Dash Light Model B Witel

Dash Light Model B Witel
Dash Light Model B WitelDash Light Model B WitelDash Light Model B WitelDash Light Model B WitelDash Light Model B Witel
Manufacturer: 911 Signal USA
Model: [911-WTL_B]
Category: Dash Lights
Price:  $179.99$119.96

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Our Witel Dash Light Model B is extremely easy to use and install. When activated, this amazing LED light is nearly impossible to miss, which helps first responders increase their visibility on the road. To ensure drivers are seen on the road, we have equipped this dash light with sixteen one-watt LED bulbs that will surely illuminate the front of your vehicle. Better yet, drivers can activate these lights in less than a second. To learn more, check out the product specifications and product description below.
Product Specs:
Power: 12V
Amperage Draw: 1.5 Amps
# of LED's in Unit: 16
Wattage of Each LED: 1 Watt
Total Wattage Output: 16 Watts
Optics: LIN
# of Flash Patterns: 30
Pattern Memory: Yes
Syncable: Yes
Cigarette Light Plug: Yes
Housing: Poly Carbonate
Brackets Included: Suction Cups
Cable Length: N/A
Lifespan: 100,000
Warranty: 5yr Bulbs, 2yr Component

Catalog: Download catalog page for Dash Light Model B Witel (PDF)

Introducing the Model B Witel Dash Light

As experts in the emergency vehicle field, we understand that drivers need bright illumination to do their jobs quickly and easily. In addition to providing bright visibility in any weather condition, and being able to activate equipment easily, we also understand that emergency vehicle lighting has must be affordable and well-made too.

Temporary or Permanent Installation is Easy with Included Suction Cups

Whether you are equipping a cruiser and want to permanently install this dash light or are a volunteer who wants the ability to install or uninstall this light whenever possible, you can with our Model B Witel light. For temporary installation, suction cups and a cigarette lighter plug are included with purchase.

Sixteen One-Watt LED Bulbs Provide Amazing Light Output

Our Model B Witel Dash lighting features sixteen, one-watt LED bulbs for a total of sixteen watts of power. This dash light also comes with thirty pre-programmed flash patterns and memory, so drivers always have access to the patterns they need on the road or at a scene. The dash light also has guide buttons on the back of the light, so drivers will never have to guess what pattern they are using.

Split and Solid Warning Light Colors are Available

We understand that different drivers have unique warning light color requirements. To ensure we can meet our customer’s needs, we offer this light in a variety of split and solid color combinations including red, white, blue, and amber/yellow. To see what color choices we offer, use the drop-down menu box above.

Poly-Carbonate Housing and Ability to Sync with Other Lights Provides Amazing Usability

Drivers can install this emergency equipment on their vehicle with confidence thanks to a poly-carbonate housing. Adding to the usability of this light on the road is the fact that this equipment is easy to sync with a variety of other emergency lighting.

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