C4-4 Reflex Traffic Advisor LED Light

C4-4 Reflex Traffic Advisor LED Light
C4-4 Reflex LED Traffic Advisor AngleC4-2 Reflex LED Traffic Advisor OffC4-2 Reflex LED Traffic Advisor OnC4-2 Reflex LED Traffic Advisor CloseupC4-2 Reflex LED Traffic Advisor Grille
Manufacturer: 911 Signal USA
Model: [911_c4-4]
Category: Traffic Advisors
Price:  $165.96

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If you are looking for a warning light that will outperform all other emergency vehicle lights, even basic LED emergency lights, choose an LED traffic advisor that features reflex technology. Our C4-4 Reflex Traffic Advisor features four Generation 3-watt bulbs, and thanks to reflex technology, this unique traffic advisor can deliver light output in all angles, which increases driver’s visibility and lights more area than would be possible with any other emergency vehicle lighting on the market today. To ensure drivers from any profession such as police, firefighters, and volunteers can find the right LED lights for their profession, we offer this light in popular split/solid color combinations.
Dimensions: 19.0 "L x 2.2" W x 1.0"H

Catalog: C4-4 Reflex Traffic Advisor LED Light (PDF)

Four C-4 Light Heads are Featured in Our Reflex LED Traffic Advisor

The C4-4 Reflex LED Traffic Advisor from 911 Signal USA is the perfect traffic advisor for any emergency vehicle on the road. With amazingly bright 3-watt LED bulbs and an internal reflector lens, this light can’t be ignored on the road. Better yet, this light is perfect for any occupation because it is offered in a many split and solid color combinations including the popular colors of red, green, white, blue, and amber/yellow.

Four C-4 Light Heads Deliver Sixteen 3-Watt Generation III LED Lights

With four separate light heads, the C4-4 will deliver bright light in day and night. In addition to sixteen 3-watt generation III LEDs, this traffic advisor is also available with 26 different flash patterns. Better yet, flash pattern memory is built into the lighting equipment, so drivers are always ready for anything they may encounter on the road.

Aluminum Housing Provides Waterproof Protection

A black, sturdy aluminum housing makes this light look great and protects it from weather elements such as rain, snow, and sleet too. Additionally, since this traffic advisor comes with LED lights, buyers can rest easy that the lights will shine bright, last a very long time, and will be extremely durable during their entire lifespan.

Mounting Equipment is Included with Purchase

Each traffic advisor is shipped with everything needed to install the equipment right away. In addition to being install ready, this light is also easy to maintain too. The C4-4 Reflex Traffic Advisor from 911 Signal USA also meets and exceeds SAE standards, so drivers can install this gear with confidence that it will work and operate exactly the way it is supposed to.

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