbs. In addition to bright LEDs, we also added takedown modules on the front of the lightbar. For visibility you can count on anywhere you go, we also added alley takedown lights on the side of this full-size lightbar.

Installing a Skyline Lightbar is Fast and Easy

We understand how important it is for first responders to be able to install their emergency vehicle equipment quickly and efficiently. For this reason, we made sure the Skyline lightbar was incredibly easy to install. When you purchase this full-size LED lightbar from our online store, you will get everything you need to install this emergency light right away.

Skyline Lightbar Features 29 Flash Patterns

First responders never know what their next shift will deliver. To make sure you have the visibility you need – no matter what is going on, we added 29 flash patterns to the Skyline lightbar. Additionally, this full-size lightbar from 911 Signal USA also comes with a low power/high power mode option. With this option, you can easily turn down the intensity of your LED lights, or turn them up, if needed. To help you direct traffic, an amber directional mode light is built right into the lightbar. With this option, there is no need for an addition traffic advisor, which helps you save money and stretch your emergency light budget as far as possible.

Buy the Skyline LED Full-Size Lightbar from 911 Signal USA Today

This impressive lightbar is the largest lightbar in our inventory and made to impress. Order this lightbar today and you can choose from a variety of different colors. As always, we offer free shipping on all orders over $350 in the continental United States. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this full-size lightbar or any other light in our online store, please feel free to contact us via phone, email, or social media site.


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Product Spotlight: F912M Mini Light Bar from 911 Signal USA

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The F912M mini light bar from 911 Signal USA is the perfect choice for drivers that need LED warning lights, but don’t have room or the budget for a full-size light bar. With this mini light bar on your emergency vehicle or POV, you will be able to move traffic thanks to affordable 360-degree light output. To learn more about this inexpensive full-size light bar alternative, check out the information below.

F912M LED Mini Light Bar Houses 42 Light Bulbs

In order to create the best visibility possible, we created the F912M with 42 LED light bulbs. Each light bulb measures one-watt for a total of 42-watts of output. The light bar is also created with flash pattern memory, over two dozen flash patterns, and offered in a variety of popular warning light colors including red, blue, white, green, and amber/yellow.

Mini LED Light Bars are Easy to Install

When you order a mini LED bar light from 911 Signal USA, you will be ready to install your emergency vehicle light as soon as your shipment arrives. Included with purchase is the component itself, 9 feet of installation cord, and installation equipment. The instructions included with purchase will show you how to install the emergency light to your vehicle’s electrical system. If you have any questions or concerns about installing this equipment yourself, it is important to consult a professional for proper installation.

Durable Housing will Protect your Warning Lights from the Elements

The mini light bar from 911 Signal USA is made to be installed on the exterior of an emergency vehicle or POV. For this reason, we created this bar light with polycarbonate lenses and aluminum housing. The housing of this LED ensure that your emergency lighting will easily handle anything that comes it way. We used polycarbonate materials to create the lenses of the F912M to ensure these lenses won’t fog or scratch. With lenses that will always remain clear, you can count on being able to project clear light output each and every time  you activate your warning LED lights.

Order a Durable Mini Lightbar from 911 Signal USA

Our mini lightbar is durable, affordable, and extremely easy to use. When you order this lightbar for your fleet vehicle or emergency vehicle, you won’t be disappointed with our quality or our customer service.


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Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about LED Lightbars

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The most important thing to realize when discussing lightbars is to remember that this emergency light wasn’t always created with LED technology. In fact, when lightbars were first introduced to the market, this warning device was nothing more than a simple rotating light on the top of an emergency vehicle.

Lightbars have Evolved Over Time

Over time, lightbars have evolved a great deal. Through time, different styles have been introduced to the market and the technology used to create these lights has changed quite a bit. One of the first transitions that occurred was the dedication of warning light colors. Although some colors vary by state, there are many colors that stay true – no matter where you are.

Basic Warning Light Color Assignments

As mentioned above, certain state statutes can require the use of different colors, but for most drivers, the following color assignments hold true. Skyline LED Light Bar from 911 Signal USA

Red Emergency Lights

When red lights are used in an LED lightbar, it is usually always indicative of an emergency vehicle, if the red lights are forward facing.

Like Red LEDs, Blue Emergency Lights with this Technology are Reserved for Emergency Vehicles

Like red warning lights, blue emergency LED lights are usually only allowed to be used by emergency vehicles. In most states, blue LEDs can only be used by law enforcement, firefighters, and EMTs.

Amber Warning Lights are Often Used by Utility Vehicles and Security Patrol Transportation

While red is usually only used by emergency vehicles, amber/yellow emergency lights are usually used by utility vehicles. The definition of utility vehicles is defined by local state statutes, but usually includes construction vehicles, utility vehicles, funeral escorts, security vehicles, snow plows, hearses, and tow trucks.

White LEDs on a Lightbar is Usually Restricted to Certain Vehicles

Depending on the state you reside in, white LEDs in a lightbar is usually only allowed by certain vehicles.

Green LED Lightbars are Used by Government Agencies

In most states, green LEDs are only allowed to be used by government agencies such as Homeland Security. While Homeland Security is the most common agency that uses this color lighting, the allowance for green LED lights is usually extended to any security company that is protecting critical infrastructure.

Purple LED Lights are Used on Funeral Vehicles

Unless your state allows funeral vehicles to use purple LED lights, you may have never seen this type of lighting in a lightbar. However, under many state statutes, purple LED lightbars are only allowed to be used by funeral vehicles.

Emergency Light Patterns are Better with LED Lightbars

Not only are there more color choices with LED lightbars, but this technology creates better light patterns too. Many of the lightbars in our online inventory are created with dozens of light patterns. To make using this warning lighting even better, we have installed flash pattern memory in many of other lightbars too. With flash pattern memory, you don’t have to rely on your memory to know what pattern you used last. Instead, the warning device will do it for you.

Get LED Lightbars of any Size at 911 Signal USA

At 911 Signal USA, we realize that different drivers have different emergency vehicle light needs. For instance, police officers and security officers don’t have the need for the same type or same color warning lights. For this reason, we offer dozens of LED lightbars in our online store. These lightbars come in different sizes, shapes, and wattages to help you meet your needs effortlessly. In addition to providing you with exactly what you need to do your job effectively, our LED emergency light inventory is priced affordably. If you have any questions about our warning lights, practices, or LED technology, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. We look forward to providing you with affordable LED emergency vehicle lights to increase your visibility on the road.


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Finally…An Affordable Full-Size LED Light Bar

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If you are shopping for a full-size LED light bar, you may be taken aback by how expensive this type of equipment is. At 911 Signal USA, we understand that many agencies, departments, and individuals could benefit from a rooftop light bar, but simply can’t afford it. To help meet this need, we created the F5100A full-size LED light bar.

A Full-Size Light Bar for Less Than $550

Our F5100A full-size light bar is priced affordably at $549.96 and packs a lot of power. In total there are 88-watts of bright LED light output installed in this light bar. When mounted on the roof, this LED light bar will deliver output in all directions.

Light Bar Provides a Stealthy Appearance

This light bar is so versatile; it can be used on a variety of vehicles including police cruisers. We also offer this light bar in a variety of popular warning light colors, which means it can be used in a variety of different applications including security and construction.

Check out our LED Light Bar in Action

We realize that our customers want to see the lights in action, but not everyone has a friend or colleague that is sporting 911 Signal USA light bars on their vehicles. To help you understand just how bright our lights are, you can do so in our YouTube demo video below.

What to Expect when you Buy the F5100A Full-Size Light Bar

When you purchase the 911 Signal USA F5100A full-size light bar from us, you can expect to get a top-notch product at an incredibly affordable price. This LED light bar works on 12-volts of power and will only draw 8 amps. There are 88 1-watt LEDs for a total of 88-watts of power. We used linear optics to deliver a wider output of light. Additionally, there are 30 pre-programmed flash patterns, which will allow you to be ready for anything and flash pattern memory is also installed. The light bar is not syncable and cannot be powered by a cigarette lighter plug, but it does come with universal gutter brackets and cable. The housing of the light bar is made of aluminum and is extremely durable.

Get an Industry-Leading Warranty when you Shop with Us

As a bonus, you can buy with confidence when you choose 911 Signal USA. We offer an industry leading warranty on the LEDs and component of this light bar. The LEDs have a lifespan of 100,000 hours (about 10 years of normal use) and our warranty covers the LED bulbs for 5-years. We also offer a 2-year warranty on the component of the light bar.

Increase Your Visibility and Buy with Confidence

We hope that by providing this powerful LED light bar at an extremely affordable price more agencies and individuals can afford to buy the equipment they need to stay safe on the field. If you have any questions about our F5100A full-size light bar or any other LED lights and sirens in our inventory, please feel free to contact us by phone or email and our customer service team will be happy to provide you with the answer you need to buy the right equipment for your fleet vehicle or POV.

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Get Up Close and Personal with our Full-Size LED Light Bar

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If you are looking for a full-size light bar, you are going to love our F912 full-size LED light bar. This hi-def light bar has a very low-profile and is able to create bright light output when you pop it on. With an industry leading warranty accompanying any purchase you make from us, you can always shop with 911 Signal USA with confidence.

A Full-Size Light Bar provides 360-Degrees of Light Output

To make sure this light bar can get you noticed on the road, we used 66, one-watt LED bulb that will create 66-watts of bright LED outfit. The most impressive part of this light is that it is able to create 66-watts of LED light output by only drawing 15 amps of power from your POV or fleet vehicles battery. When you choose an LED light bar, you will also enjoy a light that will last a very long time. On average, this light bar should work about 100,000 hours, which equals out to be about ten years of average use.

Find the Right Light Bar for your Career

We know that not all career require or need the same type of lighting. To be sure we can meet the needs of any driver, we offer this light in white, amber, blue, red, and green. We can also accommodate you if you need split or solid color combinations. If a full-size LED light bar is not right for you, we also carry a variety of different bar lights too. When you browse our inventory, you will find different types of full-size light bars, a mini light bar, and many light bar alternatives as well. Our most popular light bar alternative is our visor lights.

Check out our YouTube Channel

We have provided a demo of the 912 light bar in the YouTube video above. To learn more about our full-size light bars, make sure to check out our inventory. We also have dozens of demo videos on our YouTube channel and installation how-tos as well. While you are checking out our selection of videos, make sure to subscribe to our channel, so you can have new videos delivered directly to your email.

Make the right decision for your fleet vehicle or POV when you shop with 911 Signal USA. We have been in the business of emergency vehicle lighting for a very long time which means we have the experience and expertise to help you get the attention you deserve on the road. If you have any questions about any LED light bar in our inventory, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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Missourian City Council Creates Emergency Zones for Warning Lights

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In most states, an emergency vehicle with its warning lights activated is granted the right of way on the road. However, as many of us have seen in our own driving experiences, some drivers fail to yield to emergency vehicles, which can create dangerous situations on the road and in the field. In Missourian, Washington, the City Council has taken steps to protect first responders by creating emergency zones and increasing punishments for drivers who fail to give emergency vehicle drivers the right of way.

Washington City Council is creating an Active Emergency Zone

The request for the emergency zones was explained by Police Chief Ken Hahn. Hahn explained that Washington state had recently passed a state law requiring the creation of an active emergency zone, and that by passing such an ordinance in the city, Missourian was simply mirroring state law. City Council agreed and unanimously approved the creation of a first responder zone.

What is an Emergency Zone, and How Does it Effect First Responders?

An emergency zone is the perimeter around first responders who are engaged in an active emergency. An “active emergency” is described as any incident on a highway that requires the services of first responder personnel. This description goes on to include incident or accident removal as well.

How to Determine where an Emergency Zone is Located

According to the new ordinance, an emergency zone begins within 300 feet of an active emergency zone. Signs of an emergency zone could be a parked emergency vehicle with warning lights activated, first responders directing traffic, or a visual accident site.White and yellow crime scene tape in a pile

Consequences for Drivers who Ignore Emergency Zones or Warning Lights

Drivers who ignore first responders, drive to close to emergency zones, or fail to respond properly to emergency vehicle lights could be punished under this new ordinance. Hopefully, as more people become aware of the new ordinance, first responders in the city will have an easier time traveling to and from emergencies in Missourian.

For the very best warning lights on the emergency vehicle market, visit 911 Signal USA. In addition to LED light bars, police lights, and fire truck sirens, we carry a variety of other first responder equipment that helps police, firefighters, paramedics and others to do their job safely, effectively, and confidently.

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