F61-8 LED Traffic Advisor

F61-8 LED Traffic Advisor
F61-8 TIR LED Traffic Advisor FrontF61-8 TIR LED Traffic Advisor Dimension
Manufacturer: 911 Signal USA
Model: [911-F61-8]
Category: Traffic Advisors
Price:  $449.99$179.96

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If you love LED lights, you will truly appreciate our F61-8 LED Traffic Advisor. This bright emergency vehicle light features 48 LED lights that are capable of delivering 36-watts of LED light output. This traffic advisor also features 26 different flash pattern, and has built-in flash pattern memory, so drivers don’t have to keep track of what pattern they used last. To meet the needs of police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and volunteers everywhere, our traffic advisor is available in many solid and split color combinations. To see this traffic light stick in action, scroll down, and make sure to check out our light specs and description too.
Product Specs:
Power: 12V
# of LED's in Unit: 48
Wattage of Each LED: 0.75 Watt
Total Wattage Output: 36 Watts
Optics: TIR
# of Flash Patterns: 26
Pattern Memory: Yes
Syncable: No
Cigarette Lighter Plug: Yes
Housing: Aluminium
Brackets Included: Suction Cups & L Mount
Lifespan: 100,000
Warranty: 5yr Bulbs, 2yr Component

Dimensions: 29"L x 2.75"D x 1.75"H

Catalog: F61-8 LED Traffic Advisor (PDF)

911 Signal USA's LED Traffic Advisor will fit any Emergency Vehicle

The easiest way to increase the visibility of your vehicle, especially on the rear of the cruiser is to install an LED F61-8 Traffic Advisor. This emergency light can brighten the deck of an emergency vehicle, and is the most popular traffic advisor in our emergency vehicle light inventory.

This LED Traffic Advisor Boasts 48 Bright Lights

Amazingly, this LED traffic advisor features 48 LED light bulbs. Each 0.75 bulb works hard to create 36-watts of brilliant light output. To ensure this light meets your needs, we offer it in a variety of split or solid color combinations. To make finding the right colors easy, use our drop down menu box above. Better yet, we offer two different types of optics; LIN or TIR lenses.

Traffic Advisor comes with L Mount Brackets or Easy-to-Use Suction Cups

We make it easy to install this traffic advisor for any driver, even those who don’t need the light permanently installed. We do this by providing L mount brackets or suction cups. The L brackets are used for permanent installation and the suction cups make it easy to install or uninstall this light anytime you need to.

Best Features of the LED Traffic Advisor

Our LED traffic advisor is housed in heavy-grade aluminum. We do this to ensure police, firefighters, EMS, and all other warning light drivers can count on their emergency vehicle lights every time they turn them on.

Don’t leave your visibility on the road up to chance, instead install the F61-8 LED traffic advisor today.

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F61-8 LED Traffic Advisor
Category: Traffic Advisors

Review By: Timothy
5 of 5 Stars! 5 out of 5.
Friday 21 February, 2014
I purchased this light bar from a private seller a few years ago and have had it in the rear of my Jeep XJ since. It has performed perfectly even after getting soaking wet on the scene of a MVA when I forgot to close my rear hatch during a major rain storm. Carpet was ruined, Jeep smelled, seat was soaked but the lights kept on running like it did on day 1. Only issue I had was as a "traffic advisor", you would expect the switch to contain some way to immediately switch from one traffic advisor pattern to the other without having to run through all the other patterns. Amazing light for the price! Highly recommended from me.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)