Fender Mount Lights

3 Watt REFLEX Action For Your Fender

Many first responders choose to install surface mount lights on the sides of their vehicles because it allows them to increase their visibility on the road. If you are considering installing our C4 surface mounts on the fender of your emergency vehicle or POV, you are going to love our Fender Light series. This emergency vehicle equipment is easy to mount and already have the C4 surface mount lights expertly installed, which means all you have to do is install the pieces, hook up the electronics, and you are good to go. Fender Mounted lights from 911 Signal USA are sold as pairs with a full fender bracket for popular police and emergency fleet vehicles.

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Chevrolet C4 Fender Mount Pair
This unique piece of emergency vehicle equipment uses 3-watt LED bulbs that use Reflex tec ...
Ford C4 Fender Mount Pair
The surface mount light installed in this Ford fender mount uses 3-watt LED bulbs, and ama ...
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)
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What to Expect from our C4 Fender Lights

When you purchase C4 Fenders with us, you are accessing affordable emergency vehicle equipment that is easy to install and guaranteed to be bright in the field and on the road. Our C4 surface mount lights feature the following:

  • Generation III LED bulbs
  • 31 different flash patterns
  • A variety of split or solid color combinations to choose from
  • All accessories needed to install the fender pieces immediately are included with purchase

Find out More Information about our C4 Fender Lights
Learning more about this unique emergency vehicle equipment is easy when you browse our C4 Fender Lights Buying Guide. Here, we provide information that will make determining how easy this equipment is to use simple. When you are choosing the right equipment for your vehicle, make sure to browse the different models available in our inventory.

911 Signal USA's Fender Light Resource Center

At 911 Signal USA, we strive to provide the first responder community, and all others that use emergency vehicle equipment, with the very best LED lights and emergency equipment on the market. As a token of our commitment to our customer's we also provide a variety of different resources that make choosing the right illumination, sirens, and emergency light accessories easy. To learn more about this product, visit the following resources; C4 Fender Light Safety and Maintenance Guide.

Why you should Buy Fender Lights from 911 Signal USA

We realize that you have many options when shopping for emergency vehicle equipment. To make our equipment stand out from the rest, we provide extremely competitive prices, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service. As a result, you can buy fender pieces and anything else you may need to equip your emergency vehicle or fleet vehicles with confidence. If you have any questions not covered above, feel free to browse our C4 Fender Lights FAQ.