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Tow Truck Drivers Need Bright Lights for Visibility

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Unless you have ever needed a tow truck to come to your aid, you probably don’t give the drivers of these vehicles or the vehicles themselves very much notice. However, if you have ever waited patiently for a tow truck driver to save you from an immobile vehicle, you were probably relieved when the wrecker showed up and activated its amber lights. To learn more about why tow truck drivers need bright amber lights keep reading below.

Tow Truck Drivers Usually Activate Lights Only When in Service

For obvious reasons, tow truck drivers only use their warning lights when their vehicle is in service. This is true because the driver of this vehicle only needs increased visibility when they are actively working on retrieving or hauling a vehicle. A AAA tow truck sitting in a parking lot.

Most Often, Tow Truck Drivers Use Light Bars

A tow truck can be called out to a scene at any hour in any type of weather condition. For this reason, a tow truck driver needs to be able to warn traffic of their presence in all directions. This is especially true when tow truck drivers have to work off-road or in treacherous conditions. For this reason, a light bar is the most obvious choice. With a light bar on top of their vehicle, drivers can shine illumination far and wide, which increases the visibility of the vehicle.

Tow truck drivers can get everything they need to outfit their vehicles at 911 Signal USA. In addition to light bars, we also carry a variety of strobe light kits, surface mount lights, and grille lights that drivers may find useful on their wreckers. If you need help buying the right lights for your vehicle, check out our tow truck light resource page. As always, if you need any help or would like to discuss any of the information listed above in more detail, feel free to contact our customer service representatives.


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Will Your Fire Truck Lights Get You Noticed on the Road?

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When fire trucks are called to the scene of an accident or fire, they need to get to that location as soon as possible. For this reason, it is essential that fire trucks have emergency warning lights that are bright enough to get them immediately noticed on the road. To understand more about bright warning lights, we have gathered several factors that drivers must consider when buying emergency vehicle lights for their fire engines.

LED Lights are the Brightest Lights Possible

For the very best bulbs possible, drivers should consider LED lights. In fact, LED lights are quickly becoming the standard for most emergency vehicles. This is true because LED lights shine brighter than any other light on the market. In addition to increased brightness, LED lights also last longer than other lights, are extremely durable, and won’t fade or lose color over time.A New York Fire Truck Behind Crime Scene Tape

LED Lights Require a High-Wattage System

To properly run LED lights, drivers need a high-wattage kit. Thankfully, 911 Signal USA carries a variety of high-wattage LED lights, strobe lights, light bars, and other warning lights that will ensure fire trucks get the attention they deserve on the road.

Wide Range of Emergency Vehicle Lights

In addition to the factors mentioned above, drivers should also consider adding a variety of lights to their lighting arsenal. Doing this allows fire trucks to gain the most attention on the road. For instance, drivers can choose between LED, strobe lights, and surface mount lights. Adding a variety of lights to a fire engine ensures the truck will be seen from any direction.

Shop with 911 Signal USA to get the most bang for your buck. We offer a wide variety of competitively priced warning lights and equipment for fire departments, other first responders, emergency responders, utility companies, construction companies, and a variety of others. Better yet, when you order your fire truck lights from us, you will also receive our industry leading warranty.

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Equip Your Truck With Powerful Fire Truck Lights

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When firefighters are called to the scene of a fire, they need to get their as fast as possible. Thankfully, the easiest way to accomplish this is to activate emergency fire truck lights. For this reason, it is imperative that firefighters choose the right lights for their fire truck. To help our customers do this, we have compiled several helpful tips below.

Choosing the Appropriate Fire Truck Light Colors

When choosing fire truck light colors, it is vital that you search for lights that are appropriate for your career. This is important because many states assign different colors to paid and volunteer departments. Since color assignments can vary dramatically from one state to another, we have compiled a helpful State-by-State-Guide to Emergency Vehicle Lights that breaks down exactly what colors are appropriate to use by firefighters, and other emergency and first responder vehicles as well.

yellow police truck from port townsend fire department

Determining what Type of Lights is Ideal for Your Rig

After you have decided what light colors are right for your rig, you need to think about the type of lights you want to mount on your vehicle. When making these considerations, it is helpful to start at the top of the vehicle and then work your way down. For instance, nearly every fire truck on the road will have a light bar. In addition to light bars, firefighters should also consider surface mount lights, grille lights, beacon lights, and possible fog and bumper lights as well.

To find the right fire lights for your volunteer vehicle or your entire fire department fleet, visit 911 Signal USA. We have the experience and knowledge to handle any order; big or small. In addition to our guide to emergency lights mentioned above, we also have a variety of other fire truck light resources to help buyers make the best lighting decisions possible. If at any time, you have any questions regarding our emergency lights, emergency vehicle equipment, warranty, or anything else, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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911 Signal USA’s Skyline Light Bar Installation

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Light bars are important emergency vehicle lights. For this reason, this warning light is seen on a variety of emergency vehicles. However, this particular illumination is most common as police lights. Light bars are bright and help police and other first responders demand respect on the road. At 911 Signal USA, we have a variety of light bars to choose from. By far, our most popular light bar is the Skyline Full-Size LED Light Bar.

Why the Skyline Full-Size LED Light Bar is a Popular Police Light

The Skyline Full-Size LED Light Bar is a great choice for police lights because it is bright, backed by LED technology, and super sleek. This means the light is able to do its job quickly and effectively. All the meanwhile, the light looks good too.

Any Light Bar is Only as Good as its Installation

No matter how great a light bar is, the bottom line is no light bar will work properly if it isn’t installed correctly. For this reason, it is imperative that all light bars, including the Skyline Full-Size LED light bar, are installed correctly.

Why Installation is Imperative to a Light Bars Reliability and Functionality

Installation is imperative when it comes to light bars because without the proper care, a light bar will not work properly. Unfortunately, police often have to activate this equipment in very stressful situations, which doesn’t leave much time for compensating for equipment failures. Instead, police need to count on their police lights to work properly and quickly every time they are activated. The only way to do this correctly is to make sure installation instructions are followed carefully and correctly. To see the final mounting stages of the Skyline Full-Size LED light bar on a Dodge Charger, visit the YouTube video below.

Our Installation Experts Take the Time to Make Sure Installation in Done Correctly

As you can see from the video above, our experts take the time to follow light bar installation instruction correctly. The end result is a super sleek light bar that is ready to illuminate during the day or night. Better yet, this light bar is packed with LED light bulbs, which makes it nearly impossible to miss on the road.

To purchase the Skyline LED Full-Size Light Bar from 911 Signal USA, visit our online catalog. In addition to this thin, stealthy light bar, we also carry a variety of other police lights, installation equipment, warning equipment, and mounting accessories.

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To be Effective Fire Lights have to be Seen

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Firefighters are incredibly brave public servants who put their lives on the line to save people living in their community and to help save property as well. These individuals are important to the safety of a community because fires simply do not go away on their own, which means someone has to be trained and have the tools they need to deal with this situation. Additionally, every moment it takes a firefighter to get to the scene of a fire or accident, someone’s life is in danger. For this reasons, firefighters count on their truck warning lights to help them clear a path. However, for fire lights to be effective, they have to be seen.

How Fire Lights help Fire Trucks get noticed on the Road

If you have ever seen a fire truck on the road, you may not understand how these vehicles could be hard to see on the road. After all, the trucks are huge, red, and armed with an alarmingly loud siren. However, average motorists on the road often have a lot to deal with in their personal vehicles. For instance, drivers often have passengers, including small children, radios, cell phones, and a lot on their mind. When a driver is dealing with these distractions, sometimes many at a time, they can lose focus of what is important, mainly driving and being aware of their surroundings. This is why fire lights paired with a fire truck siren are incredibly important.New York City Fire Engine Number 26

Fire Lights Catch the Eye of the Most Distracted Driver

Fire lights, especially lights armed with LED bulbs, are extremely bright, which means they are able to catch the eye of distracted drivers during daytime and nighttime hours. When placed high and wide on a fire department vehicle, fire lights can be seen for 360 degrees, which means lights can be seen from in front of, behind, and beside a fire engine. With this type of versatility, fire trucks can expect to be seen on the road.

At 911 Signal USA, we carry a variety of fire lights, especially LED lighting. In addition to fire lighting, we offer a variety of mounting installation equipment, sirens, and virtually anything else a first responder could need to outfit their rig for spectacular visibility. In addition to quality equipment, we also staff a team of highly trained customer service representatives who can answer buyer’s questions with expert answers and a variety of fire truck light resources. To find the right fire lighting for your fire department vehicle fleet, visit 911 Signal USA’s online catalog today.

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Firefighters can’t do their Jobs Safely without Fire Truck Lights

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Little boys everywhere often idolize firefighters. After all, firefighters risk their lives to put out fires and rescue citizens in danger. In addition to firefighters, most little boys and just about everybody else in the world is mesmerized by bright red fire engines that carry local heroes to and from emergencies. However, what most people don’t think about is the red and white lights that adorn the fire engines. While this may not seem as exciting as the siren or the men and women inside the truck, the lights are actually very important. Truth be told, firefighters couldn’t do their job as effectively without the use of fire truck lights.Oklahoma Fire truck responding to an emergency call with a blazing fire in the background

What Fire Truck Lights Work the Best?

When searching for the perfect warning lights, many firefighters have inquired as to what fire truck lights work best. However, there isn’t one exact answer for this question. This is true because local jurisdictions may dictate what type in addition to what color lights can be used by a fire engine. In general, fire trucks should have light bars, and a variety of other lights that can be seen from very far distances.

The goal of fire lights is for drivers and others in an immediate area to see the lights right away and then quickly get out of the fire engine’s path. At 911 Signal USA, we specialize in fire truck lights and fire truck sirens as well. To help our customers find the products that meet their needs in our inventory, we have gathered fire truck light and fire truck siren resources for our customers to browse. In addition to these resources, our customer service representatives are also available to discuss lighting topics or to help shopper’s complete purchases.

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