Electronic Siren Sounds Explained

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If you think all police, fire, and EMS use the same siren sounds, you’d be wrong. First responders have several siren sounds choices at their disposal when they choose an electronic siren. Below, we will go over the five most popular siren types and descriptions of the sounds.


The most popular siren sound is the wail. The wailing sound is available on just about any siren you can buy on the market today. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Dragnet, you know exactly what the wail sounds like. It has a sharp pitch that rises and falls. When the wail siren sound was first created, the highs and lows were associated with the speed of a vehicle. Today, these sounds are recreated by an electronic siren.


The second most famous siren sound is the yelp. Like the wail, yelp sounds are offered on just about any siren on the market today. The yelp’s pitch changes rapidly. Many first responders opt to use the yelping sound because it conveys a message of urgency.


Hi-lo siren sounds aren’t as popular as the wail and yelp in the US but are still very effective. The hi-lo sound is European-inspired. Most sirens that offer hi-lo tones also intersperse whoops and other noises for the best effect.


If you’ve ever heard a first responder using a Phaser siren you probably wouldn’t forget it. Some retailers refer to the phaser as the piercer. The phaser sound has an intergalactic ring to it. Despite its odd sound, many first responders rely on the Phaser siren to move traffic because it is hard to ignore on the road.

Air Horn

First responders have used air horn sounds for generations. Today the air horn siren sounds created by electronic sirens are electronic reproductions of an actual air horn. Unlike the four siren sounds mentioned above, first responders don’t usually use the air horn siren sound while driving. Instead, this sound is normally reserved for getting the attention of someone in particular. For instance, a car that isn’t moving over for lights or a crowd that is blocking an ambulances’ path.

The IW3 100-Watt Siren from 911 Signal USA

The IW3 100-watt siren from 911 Signal USA can create all of the familiar siren sounds mentioned above and more. In addition to the wail, yelp, phaser, hi-lo, and electronic air horn sounds, the IW3 can create whoop, manual, and warble sounds.

Hear Electronic Siren Sounds in our Demo Video

Shop 911 Signal USA for LED lights and sirens. We specialize in equipment for first responders and offer every day low prices.




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Paramedics Urge Drivers to Move to the Right

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Paramedics in Dubuque County, Iowa, are speaking out about the dangers of civilian drivers ignoring emergency vehicle lights and sirens. Paramedics in this county are doing this in hopes that more drivers will move to the right when they see ambulance lights flashing in the distance.

Paramedic Says Fewer Drivers are Moving Over for Ambulance Lights

Dani Balk, a Dubuque County, Iowa, paramedic has been in EMS for over a decade. According to Balk, in recent years, fewer drivers are moving to the right when ambulance lights are popped on. In addition to being dangerous to everyone on the road, Balk adds that it is extremely frustrating when drivers won’t clear a path for emergency vehicles. Balk goes on to say that she believes many Iowa drivers don’t pull over for ambulances because they simply don’t hear the sirens or notice the flashing emergency vehicle lights. Marvin Ney, the director of Paramount Ambulance in Dubuque shares Balk’s frustration and goes on to say that they need everyone in the community to help them get their jobs done.

Iowa’s Move Over or Slow Down Law

Iowa has a Move Over or Slow Down law that requires drivers to yield the right of way to any emergency vehicle that is flashing lights or delivering an audible signal. According to this law, when drivers see or hear an ambulance or other emergency vehicle, they are legally required to move to the right and then stop and wait until the vehicle has passed before proceeding.

When you See Lights, Move to the Right, and Everything Will be Alright

Marvin Ney is so determined to urge more drivers to the right in his community that he has paid to have commercials created to support Iowa’s Move Over Law. Ney wants drivers to remember the jingle “you see the lights, you move to the right, and it will be all right.”

Get Ambulance Lights and Sirens at 911 Signal USA

At 911 Signal USA, we understand the frustrations of ambulance drivers and other first responders that just want to be seen and heard on the road. To make this easier, we have stocked our shelves with the best emergency LED lights on the market. In addition to LED lights, we also carry high-technology sirens and LED light accessories. Shop with us today and you will access affordable ambulance lights that will get your rig seen on the road and make moving traffic, even easier.


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Iowa Police Officer Stuck by Intoxicated Woman

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On June 8, 2014, Officer Nick Swanson, an Iowa officer, was working to clear cattle from an interstate and was rear-ended by a Nevada woman. Officer Swanson had his emergency lights activated and was driving slowly when the collision occurred. Swanson received minor injuries, but is expected to recover fully. The unidentified Nevada woman was arrested for OWI (operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.)

Iowa Officer Received Minor Injuries, but not all Police are as Lucky

Thankfully, in this collision, Officer Swanson only received minor injuries. Unfortunately, not all officers involved in motor vehicle accidents on the road do as well. According to Police Chief magazine, 700 officers were killed from 2000 to 2009 as the result of car accidents or motor cycle accidents. Some of these deaths were a result of an officer standing outside the vehicle when the accident occurred.

Police Regularly Put Themselves in Danger

Police officers regularly put themselves in danger. Whether racing to a burglary in progress or stopping a speeder on the side of the road, police must use caution. This is especially true when cops have to drive slowly on busy roads or park on the sides of roads where other drivers may not immediately see them. One of the best ways law enforcement officers can help keep themselves safer is by outfitting their fleet vehicles with high-quality LED lights. LED emergency lights provide visibility that improves their safety on the road.

Get Affordable Emergency Lights at 911 Signal USA

When you shop 911 Signal USA for police lighting, you will find that we are a reliable supplier of inexpensive, high-quality LED lights. In our inventory, we carry all the lights and sirens you need to help you do your job safely and effectively. If you have any questions about the products in our inventory or would like to discuss placing an order – big or small – please contact our customer service department. We are also a SAM-approved vendor and would love to handle your government orders for you.

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National EMS Week May 18-24, 2014

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The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) has marked the week of May 18 to May 24th National EMS week. The theme of this year’s week is “EMS: Dedicated. For Life.” The ACEP has created this week to honor the people that risk their lives on a daily basis to provide aid to those that people who have been injured or require immediate medical attention.

The Goal of National EMS Week

The goal of this week is to raise awareness of what emergency medical professionals due within their communities. To do this, many communities all over the country are holding special events and training sessions. By creating these events, National EMS weeks helps to raise the profile of emergency medical professionals. side profile of a white and red emergency ambulance

The Best Way to Prepare EMS Workers for the Field

The best way to prepare EMS professionals in the field is to ensure the professionals have the right lights, sirens, and other needed equipment. Without this type of gear, EMS professionals cannot perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, like most people in the US, many EMS agencies are still working with very tight budgets and decreased personnel.

Save Money on Ambulance Lights and Sirens when you shop at 911 Signal USA

When you shop 911 Signal USA’s online store, you can expect to save money on the equipment you need to outfit your ambulances and other emergency vehicles. We offer ambulance lights, police lights, firefighter lights, and a variety of other emergency vehicle lights at the best prices possible. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $350 and have stocked our website with  written and video resources to help you choose the right lights and gear for your POV or fleet vehicles. If you have any questions about our LED emergency lights or would like to discuss placing an order with us, please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or on any of our social media accounts and we will gladly help you choose the right gear for your vehicles and budget – no matter how tight it is.

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EMS Depts in Chicago are getting more Personnel and Ambulance Upgrades

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As experts in the emergency vehicle light and equipment industry, we understand how important it is for departments to deal with budget cuts and decreased manpower. Budget cuts and staff cuts are needed because of decreased tax revenues and an overall weak economy. However, in Chicago, recent controversy has encouraged the city to upgrade their ambulance fleet and refuse to sit idly by while their EMS department is cut back. In fact, Chicago is getting more paramedics on duty and is upgrading aging ambulances.

Chicago EMS was not Meeting State Requirements

Chicago’s decision to upgrade and hire paramedics was a direct result of an investigation by CBS Chicago. In this investigation, CBS Chicago determined that Chicago EMS was not meeting state guidelines for response times. The reports of the investigation were released on February 6, 2014, and the report stated that some Chicago patients were waiting for up to thirty minutes for an ambulance to respond. On the other hand, the Chicago fire trucks were able to respond to the same scenes within a few minutes. ambulance en route to emergency with fire blazing in the background

Chicago Firefighters Union reaches a Deal with the City of Chicago

In order to remedy the situation, the Chicago Firefighters Union has reached a tentative deal with the city. The deal entails the union hiring 200 more paramedics before September 1, 2014. In addition to more paramedics at hand, the City of Chicago will also add 15 more ambulances, which will increase their fleet from 60 to 75. Existing ambulances will also be upgraded to support advanced life support techniques. This advanced life equipment will include an EKG and medication that is not usually available in ambulances that only feature basic life support vehicles.

Buy Ambulance Lights and Sirens at 911 Signal USA

We understand how important it is for ambulances to have the right emergency vehicle equipment. We also understand that departments need to stretch their budgets as quickly as possible. To make this possible, we offer ambulance lights and sirens at truly affordable prices. Whether you are looking to upgrade existing emergency lights or need to outfit a brand new vehicle for the first time, you can find everything you need when you shop at 911 Signal USA.

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Product Spotlight: IW3 100 Watt Siren

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At 911 Signal USA, we are constantly updating our inventory with innovative technology. Today, we are proud to introduce the IW3 100-watt siren. The introductory price on this siren is $299.99 and it is sure to impress you from the moment you open the box. To learn more about the IW3 100 watt siren, check out the information below.

IW3 Siren makes Eight Different Sounds

To ensure you can make whatever siren sound you would like, the new IW3 siren comes pre-programmed with eight different sounds including:

  • Air Horn
  • Wail
  • Yelp
  • Peircer
  • Woop
  • Warble
  • Manual
  • Hi Low

A sample of these siren sounds can be heard on the product page in our online store and in the YouTube video below.

Control Head and Operating System included with Purchase

When you purchase this siren, you will also receive a control head and an operating system. The control head has 27 buttons and will only use a maximum of 12-volts.

Product Specifications of the IW3 Siren

The IW3 siren features many other product specifications including:

  • Less than a 0.1 amp dray when on standby
  • Ability to operate in a vast temperature range -4 degrees to 140-degrees fahrenheit
  • 300-1600 hz. frequency range
  • 2 15amp outputs for lights
  • 4 5amp outputs for lights
  • 2 10amp outputs for lights
  • Operating current is 10amps with no light heads
  • Harmonic distortion of less than 10%, which is between 5 and 100 watts

IW3 100 Watt Siren will Work with almost all Emergency Light Systems

Due to its unique design, this siren will work with almost any emergency light systems. If you have specific questions about this siren, please feel free to contact us by phone or email and our customer service representatives will be more than happy to answer your siren questions or help you complete your order.

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