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Improve Your Motorcycle Lighting Before Spring with 911 Signal USA’s Help

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The temps are low, and most of the country is getting tired of winter. If you ride a motorcycle, you’re probably counting down the days until the weather warms up enough to get your bike on the road. While you’re waiting, you should start thinking about improving your motorcycles lighting before spring hits. Thinking about what you need now gives you plenty of time to order equipment, get it installed, and be ready to ride when Mother Nature gives you a break. At 911 Signal USA, we specialize in emergency vehicle lights for first responders, but we also cater to motorcycle riders and off-road drivers. Today we want to tell you about our bike light options.

Think About Internal and External Mount Options for Your Bike

If you’re considering lights for your bike, where do you want to put them? After you’ve decided where you need more light determine why you need it? Do you want rear facing surface mount LEDs to decrease the risk of being rear-ended? Do you want to install surface mount lights on the sides of your motorcycle to increase your visibility while crossing intersections, or do you just want lighting that makes you bike stand out in a crowd of Harleys (for all the right reasons). If you answered yes to any of these questions, 911 Signal USA has exactly what you need.
We feel like it’s important to point out that there isn’t a right or wrong answer to any of the questions we mentioned above. It comes down to personal preference. Some riders even like to add strobe lights to headlights to minimize the need to drill holes into the bike and still get lighting that will get someone’s attention during an emergency.

Tips for Buying Motorcycle LED Lights

If you’re in the market for motorcycle LED lights or you just want to browse your options, there are a few tips we have to offer. Consider the available space on your bike before you purchase. If you’ve got a custom paint job on your Road King, you probably don’t want to add surface mount lights, but might consider a license plate bracket with surface mount lights installed.
You’ll also want to go through all of our surface mount light options because we have lots of choices. We offer round, square, and triangle options. Our inventory includes units with the best LED technology and is easily installed. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to fit exactly what you need. Thanks to our low prices, you’ll also be able to stay within your budget constraints.

Protect Your Investment – Have Motorcycle Lighting Installed by a Professional

To protect your investment and your warranty, you should always have your motorcycle lighting installed by a professional. If you customize your bike and don’t have it done by a professional, you could risk voiding your bike warranty and the warranty that’s including with your lighting. Even worse, you could end up stranded on the side of a road and have to have your ride towed home on a truck. Professional installers know what they’re doing and will help you feel confident that you can enjoy your ride no matter how long or short.
If you have questions about the lighting mentioned here, contact our team today. We’ve worked with hundreds of customers just like you all over the world and are ready to add you to that list.

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Biggest Obstacle for Plow Trucks is Other Drivers

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Every time it snows, everybody wants to know where the plow trucks are, and when they will hit their street. If you polled plow truck drivers all over the world, you would probably find out that plow truck drivers feel they have a thankless job. In addition to inches, sometimes feet, of snow, snow plow drivers also have to deal with other drivers on the road. In fact, one of the biggest obstacles for plow truck drivers is other drivers on the road.

Plow Truck Drivers are Often Involved in Accidents

On Monday, in Ascutney, a motorist rear-ended a state plow truck. As a result, Interstate 91 northbound, near exit 7, was closed for several hours. However, this wasn’t the only accident in the Twin States during the most recent snowstorm. At least three drivers rear-ended snow plows in Vermont, and one driver in New Hampshire collided with a snow plow.

Why Snow Plows are Involved in Accidents

The main reason snow plows are often involved in car accidents during snowstorms is because they are on the road, trying to make it clear for other drivers. Snow plow drivers drive in cold temperatures when visibility is often low.

How to Make it Easier for Snow Plow Drivers to do Their Job

It’s other drivers responsibility to make it easier for snow plow drivers to do their job. After all, it is these drivers responsibility to clear the roads and make traveling in a community safer for everyone. When traveling near snow plow trucks, it is important to:

  • Leave ample space between you and the plow trucks
  • When you see plow truck warning lights – slow down
  • Don’t follow snow plows too close (snow plow trucks kick up snow clouds and can decrease visibility)
  • Don’t make sudden lane changes or sudden movements

Get Plow Truck Lights from 911 Signal USA

State plow trucks aren’t the only ones involved in accidents during snowstorms. Many people plow driveways and parking lots as part of their career or as a way to earn extra money. Like plow truck drivers that drive state vehicles, they drivers also experience risks while plowing. To help increase your risk, you can purchase LED warning lights to make your vehicle easier to see on the road. In our inventory, we have a variety of amber beacon lights that can be mounted to the exterior of a vehicle. With LED technology, you can count on being seen, even when the snow is piling up. Check out our LED beacon light inventory today, and let us know if you have any questions!

911 Signal USA is a leader in LED emergency vehicle lights. Shop our online store today and get warning lights at affordable prices.


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The Benefits of Grille and Surface Mount LED Lights

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At 911 Signal USA, we have stocked our online store with the very best LED emergency light technology available on the planet. In fact, our inventory features visor lights, full-size light bars, smaller light bars, and grille and surface mount LED lights. Our visor lights and light bars are incredibly popular because everyone knows and understand the benefits associated with having this type of LED lighting. Today, we would like to talk about the often overlooked benefits of grille and surface mount LED lights.

Grille and Surface Mount LED Lights are Affordable

A picture of our E24 LED surface and grille lights.

Our E24 surface mount LED lights are the most affordable grille lights in our online store.

Obviously, one of the greatest benefits of surface mount and grille lighting is the fact that this type of LED lighting is so affordable. In our online store, we have twenty grille and surface mount lights for you to choose from. The majority of these LED light selections are priced affordably at less than $50 per light and our most affordable surface mount LEDs, our E24 surface mount lights are priced at just $21.96 each. Due to their low price, the E24s literally fly off the shelves in our inventory. Amazing light output paired with a super affordable price make E24 surface mount lights from 911 Signal USA a smart choice. However, affordability isn’t the only reason that many drivers choose LED surface lights for their fleet vehicles and POVs. The other reason surface and grille lighting is incredibly popular is because it is effective in increasing visibility.

LED Surface and Grille Lights Provide Amazing Visibility

When you purchase 911 Signal USA surface and grille lights, you will be accessing LED technology that will easily improve your vehicle’s visibility on the road. Most of our LED surface mount lights/grille lights are weatherproofed, which makes them fantastic for interior or exterior installation. Adding to this type’s of lights ability to be installed interiorly is the fact that LED lights don’t let off heat like other types of lighting, which means the light can be installed on the interior without making the interior of the vehicle uncomfortable. When driver’s by LED surface lights from us, they lighting is usually installed on the surface of a vehicle. Many driver’s opt for side body installation because this type of installation allows for increased visibility in intersections. In addition to side installation, LED grille and surface mount lights can be installed on:

  • Grille of a vehicle
  • Interior trunk of a vehicle
  • Cage mounted

For even more installation ideas, make sure to check out 911 Signal USA on YouTube. We have dozens of videos on our channel that are dedicated to installation.

Buy Affordable LED Grille and Surface Mount Lights at 911 Signal USA

With all the information provided above, you are likely ready to buy emergency vehicle lights from 911 Signal USA. Take your time browsing our LED grille and surface mount light selection and you will be sure to find exactly what you need to be seen -therefore safer – on the road. If you have any questions about our inventory or would like to discuss the details of an order, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-765-6921. Our customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and is ready and willing to answer your questions.


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Each Grille Light delivers 9-Watts of Impressive LED Output

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Each grille light hosts thirty-six tiny .25 LED bulbs. Altogether this emergency LED is able to produce 9-watts of output. With this amazing amount of output available, drivers, installers, and fleet managers can opt to put the E-36s in a variety of locations including the grille, anywhere on the surface/body of a vehicle, side-mounted, for increased intersection visibility, and even on the interior of a vehicle. Interior installation is not only possible, but extremely comfortable as well because like all LED lighting, the E36s will not get hot; therefore, the equipment will not heat up the interior of a vehicle.

E36 Grille Lights are Syncable and are Programmed with Multiple Flash Patterns

One of the biggest draws of this particular grille light is the fact that the E36s are easy to sync with a variety of other lights. Specifically, the E36 can be synced with up to 19 other units. In addition to compatibility, these grille lights are also pre-programmed with 26 different flash patterns. With this wide variety of flash patterns available, drivers will be equipped to handle any type of situation or emergency they come across. To ensure drivers don’t have to manually keep track of what pattern they are on, the unit comes stock with flash pattern memory too. E36 LED Grille Light from 911 Signal USA

Direct Optics and a Poly-Carbonate/Aluminum Housing

For extremely clear optics, these surface and grille lights come with direct optic lenses. For added durability, this light features a black poly-carbonate/aluminum housing, which means it will stand up to nearly anything drivers put it through.

Power with a Cigarette Lighter Plug or Hardwire to a Vehicle’s Electrical System

When fleet managers, installers, and drivers are determining where to install the E36 lights, they can choose between permanent or temporary installation. Temporary installation is made possible through an included cigarette lighter plug, or drivers can opt to hardwire the light or lights to their vehicle’s electrical system.

Surface Mount Brackets are Included with Purchase

We realize that many customers want to install their brand new emergency vehicle lights as soon as they receive their package in the mail. To accommodate this desire, we include brackets and necessary mounting equipment with your purchase. Our E36 lights are shipped with standard surface mount brackets.

E36 Emergency Lights are Expected to Last about 50,000 Hours

When installed properly, our E36 grille lights should last about 50,000 hours. To enable buyers to buy with us with confidence, we include an industry leading warranty on every purchase. If you are interested in knowing more about our warranty information, visit our homepage and select the About Us tab. Here, we have outlined specific information about our warranty, and buyers can also find information regarding our shipping terms and privacy policy from this tab.

Tell us what you think about our brand new emergency lights below. If you have any questions or comments about our E36 surface mount and grille lights, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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Police Surface Mount LED Lights Keep Cops Safe on the Road

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Police have incredibly dangerous jobs. One of the biggest contributing factors to potential danger is the fact that cop’s shifts are basically unpredictable. Unfortunately, many police officers are killed every year during routine traffic stops. Usually, when this occurs, the officer is killed by a driver who simply wasn’t paying attention. For this reason, it is essential that law enforcement vehicles have bright emergency lighting that is able to get the attention of other drivers on the road. In fact, all cop cruisers should have a variety of police surface mount LED lights including light bars, grille lights, dash and deck lights, and a variety of others.

Grille LEDs Enhance headlights and Provide Bright Light in Dark Places

Grille lights on a police vehicle are very useful when cops need to make their presence on the road very obvious. This is true because grille lights expertly enhance the natural glow from a cruiser’s headlights. For example, this type of LED lighting can be extremely beneficial when an officer is pulling over a vehicle during nighttime hours, especially on roads that are not illuminated with street lamps. In addition to providing better visibility, surface mount LEDs also allow officers to get a better look at what is going on in the vehicle they pulled over and their immediate surroundings. C4 reflex surface mount LED light from 911 Signal USA

Why Cops Should Choose Surface Mount LED Lights

When choosing emergency vehicle lights for cruisers, departments will have to choose between LED and traditional bulbs. When faced with this decision, departments should opt for LED lights. This is factual because LED lights last an incredibly long time, are extremely efficient in terms of energy, won’t shake loose like traditional lights, and are very durable. Additionally, when police officers opt for LED emergency vehicle lights, they will have more room for additional lighting because LEDs are packed in shallower cases than traditional lights. As a bonus, LED surface mount lights can be programmed to flash a variety of patterns, which helps keep drivers including police and civilians safer on the road.

We offer a variety of affordable surface mount lighting at 911 Signal USA. To ensure every department that needs LED surface mount lights can get them, we offer our grille and surface mount lights at incredibly affordable prices.

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C9 Reflex Surface Mount Lights are Bright and Unique

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The emergency vehicle light market is constantly changing. For this reason, you need to choose a retailer that not only provides affordable, quality emergency lights, but a retailer that stays on top of what is new and innovative in the market. For this reason, you need to choose 911 Signal USA. We are constantly improving our inventory and providing our customers with the resources they need to make the best choices for their POV or emergency fleet vehicle. With this in mind, drivers will be excited to learn about our brand new C9 Reflex Surface Mount lights.

Check out our YouTube Video Featuring our C9 Reflex Surface Mount Lights and our Dodge Charger

To see how impressive our C9 Reflex Surface Mount lights, check out the YouTube video below. As you can see in this video, reflex surface mount lights are not your ordinary emergency vehicle lights. Instead, these warning lights are extraordinary. One of the main reasons this type of lighting is different is because of the way it delivers light output. Instead, of delivering light output straightforward, the C9 surface mount lights deliver 180-degrees of light output. This is significant because it gives drivers better visibility on the road.

What you can Learn from our C9 Reflex Surface Mount Light YouTube Video

By watching this video, you can see that the C9 lights have a curved appearance. This is how these surface mount lights differ from other lights in the same category. Better yet, each C9 LED light has nine, three-watt bulbs, which means it is capable of delivering 27-watts of bright light output.

Get the C9 Reflex Lights now to get a low Intro Price

If you are interested in learning more about the C9 Reflex Surface Mount lights from 911 Signal USA, visit our website. While there, notice that the introductory price on the C9 is $74.95. However, this price won’t last for long, so make sure to take advantage of it while it’s still available.

In addition to checking out our emergency vehicle lights including police lights, fire truck lights, and sirens, make sure to like us on Facebook, follow us onTwitter, and join us on Google+ as well. Making sure you stay social with 911 Signal USA will ensure that you are always in the loop when it comes to what is new and exciting in the emergency vehicle light and equipment industry.

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