LV100-L4 Visor Light with Linear Lens

LV100-L4 Visor Light with Linear Lens
LV100-L4 LED Visor Light Linear LensLV100-L4 LED Visor Light Linear FrontLV100-L4 LED Visor Light Linear PatternsLV100-L4 LED Visor Light Linear Dimension
Manufacturer: 911 Signal USA
Model: [911-LV100-4]
Category: Visor Lights
Price:  $589.99$249.96

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Volunteers, undercover police officers, and a variety of other drivers opt for visor mounted lighting because this particular type of emergency vehicle lighting is not easy to see until it is activated. Our LV100-L4 produces 40-watts of LED light output, and is available in red, blue, and white solid and split color combinations. Center mounted takedown lights are also available as an additional option. To see how stealthy this LED visor light is in the off position or in lockdown mode, scroll down to watch our LED demo videos featuring our LV100-L4.
Product Specs:
Power: 12V
# of LED's in Unit: 40
Wattage of Each LED: 1 Watt
Total Wattage Output: 40 Watts
Optics: LIN
# of Flash Patterns: 26
Pattern Memory: Yes
Syncable: No
Cigarette Lighter Plug: Yes
Housing: Poly Carbonate
Brackets Included: Visor Mounts
Lifespan: 100,000
Warranty: 5yr Bulbs, 2yr Component

Catalog: Download catalog page for LV100-L4 Visor Light with Linear Lens (PDF)

Your First Choice For A Two-Piece Stealthy LED Visor Light Bar

Whether undercover, patrolling the neighborhood, or responding to an urgent call for help, emergency responders need emergency vehicle lights and sirens that they can count on. However, these same drivers don't always need to make their emergency lights obvious. In the case of undercover police or police using unmarked police vehicles, stealthy vehicle lights are a better option. For this reason, we have created a two piece stealthy light bar that you can count on to make your presence known on the road, but not until you are ready too.

LED Bulbs Provide 40-Watts of Lighting Power through a Linear Lens

With this emergency vehicle light, you will have control of 40-watts of pure brilliant LED light output. Better yet, this stealthy interior ligth bar is built with a LIN lens, which provides optimal optics for your new emergency vehicle lighting equipment. To make this LED visor light bar even more versatile, buyers can choose from a variety of split or solid color combinations. Better yet, an optional takedown light is also available.

Hardwire this Interior Light Bar or Use a Lighter Plug

Most often, this visor light is installed in an emergency vehicle's headliner. To make installation easier, visor mounts are included with purchase. For permanent installation, emergency vehicle drivers can hard wire the visor light to the emergency vehicle's switch box, or can opt to use a cigarette lighter plug for temporary installation. To make using the visor light exceptionally easy, a control unit on the back allows you to change strobe patterns or activate takedown lights on the fly.

Best Features of our LED Linear Lens Visor Light

Our two piece interior light bar will cover both the driver and passenger side in your emergency vehicle. This stealthy LED light is extremely discreet and is utilized alot in slicktop and undercover vehicles. Unless activated, it is nearly impossible for anyone to see our visor lighting.

Shop our inventory to find the right emergency vehicle lighting for your equipment without busting your budget.

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LV100-L4 Visor Light with Linear Lens
Category: Visor Lights

Review By: Sean
5 of 5 Stars! 5 out of 5.
Wednesday 29 February, 2012
I love this item. It is a well constructed product without being a name brand. I think this is a extremely bright light, as bright as the Whelen undercover light bars. This price is well worth it. Whelen bars start out at like 600 dollars. Don't waist your money. All in all I will buy again from 911 Signal USA. Thanks

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)