Ghost 2 LED Lighthead Module

Ghost 2 LED Lighthead Module
Ghost 2 LED Light ModuleGhost 2 LED Light Module Dimensions
Manufacturer: 911 Signal USA
Model: [911-ghost2]
Category: Grille & Surface Mounts
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Could your fire truck, POV, cop cruiser, or ambulance benefit from angle axis lighting? If so, you need our Ghost 2 LED Lighthead module. This innovative emergency vehicle light requires an LED flasher to operate (sold separately), and will deliver bright light output in a variety of locations including nighttime and daytime hours. Available in solid colors, this LED light will surely impress even the most meticulous drivers. To learn more about our Ghost 2 LED lighthead module, keep reading below. Keep in mind if you have any questions about this LED light or any of the other emergency lights in our inventory, feel free to contact us.
Product Specs: Details Coming soon.

Dimensions: 2"L x 2.5"D x 1.2"H

Catalog: Download catalog page for Ghost 2 LED Lighthead Module (PDF)

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Create Angle Axis Lighting with the Ghost Module

If your emergency vehicle could benefit from some vehicle lighting upgrades, you should check out the´┐Ż Ghost 2 LED Lighthead Module. This tiny grille light, it's only about 2-inches long, is super easy to install on nearly any flat surface of an emergency vehicle, and is capable of producing axis angle lighting.

LED Technology Hellps this Lighthead Module to Create Bright Light Output

The Ghost 2 LED Lighthead Module uses LED technology. LED technology is preferred over traditional lighting because it runs cool, which means it won't overheat, LED bulbs last longer, so they don't need replaced as often, and over the long run, emergency vehicle lighting that features LED technology is much cheaper than traditional lighting. The LED bulbs in the Ghost 2 from 911 Signal USA will last approximately 100,000 hours before the bulbs will need replaced.

Installation Options Include Anywhere with a Flat Surface

This small grille LED is ideal for installation on push bumpers, side cages, grills and in the interior or exterior of an emergency vehicle as well. The LED light can be hardwired into a vehicle's existing system, and thanks to low amps, the surface mount LED won't be a huge draw on your car's battery. It is important to note that an LED flasher is required to run the Ghost 2 LED Lighthead Module, but is not included with purchase. However, an LED flasher can easily be added to your purchase at an additional cost.

Additional Features of the Ghost 2 LED Lighthead Module

The popular emergency vehicle light is only available in solid colors, and eleven different flashing patterns are also avaiallbe. With these choices available, operators can depend on their vehicle lights to provide them with the tools they need to do their job easily.

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