LED Hideaway Lights & Hideaway Strobes

In the first responder community, everyone is aware of the need to have emergency lights for vehicles to increase visibility. However, there are also times in police officers careers where their purpose is better served by emergency lights that are not noticeable. In fact, in some situations, it is best that cop lights aren't noticed until the police officer activates them. For these occasions, 911 Signal USA's LED hideaway lights are ideal.

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ANT 6-3 LED Hideaway Strobe Light
Very Adaptable Strobe LED Hideaway Light The ANT 6-3 Hideaway LED Strobe Light is a mult- ...
ANT 6-6 LED Hideaway Strobe Light
This Tiny LED Hideaway Strobe Light Creates Massive Light Output Due to the tiny size of ...
H1100 LED Hideaway Light
Tight on Space? Use these LED Hideaway Emergency Lights LED hideaways are more appropriat ...
H2100 LED Hideaway
Generation III Bulbs Brighten any Headlight Every now and then the finest things truly do ...
H600 LED Hideaway
It May be Tiny, But it is a Powerful LED Hideaway LED hideaway lights are becoming much m ...
HLF-001 headlight flasher wig wag
A Cost-Effective LED Hideaway Light for Your Emergency Vehicle One of the easiest and mos ...
SP960 Strobe Tube Kit
The Perfect 90-Watt Hideaway Kit for any Emergency Vehicle Our Strobe Tube Kit offers gre ...
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products)
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Be Discreet with a Hideaway Strobe Kit

For situations that require discretion, hideaways provide law enforcement agent vehicles not to be noticed until the police officer is ready to make their move. When the time comes to make their presence known, hideaway strobe kits and LED hideaway lights will produce an amazing amount of light, even though this warning light equipment is relatively small. To create the best effect possible, LED hideaway strobes are available in a variety of popular law enforcement light colors.

Mount LED Hideaway Lights Anywhere

To increase their usability, hideaway lights can be used in a variety of different manners. In fact, hideaway lights can be installed in taillight or headlight housing, or surface mounted anywhere inside a vehicle. These particular LED police lights are available with 19 different flash patterns and are syncable.

Why You Should Buy Emergency Warning Lights

At 911 Signal USA, we understand the emergency vehicle lights industry. Through our years of experience, we have developed a fantastic reputation with the first responder community and pride ourselves on selling cheap emergency warning lights without ever sacrificing quality. To get the LED hideaway lights that your police fleet needs to keep them safe on the road, especially when undercover, contact 911 Signal USA directly or shop through our convenient selection of discounted LED Hideaway Strobe Kits for your emergency vehicle's lighting and safety needs

Hideaway Light Resources & Strobe Kit Guides

To learn more about the specifics of our vehicle warning lights visit our LED Hideaway Lights Buying Guide. Answers to our most frequently received questions about hideaway strobes can be found on your LED Hideaway Lights FAQ page, and lastly safety and maintenance information about our hideaway strobe kits can be found on our Hideaway Strobe Kit Safety and Maintenance Guide.