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Product Spotlight: 911 Signal USA Eagle Eye Visor Light

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The Eagle Eye Visor Light from 911 Signal USA is the perfect emergency light choice for emergency vehicles including POVs and undercover vehicles too. To meet the needs of drivers in a variety of different careers including firefighters, police officers, and much more, we have made sure the Eagle Eye visor light is offered in many different split and solid color combinations. To top it off, we have equipped this LED visor light with 33-watts of bright LED light, which means you will be able to be seen and move traffic whenever you need too.

Experience TIR Optics from the Eagle Eye Visor Light Close up of the buttons on the Eagle Eye visor light

To deliver the best light output possible, we add TIR optics to the design of the Eagle Eye. In addition to great optics, we also added polycarbonate materials for durability and extreme lightweight.

Eagle Eye Visor Light has 11 Bright LEDs

As mentioned above, the Eagle Eye Visor Light is created with 33-watts of LED power. This power is generated through 3-watt LEDs. Eleven LEDs will deliver amazing light output. Undercover vehicles and slip top vehicles will especially appreciate this because it allows for cars to remain virtually unnoticed until the moment they need to pop their lights on.

Eagle Eye Visor Light is Ready to Install Immediately

When you order the Eagle Eye visor light from 911 Signal USA, you will be ready to install these emergency lights right out of the box. Visor straps are included with purchase and a cigarette lighter plug is also included. The plug and play cigarette lighter allows you to plug the LED light in without having to hardwire it to your vehicle’s existing electrical system.

Takedown Lights Make the Eagle Eye Visor Light Stand Out in a Crowd

The Eagle Eye visor light is unique because it is created with takedown lights. There are 11 LEDs built into this visor light and three of those LEDs are dedicated specifically to takedown lights. Takedown lights come with four different modes including high, low, strobe, mode, and slow flash. Additionally, we added 19 different unique flash patterns, which mean you will always have exactly what you need for any situation on the road. Order the Eagle Eye visor light from 911 Signal USA and you won’t be disappointed.

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September Best Seller: Shark Tooth Visor Light with Reflex Lens

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Every month we advertise our monthly best sellers. For the month of September 2013, one of our best sellers is the Shark Tooth Visor Light with Reflex Lens. To learn more about this LED visor light, keep reading below.

911 Signal USA’s Shark Tooth Visor Light with Reflex Lens

This visor light is unique because it features a reflex lens and C4, 3-watt LED bulbs. When activated this visor light bar explodes with brilliant color that will surely illuminate any driver’s path.

A shark tooth visor light with reflex technology

Why the Shark Tooth Visor Light is so Popular

Adding to the popularity of the visor light is the fact that it is designed to be installed into the headliner of a vehicle. Also, this popular emergency vehicle light is available in a variety of popular emergency vehicle light colors including red, blue, and white. Better yet, split and solid color combinations are available.

Specifications of the Shark Tooth Visor Light

In addition to the features listed above, other specifications of the Shark Tooth Visor light include universal visor mounts included with purchase, an included hardwired control, optional takedown lights, and our industry-leading warranty. For peace of mind, you will also be glad to know that this particular visor light bar meets and exceeds SAE standards.

If the Shark Tooth Visor Light with Reflex Technology isn’t what you are looking for, no worries. We also have a variety of other LED emergency police lights to choose from. In addition to this visor light, other 911 Signal USA September best sellers include our C4 Traffic Advisors, our mounting brackets, and our fog lights as well.

When you need quality, affordable emergency vehicle lights, make 911 Signal USA your one-stop shop. We carry a variety of competitively priced emergency lights to ensure all first responders can access quality lighting that they can afford.


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The Difference Between Deck, Dash, and Visor Lights

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Vehicle lights are incredibly important to improving the visibility of emergency vehicles. However, the location of emergency light installation is equally as important. To ensure LED vehicle light purchasers have the ability to choose the right emergency lights for their vehicles, 911 Signal USA offers a variety of warning light options including deck, dash, and visor lights. To decide what 911 Signal USA products are right for your fleet, check out the information provided below.

Deck Lights Provide Visibility

As mentioned above, visibility for emergency vehicles is crucial. With deck lights, operators can quickly alert other driver’s and pedestrians of their vehicle’s approach. Better yet, many of these deck lights come with pre-programmed patterns that can help police officers direct traffic, even at great distances. Non-emergency vehicles can also use deck lights to alert drivers to road workers working in a particular area.

Portable Visor Lights

Sometimes an emergency occurs and a police officer or other first responder must be ready to act instantly. Unfortunately, in these occassions, an approrpiately equipped emergency vehicle may not be easily accessible. However, a visor light can easily be used in these situations. Visor lights are removable, which makes them incredibly portable. Since visor lights are battery-powered, this type of emergency lighting can be installed quickly on any vehicle’s visor. Non-emergency vehicles can also use visor lights on personal vehicles or company construction trucks to ensure worker safety on construction sites.

Dash Lights Provide Subtle Emergency Lighting

If you require a bit of stealth when it comes to emergency vehicle lights, you should choose dash lights. Dash lights are extremely compact, which means they can go unnoticed if need be. Many dash lights also come with suction cups that make installation in any vehicle, emergency or not, fast and easy.

When you need the very best emergency lights possible, choose 911 Signal USA. We offer a variety of quality affordable emergency lights and warning lights that will meet the needs of any customers. Additionally, our highly trained customer service representatives can help buyers make the best choices to meet their needs.


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