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3 Reasons Police Don’t Shoot to Injure

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When police shoot to kill, there are always questions and opinions about the shooting. While the department investigates the shooting, many in the public want to know why police shoot to injure? Here, we have gathered many reasons police shoot to kill and not just injure or contain a situation. When reading these reasons, keep in mind that there are many others not mentioned.

Injured Suspects Don’t Always Stop

Just because a suspect is shot doesn’t mean they will stop. There have been instances where a suspect is shot mortally, and will keep coming at a police officer. This is especially true, if a police officer shoots a suspect in a non-vital area.

Police Shootings Often Occur in Panic or Near-Panic Situations

When a police shooting occurs, it is usually in a panic or near-panic situation. Usually, there is no warning and the incident escalated quickly. Unlike the movies, there usually isn’t any dialogue between police and suspect when this happens. Instead, of watching police shootings in movies, try watching actual police shootings on YouTube. In these real-life situations, you will see that shootings usually occur with no warning, which means lining up a careful shot to limit the amount of damage done to the suspect isn’t realistic. Instead, it’s a life or death situation and the police officer or officers involved in the situation are trying to stay alive and keep other civilians alive as well.

Non-Vital Shots Would Require High Levels of Marksmanship

Being able to create non-vital shots in panic situations would require a high level of marksmanship that many police officers don’t have. The amount of training police receive before leaving the academy isn’t enough to ensure every officer is an expert marksmanship and the continued shooting practice after officers leave the academy also isn’t enough to guarantee officers could pull off a non-vital shot in an emergency. The other contributing factor to this situation is the fact that ammo is extremely expensive.


At 911 Signal USA, we sell LED police lights and support police officers here and all over the world. We understand that law enforcement officials and all first responders put their lives on the line to protect the community they are charged to protect, and encourage everyone to support their local police and fire departments.

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How to Behave When Pulled Over by Police Lights

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Most of us have probably been there, going a little too fast on the freeway, taking a chance at a red light, or talking on a cell phone when you shouldn’t be. The one thing that all of these behaviors have in common is the fact that police can pull you over and ticket you for breaking the law. While no one wants to get a ticket for speeding, it is important to know how to behave when pulled over by police. Below, we will go over tips that will help keep everyone safe during a traffic stop and will help you make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Pull to the Right at the First Sign of Police Lights police cruiser with LED emergency vehicle lights lit up to show off their brightness in nighttime hours

As a rule of the road, drivers should check their mirrors about every 3 to 5 seconds. With this in mind, you should be able to pull to the right at the first sign of police lights. When pulling over, try to pull over as far right as possible. Doing this allows the officer to stay off the roadway.

Remain Seated in the Driver’s Seat with Hands on Steering Wheel hands resting on the steering wheel of a vehicle

Most people have no intentions of confronting police during a traffic stop, but a police officer must treat every traffic stop as a unique, unknown situation. For this reason, a police officer will expect you to stay in your vehicle with your hands on the steering wheel. Don’t worry about grabbing all your information before the officer gets to the window, he will give you time to get this information and be grateful that you sat still. It’s important to remember that any sudden or suspicious moments could alarm the officer, even if they were harmless in your mind, and make the traffic stop more difficult.

Wait for the Officer to Tell You What to Do Next

When the officer approaches your vehicle, he or she will clearly tell you what they want you to do next. In most cases, the officer will also inform you of the reason you were pulled over. Even if you are angry or upset about the traffic stop, it is important to listen carefully and follow any instructions you are given.

Be Courteous and Polite to Police 2003-07_Traffic_stop_on_Gregson_St

No one blames you for being upset about getting a traffic ticket, but it is important to remember you are upset with yourself for breaking the law. After all, it isn’t a police officer’s fault that you were speeding or didn’t follow road signs. To ensure any situation between you and police goes as smoothly as possible during a traffic stop, always make sure to have your driver’s license, current proof of insurance card, and other documentation in your vehicle. In addition to making sure you have this information on you, it is important to know exactly where it is. Lastly, be polite and courteous to the officer. He is doing his job and working to keep everyone in the community safer.

911 Signal USA Supports Law Enforcement

At 911 Signal USA, we specialize in fire and police lights for first responders. We actively update and recreate our inventory to offer police officers and firefighters affordable LED emergency vehicle lights that allow their vehicles to be seen in daytime and nighttime hours. We support police in communities all over the United States and encourage everyone else to do so as well.


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Doped Up Driver Blocks Traffic – Gets Arrested

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A Palm Desert driver, 26-year-old Michael Jude Jean-Baptiste, decided to park his vehicle on number 2 southbound lane near Washington Street, just north of Avenue of the States. A deputy was patrolling the area at the time and immediately noticed the 2010 Chrysler 200 stopped on the road.

Driver Seemed Disoriented and Unresponsive at Times

After witnessing the stopped vehicle, the officer lit his emergency lights and parked behind the stopped Chrysler 300 with lights still flashing. When the officer approached the vehicle, the driver seemed disoriented and somewhat unresponsive, according to a news release from the Riverside County Sheriff. Fearing that the driver was experiencing a medical emergency, the officer immediately called for paramedics on the scene. While waiting for paramedics to arrive, the officer caught whiff of what he believed to be marijuana.

Officer Reached for the Vehicle’s Key – Driver Accelerated Indio-Jail-4-jpg-1-

Since the vehicle was still running, the officer leaned in to turn the car off. At this time, the driver suddenly accelerated before stopping a short distance away. Once the vehicle was stopped, the driver and passenger emerged from the vehicle. The officer immediately called for back-up and ordered the men to the ground.

Stoned Driver Arrested – Passenger Detained

The driver of the vehicle complied with the officer’s request, but the passenger, 29-year-old Alex Espinoza Natividad, refused. Eventually, when back-up arrived, officers were able to take Natividad into custody.

Driver Claimed He Did Nothing Wrong

After his arrest, Jean-Baptiste, turned to the press to plead his innocence. According to Jean-Baptiste, the arresting officer pointed a gun at him, even though he did nothing wrong. In fact, he captured the encounter on video. In the video, Jean-Baptiste can be heard saying, “We have no weapons, we are not a threat to you. Why are you pointing a gun at me?”

Riverside County Sheriff Departments Reply to Suspects Accusations

In light of Jean-Baptiste’s accusations that police were out of line, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has gone on record saying that the officer drew his gun because “he was concerned for his and the public’s safety.” The news release goes on to say the officer had no way to know whether the men were armed, and further believed that the driver of the vehicle, Jean-Baptiste, was under the influence of drugs at the time of the encounter.

Check Out the Video and Decide for Yourself

Suspect Arrested – Passenger Released

Jean-Baptiste was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs. He was booked into the Indio jail. The passenger, Natividad, was released from custody without being charged.

Be Prepared for Any Situations with Police Lights from 911 Signal USA

In situations like the one above, it is critical that law enforcement have the police lights they need to stay safe on any scene. At 911 Signal USA, we specialize in creating affordable, high-quality LED emergency lights that will help you be seen no matter what. Check out our inventory today and let us know if you have questions.




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Man Arrested Driving Fake Police Vehicle with Emergency Lights

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A North Haven, Connecticut, man appeared in court today to answer charges of driving a fake police vehicle outfitted with emergency lights. Not only did the accused man outfit his motorcycle with emergency lights, but he also added a siren and wrote the word “POLICE” on the front, sides, and rear, of the motorcycle.

Source: NBC Connecticut

Source: NBC Connecticut

Fake Motorcycle Cop was Busted When he Drove Past Real Police

The accused fake motorcycle cop, Nicholas Ferrucci, 21, was arrested after a police officer witnessed Ferrucci drive through a red light. Soon after the infraction, the officer pulled Ferrucci over and it quickly became obvious that the suspect was not actually a police officer. After inspection, Ferrucci’s motorcycle was found to have a working siren, red and blue emergency LED lights, and a digital camera.

Fake Cop on Unauthorized Police Motorcycle Charged in Court

After his arrest, the North Haven man was charged with second degree reckless endangerment, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, reckless driving, traffic control signal violations, operating without insurance and unauthorized lights and flashing lights. The reckless driving charges are connected with the fact that officers believe Ferrucci’s actions nearly caused two MVAs.

Suspect Under Investigation for Impersonating a Police Officer

In addition to the charges stated above, the North Haven man is being investigated in connection with recent reports of a man impersonating a police officer while driving a motorcycle. If police determine Ferrucci is responsible for this rash of recent reports more charges may be filed.

Police and Fire Emergency Lights are for First Responders Only

It’s important that everyone realizes police and fire emergency lights are for first responders only. Additionally, if you suspect that someone is using lights and sirens inappropriately, it is important to contact law enforcement immediately. Anyone using LED emergency lights inappropriately is putting everyone in danger.

Police and Firefighters can get Emergency Lights at 911 Signal USA

If you are a first responder, including police and firefighters, you can stretch your budget further when you shop 911 Signal USA. We have a huge collection of the best police lights and fire lights on the market. If you have any questions regarding our huge inventory or any of the products in our inventory, please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or on any of our social media accounts.

Stay Safe!


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Get Police Lights for ATVs or UTVs at 911 Signal USA

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Different police departments have a need for different types of fleet vehicles. Some law enforcement agencies require the use of large SUVs and others need ATVs to get to desolate or difficult locations. When you shop 911 Signal USA’s huge inventory of LED emergency lights, you can find ATV police lights and UTV emergency lights at affordable prices. Learn more about how departments can benefit from the use of an ATV in the blog below.

Massachusetts Police Department gets ATV

In January, a hiker collapsed and died in Mount Watatic. After this untimely death, the Ashburnham Police Department in Massachusetts realized they needed a utility vehicle that could help them get to remote or desolate locations quickly in response to emergencies. Last week, the new UTV finally arrived.

Rescues on Mount Watatic were Difficult to Complete

Portland Police Officer riding with police lights for an ATV in a parade.

Portland Police Officer riding with police lights for an ATV in a parade.

Although the urgency in getting the ATV was prompted by a hiker’s death, the APD had actually inquired about getting an all-terrain vehicle as far back as 2012. The need for this type of vehicle was prompted by the frequency of emergencies on Mount Watatic, and other remote locations located in Ashburnham’s jurisdiction. During 2013, the police department, including EMS and fire workers, reported to Mt. Watatic at least six times.  Each time EMS, police, and fire had to report to the remote area, it cost between $500 and $1000 and required at least 2 to 3 hours to finish. Ashburnham’s police department chief felt that acquiring an ATV or UTV could decrease the time it took to respond to emergencies in this location and could also decrease costs associated with these rescues.

Police Department’s UTV can Hold Three Passengers

The 2014 Polaris Ranger 6X6 purchased by the Massachusetts’ police department is a great way to climb difficult terrain and squeeze into tight spaces. This UTV also has the ability to carry needed supplies to and from a certain location and can also hold up to three adult passengers.

Order Police Lights for ATVs from 911 Signal USA

At 911 Signal USA, we specialize in LED emergency vehicle lights, including police lights for ATVs. The most popular ATV lights in our inventory include mini light bars, dash lights, and surface mount lights too. If your department is in need of ATV police lights, check out our huge inventory today. If you have any questions about the LED police light options we offer, please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help you complete your order.




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Texas Police Officer Okay after Attempted Murder

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An Austin, Texas police officer is safe and sound despite a terrifying event that occurred on Thursday, September 4th. At 11:05pm on September 4th, Austin police officer M. Murphy survived a horrifying event that included a suspect pulling a pistol on the officer and pulling the trigger. Thankfully, the weapon did not go off.

Incident Occurred after Car was Identified Stole

The events leading up to the event included Officer M. Murphy noticing a gray Toyota Camry acting suspiciously. After running the license plate of the Camry, Officer Murphy realized the car was stolen and attempted to pull the driver over. Dodge Charger Police Cruiser

Suspect Ignored Emergency Vehicle Lights and Police Officer Instruction

Immediately upon learning the Toyota Camry was stolen, Officer Murphy attempted to pull over the suspected car thief, 20-year-old Andrew Jones, using his patrol car’s emergency vehicle lights. When lights were not enough to make Jones pull over, Officer Murphy delivered instructions for Jones to pull over via the patrol car’s PA system. However, Jones refused to pull over and ignored emergency vehicle lights and police officer instruction.

Pursuit Ended when Suspect Hit Another Vehicle

When Jones attempted to outrun Officer Murphy, he lost control of the Toyota Camry and struck a pick-up truck. After crashing the stolen vehicle, Jones attempted to run and this is when he tried to shoot Officer Murphy. When Jones’ pistol, later identified as a Sig Sauer, did not go off, Officer Murphy was able to subdue the suspect with a taser and arrest him. Currently, Jones is in jail with pending charges including attempted murder.

Order Police Lights from 911 Signal USA

You can order police lights at the best prices possible when you shop 911 Signal USA. We offer a variety of LED emergency lights to choose from including mini and full-size light bars, visor lights, surface mount lighting, push bumper lights, and more. We offer our LED police lights in the most popular law enforcement colors including red, blue, white, and amber. If you need something special, or can’t find exactly what you need when you are shopping our huge online store, let us know and we will be happy to help you create a custom order. Remember, at 911 Signal USA, we want to be your go-to store for LED emergency vehicle lights and accessories, order exactly what you need at the best prices possible when you shop with us.


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