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A Traffic Advisor is a Multi-Functional Light Bar

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When buying emergency vehicle lights for POVs and fleet vehicles, many people immediately think about surface mount LEDs, light bars, and visor lights. But, what most people don’t reflect on until later is a traffic advisor. When planning your light set-up, it’s important to remember that a traffic advisor is a multi-functional light bar. Below, we’re going to tell you why you should consider this device and what it can do for you on the road.

How to Choose the Right Traffic Advisor for Your Vehicle

We have several traffic advisor options in our online store. To help serve you better, we want to explain how to choose the right traffic advisor for your vehicle. The two features you need to consider before you make your purchase is design and color.

Traffic Advisor Designs

When shopping our online store, you’ll notice we have many choices. One of the first things you’ll have to decide is what length traffic advisor is right for your vehicle. Next, you’ll need to choose a color. Colors can be selected by using the drop-down menu on the product page. If you prefer solid colors that is what color the advisor will flash in. We also offer dual color traffic advisors that feature code colors and have an amber directional arrow.

Dual Colored Traffic Advisors

With one of our dual colored traffic advisors, you have the option to use code lights, solid or combination colors, and an amber directional arrow. Since the unit is made with LED lighting, there is no cooling down period between code lighting and amber lights, which means you can go from one to the other in a matter of seconds.

The Benefits of a Dual Color Traffic Advisor

Vehicles that use a traditional traffic advisor benefit from this device because it allows them to direct traffic away from a scene without having to sacrifice a person to do it manually. The added benefit of a dual color traffic advisor is that you can get a directional arrow and code lighting in one unit. What this means is you can save money on your lighting budget and space on your vehicle. Another benefit is the dual color traffic advisor serves multiple functions, which will make your vehicle and the way you can use your vehicle more dynamic. With most of these multi-functional options only one control box is needed, so you’ll always be ready to adapt on the go.
Shop 911 Signal USA today to get a traffic control device that will help protect you and your team while on the scene. When you need code lights, you just activate the multi-color functions with the switch of a button and be on your way. If you have any questions, please contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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What Truck Lights are Useful at a Construction Site?

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At 911 Signal USA, we specialize in emergency vehicle lights for police, fire, and EMS vehicles. We also offer units in amber and white for utility vehicles; such as those used at a construction site. Construction vehicles can benefit from utility lighting for a number of reasons. Like first responder emergency vehicles, a construction vehicle is easier to see when outfitted with bright, LED warning lights. We’ll go over other reasons you should install warning units on your construction vehicle below.

Understanding the Benefit of Construction Vehicle Lighting

When you’re outfitting your company’s construction trucks with equipment, you should consider emergency truck lights. Even if you think you no one will ever use the lighting, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised how often the lights will be used after they are installed. Are you still not convinced? Consider the following scenarios.

Construction Lights Improve Visibility on a Site

Construction lights are the easiest way to make a work site safer. There are a variety of lights that can easily be installed on work trucks and equipment including floodlights, strobe lights, and roof-top light bars. By installing this equipment on trucks that are already in use, workers will not have to haul, move, and store the equipment when not in use. With better lighting at a construction site workers will be safer and their work will likely be more accurate. Lights can also increase the workday because workers can work before and after the sun sets.

Construction Vehicles Can be Moved Where Lighting is Needed

Another great benefit of installing warning lights on a construction vehicle is the usability of the equipment. When installed on a truck or construction equipment, a vehicle can be moved to improve lighting wherever it is needed. What this means is if your workers need more light on the other side of a lot, you can do it simply by moving a truck. A vehicle can also be positioned anyway that’s needed to provide the best visibility.

Roadside Construction is Safer with Warning Lights

Working on the side of the road is dangerous. Construction workers have to be aware of their surroundings at all times. One of the biggest risks in this situation is that a driver won’t notice workers near roadways. If a driver doesn’t have enough time to adjust their path before approaching a construction site tragedy could occur.

One way to decrease this risk is for any vehicle used during roadside projects to be equipped with flashing amber lights. Due to the nature of the risk involved, roadside trucks should be installed with warning equipment on the front, back, and sides of a vehicle. With 360-degrees of visibility construction workers can feel safer while working near roadways.

Having the right construction lighting on your vehicle will keep crews, drivers, and members of the public safe by effectively directing traffic away from work sites. One of the best lights for roadside crews is a directional traffic advisor. This type of equipment is extremely bright and signals drivers to move to the right or left to avoid a work crew.

Check out 911 Signal USA for all of your construction vehicle needs. We offer light bars, hideaways, bumper lighting, and traffic advisors that will fit your vehicles and your budget. If you have any questions or need help choosing the right amber warning lights for your fleet – please contact our customer service team that will be happy to help.

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Run Directional and Code Lights with the PL4-D8 Traffic Advisor

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The PL4-D8 traffic advisor is ideal for volunteer firefighters, ambulances, police, and utility truck drivers. This traffic advisor has linear lenses and will help you direct or move traffic whenever you need it. The unit is available in split or solid color combinations and is a great addition to any emergency light set-up.

What You Need to Know About the PL4-D8 Traffic Advisor

The PL4-D8 traffic advisor meets and exceeds SAE safety standards. The unit is created with 3W LEDs and comes pre-programmed with 30 flash patterns. All of the LED modules in the unit are rugged and water-resistant. The unit measures 35” L x 2.2” W x 1.8” H.

PL4-D8 Flash Patterns

No matter where you go, you can count on this LED traffic advisor to provide you with exactly what you need. Check out our demo video below to see the variety of flash patterns offered by this unit. In total, the PL4-D8 creates 26 different flash patterns.

Traffic Advisor is Sold with Mounting Brackets

When you purchase this emergency light from our online store, you will receive everything you need to install the light right away. The best thing about this dual color traffic advisor is that it is incredibly easy to install. In fact, with two simple screws, you can install this light right away.

PL4-D8 Traffic Advisor Product Demo YouTube Video

To truly showcase how unique the PL4-D8 traffic advisor is, we have created a detailed product demo video. Watch the video to see how effortlessly the light switches from code lights to directional arrows. There is no cool down period between code lighting and directional lighting, so you can flip the switch whenever you need to.

Shop 911 Signal USA for LED traffic advisors, dash lights, light bars, and more. Browse our inventory today and contact us with any questions.


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Save Money with LED Dual Color Technology

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When LED technology was introduced to the market, everyone was impressed with the technologies ability to increase visibility on the road. In addition to brightness, LEDs also last longer and require little to no maintenance after installed properly. Another great bonus associated with LED light bulbs is the ability to create dual color technology. Not only is dual color technology impressive, but it also allows you to save money and space when creating the perfect emergency vehicle light set-up.

What is Dual Color Technology?  A blue LED light in action

The most impressive feature of dual color technology is the fact that this type of lighting can utilize different colors from the same modules. For instance, many of our traffic advisors are created with dual color technology. This ability allows you to run red and blue code lights, or any other color combination, and then flip a switch and run amber directional lights from the same unit. Better yet, there is no cool down period, so the change from code to directional lights is instantaneous. With this split second change, you can count on your dual color traffic advisor to be used as code lights and directional lights, which eliminates the need for two pieces of equipment and allows you to save money on your emergency vehicle light set-up.

Check out our Pl4-D4 Dual Color Traffic Advisor

If you are interested in buying a dual color LED traffic advisor, you need to check out our PL4-D4 traffic advisor. This traffic advisor is being offered at $182.96 and comes in a variety of split or solid color to amber combinations. Our PL4-D4 LED traffic advisor meets and exceeds SAE safety standards, is weatherproof, so it can be installed interiorly or exteriorly, and comes with everything you need to install right away.

In addition to the PL4-D4 LED traffic advisor, we have many other emergency vehicle lights that are ideal for moving traffic. Check out our huge traffic advisor inventory and you will be impressed by our quality and our everyday low prices.


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6 Things you need to Know about LED Warning Lights

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If you or your department is thinking about upgrading your emergency vehicle lights, you should consider replacing your lights with brand new LED lights from 911 Signal USA. To express just how powerful our lights are, we have gathered six facts about LED lights that will persuade you to make the switch.

#1 LED Lights are more Energy Efficient than Other Types of Lighting

An LED light, also called a light-emitting diode, is a type of light that uses a unique semiconductor to turn electricity into light. By design, these lights are about six to seven times more energy efficient than traditional lights.A reenactment of how a blue diode creates blue LED light output.

#2 Our LED Emergency Lights will last about 100,000 Hours

When you browse our inventory, make sure to check out the product specifications. Here, you will find that most of our LED lights have a life expectancy of about 100,000 hours. Under normal usage, an emergency light featuring LED technology could last up to 10 years.

#3 LED Lights don’t Waste Heat

Traditional emergency lights with incandescent bulbs release the majority of their energy as heat. In comparison, LED lights waste very little energy, which means there is virtually no wasted heat.

#4 LED Lighting is Environmentally Friendly

LED lights are environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury. As LED technology continues to expand, this type of lighting is expected to become even better in the future.

#5 The Future is Bright for LED Warning Lights

LEDs have been around since 1962 when they were originally created by GE employee Nick Holonyak, Jr. While it is true that this technology took some time to catch on, it is expected that by 2030, almost 75% of all lighting sales will feature LED lighting.

#6 Expect to Save Money when you install LED Lights on your Emergency Vehicle

In 2012, it is estimated that over 49 million LED light bulbs were installed. The installation of these light bulbs saved almost $675 in energy costs. If more people switch to LED warning lights on their emergency vehicles and POVs there could be a drastic decrease in carbon emissions, which would benefit everyone.

Whether you are outfitting an emergency vehicle for the first time, or your department is replacing outdated lights, you can benefit from installing 911 Signal USA LED warning lights on your vehicle. Take a minute to browse our inventory and feel free to add your comments, questions, or concerns, in the comments below.

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Check out 911 Signal USA’s Popular Warning LED Light YouTube Videos

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Did you know 911 Signal USA has a YouTube channel? We do, and we use this channel to upload demo videos of all our warning LED light inventory. In addition to demo videos, we have also included brand new 3-D videos, installation videos, and how-to videos too. Below, we have created a list of the most popular videos featured on our channel. Feel free to check them out! When you do, make sure you subscribe to our channel. By subscribing to our YouTube channel, you will get notified whenever we add a brand new video to our channel.

HL6 Surface  Mount or Grille Light

The most popular video on our channel is a how-to video featuring our HL6 surface mount lights. In this video, Mike, our warning LED light expert, is installing these lights as grille lights. The vehicle featured in the video is our 2013 Dodge Charger demo vehicle. When you check out this video, you will see that Mike chose to install the lights on the grille of our demo vehicle to help reduce the risk of rear-end collisions. Click on the video below to see exactly how you can recreate this look on your fleet vehicle or POV.

Our LV1009 Visor Light

It’s no surprise that one of the most popular warning LED lights in our inventory is also one of the most popular demo warning light videos on our YouTube channel. In this demo video, you can watch our stealthy visor light in action. This visor light features 90-watts of bright LED output and features 26 different flash patterns. This LED warning light is also easy to install in any fleet vehicle or POV thanks to visor mounts.

Check out our Easy 2 LED Lights in Action

We understand that our customers want to see our warning LED light inventory in action before making a purchase. For this reason, many of the videos on our channel are dedicated to demonstration. The Easy 2 LED YouTube video below shows exactly what a police cruiser looks like when these lights are installed. Along with the video, you will also find a description that explains more about this impressive LED light.

Our Warning LED Light Collection

When browsing the videos posted above, it’s important to realize there are many more on our YouTube channel. Feel free to browse through our collection to find your favorites. We also have many videos in our catalog at our online store. If you don’t see a demo, installation, or how-to video featuring a particular warning LED light, feel free to tell us about it in the comments below. We aim to please our customers and will be happy to create a video for you. Please feel free to leave a comment below about the favorite video on our YouTube channel.



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