S100-9 Speaker

S100-9 Speaker
S100-3A Siren Speaker 100 Watt
Manufacturer: 911 Signal USA
Model: [911-S100-9]
Category: Sirens & Speakers
Price:  $59.96

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If your department is strapped for cash, you don’t have to settle for less than stellar equipment just to make ends meet. Instead, shop with us, and you can access police siren speakers that will amplify your sound and withstand the toughest elements imaginable while still being incredibly affordable. To learn more about our S100-9 siren speaker, check out the speaker’s product specifications and description below. While checking out our siren speaker, make sure to browse all of our other emergency vehicle light choices as well. In addition to quality sirens, we also carry many different LED lights including light bars, grille lights, surface mount lights, and hideaways too.
Product Specs:
  • MODEL S100-9
  • POWER 100W
  • SOUND PRESSURE 120-130dB
  • NET WT 2.6

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Tough Siren Speakers for those in the First Responder Community

Need an low-cost 100-watt police siren? Your in luck, we have it. Our siren speaker is affordable and reliable at the same time. Check out the features of this emergency siren and you will see that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a great siren sound.

Loud, Clear Siren Speaker Sound

A strong magnet mount keeps the siren in place while an aluminum horn blares from the front of the vehicle, even in less than ideal weather conditions. Additionally, the siren speaker is loud enough to be heard in noisy, crowded situations as well. With less than 5% distortion, police officers and other first responders can ensure their emergency sirens will be heard clearly by everyone around them. In addition to clear sounds, the popular police siren speaker has a frequency range of 400-4000H and a sound pressure of 120-130dB.

Our 100w Siren Speaker is Easy to Install

Wires and mounting brackets are included with the siren speakers, so installation is simple to complete. Simply hook the 100w siren speaker up to your siren amplifier, and you are ready to amplify lifesaving siren sounds.

Best Features of the S100-9 Siren Speakers

This unique siren speaker is ideal as police siren speakers, ambulance siren speakers, and fire truck speakers, and can handle up to 100 watts of power, and do so clearly. At just 2.6 oz., this lightweight, compact speaker won't take up much room in a cruiser, but will produce the siren sounds you need to clear traffic and get to the scenes of an accident or crime in progress quickly.

Stretch your emergency equipment budget further, without sacrificing quality, by ordering 911 Signal USA's S100-9 Speaker.

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