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Light bars are among the most well-known and recognizable emergency vehicle warning LED lights, and for good reason. Police, Ambulance, Volunteer firefighters, fire trucks and other first responders rely on vivid and bright light bars to warn drivers of their approach.
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911 Signal USA has a full-featured lineup of LED light bars with competitive pricing and state-of-the-art technology for police and security officers. Choose from a variety of options when selecting the emergency LED light bar to add to your fleet:

  • Brightness: All our light bars use only gen 3 or gen 4 LEDs for the brightest lights.
  • Colors: Order all colors and color combinations, including white, blue, red, amber and green.
  • Sizes: We have full-sized light bars as well as mini light bars for your vehicle, installation and portability needs.

Quality LED Light Bars - Performance & Brightness

911 Signal USA stands out from other retailers because we've designed our LED light bars and other emergency warning systems for both quality and affordability. Our LED emergency light bars feature Gen 3 and Gen 4 (3-watt LED) technology for maximum brightness and dependability. After all, the safety of first responders - as well as the general public - relies on clear illumination from the bright lights you utilize.

Mini Light Bar

Choosing the Right Emergency Light Bar: 911 Signal USA Resource Center

We also know the importance of outfitting your fleet with economical emergency lightning to meet your organization's budget. Competitive, affordable pricing is a key feature to our store's product lines, and our LED light bar buying guide will help you match the right size, wattage and LED technology to tailor your final price tag. View our full line of mini LED light bars and full-sized light bars here.

Our product and customer support doesn't end when the LED light bar leaves the warehouse. Check out our industry-leading warranty and LED Light Bar Safety and Maintenance Guide

We set ourselves apart with competitive pricing along with top quality products and friendly, responsive customer service. We know our customers, budget considerations and jurisdiction issues and our customer service is dedicated to answering all your questions. If you have any questions, check our Light Bar FAQ.

Our goal is to serve those who protect and serve and keep communities safe and running smoothly. And we look forward to serving you.