PAR36 5mm Surface Mount or fog hole mount LED

PAR36 5mm Surface Mount or fog hole mount LED
PAR36 5MM LED Surface Mount FrontPAR36 5MM LED Surface Mount PatternPAR36 5MM LED Surface Mount Dimensions
Manufacturer: 911 Signal USA
Model: [911-PAR36]
Category: Grille & Surface Mounts
Price:  $89.99$47.96

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Whether you are looking for a bright emergency vehicle light to surface mount on the exterior or interior of your emergency vehicle or want to fog hole mount a brilliant LED light, you should buy our PAR36 5mm surface or fog hole mount LED. This innovative LED emergency light is 4.25” round and is available in solid and split color combinations. Depending on how you plan to mount the light, will depend on the type of mount you need. To see what this emergency LED light looks like when activated, check out our demo videos below.
Product Specs:
Power: 12~24V
# of LED's in Unit: 40
Wattage of Each LED: .25 Watt
Total Wattage Output: 10 Watts
Optics: DIRECT
# of Flash Patterns: 19
Pattern Memory: Yes
Syncable: Yes (up to 19 units)
Cigarette Lighter Plug: No
Housing: Poly Carbonate
Brackets Included: No
Lifespan: 100,000
Warranty: 5yr Bulbs, 2yr Component

Dimensions: 4.25"round x 1.25"D

Catalog: Download catalog page for PAR36 Surface Mount or PAR36 5mm Surface Mount or fog hole mount LED (PDF)

Need More Emergency Lights? Use Surface Mount LED in Fog Holes

The PAR36 5mm surface mount light may look very insignificant and delicate at first glance. However, once fitted on an emergency vehicle, this LED light explodes with bright light. In fact, the PAR36 5 creates light output that is visible for very far distances. Better yet, the PAR36 5 is nearly unbreakable, which means it can withstand anything your department intends to put it through.

10-Watts of LED Light Output is Created by 40, 0.25 LED Light Bulbs

The PAR36 5mm surface light is an ideal fog hole LED that uses 40 0.25-watt LED lights. To meet the needs of every buyer, we offer many solid and split colors options. This means no whether these LED lights are being fitted on a police cruiser, a POV, or a utility truck, you will get the right colors for your occupation. Since the LED light bulbs in this specific emergency vehicle light will last around 100,000 hours, this fog light is basically maintenance free.

PAR36 5 mm Surface/Fog Light Offers Awesome Installation Options

This specific emergency light is ideal for Dodge Chargers and other popular police cars, because they can be fitted in either a 4” fog light or surface mounted anywhere on a vehicle. To guarantee you get what you need to mount the PAR36 5mm LED light right out of the manufacturer’s box, we sell fog hole mounts for this specific equipment. Unfortunately, a cigarette lighter plug is not included with purchase, so the PAR36 5 fog light must be hardwired to a switch box or control panel.

Features of the PAR36 5mm Fog/Surface Mount Light

Housed in tough and hard-wearing aluminum/polycarbonate, this LED light is long-lasting and very resilient. Additionally, there are 19 flash patterns and flash pattern memory too. Lastly, these emergency small emergency lights can be synced with existing warning lights for better visibility on the road.

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