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Emergency Vehicle LED Dash Lights

When it comes to warning or capturing the attention of drivers and pedestrians, few methods are as reliable and familiar as dash warning lights. Mounted at eye level for drivers, products like LED police dash lights elicit an instant response that makes people look up and pay attention - an important consideration when a matter of moments can mean life or death in an emergency situation.

911 Signal USA is your source for bright LED-powered dash warning lights that ensure your vehicle is clearly visible, even in bad weather conditions. Suitable for emergency vehicles of all types, police, first responders, and security personnel rely on dash and deck light technology to help them maintain visibility and establish order in a dangerous or critical situation.

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Dash Light Model A Witel
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Dash Light Model F211 with Linear Lens
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F413 L6-2 Linear Dash & Deck Light
More product details will be available soon! ...
F413 L6-4 LED Deck Light
To create an impressively bright light, this dash LED light uses one-watt Generation III L ...
F413 T4-2 LED Dash & Deck Light
This dash and deck light uses one-watt Generation III LED bulbs to create amazing light ou ...
F413 T4-4 Dash & Deck LED
This innovative dash and deck light uses one-watt Generation III LED bulbs to create remar ...
LED Dash Lights Model F61-1 Deck Light
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LED Dash Lights Model F61-4 Deck Light
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LED Deck Light Model F61-2
Drivers Won't be Disappointed with these Dual LED Deck Lights Our F61-2 Dual LED Deck Lig ...
Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products)
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Be Seen & Be Safe with Emergency Dash Lights


Incandescent light bulbs can burn out, shatter, and produce a great deal of heat. These traits make them relatively unsuitable for the high-demand work required of first responder lights. Police LED dash lights and deck lights are made for durability, longevity, and dependable performance that personnel can - and do - trust to keep them safe in the field. With intense illumination that cuts through darkness, fog, snow and more, these fire dash lights will serve as a literal beacon of hope for victims in an emergency and a marker for other responders. These LED emergency dash lights will work as hard as first responders do to quickly get your crew where they need to go safely.

Dash Lights - Linear & TIR Options

Whatever the needs of your emergency responder personnel, the linear and TIR dash light options offered by 911 Signal USA will give them the attention grabbing capabilities they require. Our linear optic solutions spread light in a dispersal pattern that's easy for other drivers and pedestrians to spot. Our TIR (total internal reflection) designs, on the other hand, condense light to provide a bright, narrow beam for more focused applications. Whether you elect to use a certain type or both LED dash light options to outfit your response vehicles, you'll never have to worry that your responders will have to vie for attention to clear pathways and roads en route to a call.

Get the Most Out of Your LED Dash Lighting

To get the best performance from your new police dash lights, use the tips, advice and tricks you'll find in our LED Dash Lights Safety and Maintenance Guide to ensure a bright result. While all of our products are built for durability and consistent performance under pressure, a little upkeep will go a long way to keeping your new LEDs in superior condition for years. Not sure which police LED dash lights are right for your needs? Refer to our LED Dash Light Buying Guide to narrow down your choices.

Whether you're buying your first interior dash and deck lights or simply upgrading existing vehicles' emergency dash lights, we're happy to assist you with recommendations and help through our friendly customer service representatives. At 911 Signal USA, we understand how important proper illumination can be for first responders, and devote our time and energy into supporting our valued customers' efforts in the field. For answers to your LED questions, day or night, feel free to take a look at our LED Dash Lights' FAQs.

We work hard to make sure that emergency response personnel like police, firefighters, and EMT professionals can be seen on the road, with bright LED lights made to clear the way for their arrival. Your service is vital to the community - let us help you outfit your emergency vehicle lights that will get you where you need to be.