Private Security Vehicle Lights

Just like police and volunteer firefighters, private security vehicles need to be equipped with emergency lights that allow them to be seen when it is most important. To learn more about how to buy security vehicle lights, check out the information we have gathered below.

Popular Lights for Security Vehicles

Depending on their specific tasks, security patrol cars have different warning light needs. In many situations, private security company vehicles have many of the same lights as traditional police patrol cars. The most common lights found on security vehicles include:

  • Light bars
  • Dash or deck lights
  • Surface mount lights
  • Visor lights
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C4-2 Reflex Traffic Advisor LED Light
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Eagle Eye Visor Light
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E-24 Grille and Surface LED
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ANT 6-6 Surface Mount
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F65 Bumper LED
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F912M Mini Light bar
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Roof-Top Light Bars – The Most Popular Lights for Security Vehicles


In many situations, security officers drive security vehicles around the perimeter of a building or neighborhood. The main purpose of this type of vehicle is to be a deterrent to criminal or inappropriate behavior. For this reason, many security vehicles are decked out with roof-top LED light bars. This type of warning light provides 360-degrees of light output and can be seen from far away. If an officer has to activate their security vehicle lights in an emergency, a roof-top light bar makes the vehicle easy to locate, even in rural or rough terrain.

Dash and Deck Lights can create Front and Rear Facing Lights

If a security vehicle needs front and rear facing lights, you can get exactly what you need with dash or deck lights. Our inventory is packed with great LED options that will fit any budget.

Surface Mount Lights or Grille Lights Provide Enhanced Visibility

Enhancing your vehicle's visibility on the road is easy when you choose security vehicle lights for the surface or grille of your vehicle. These types of lights are relatively inexpensive and are great for providing light anywhere you need it.

We Carry Amber and Green Security Vehicle Lights

To make sure we can meet private security company warning light needs, we have stocked our inventory with both amber and green emergency lights. Many of our warning lights are available in solely green, solely amber or a split combination of green and amber. If you need a color combination that is not offered in our online store, please contact us. We build our emergency lights, which allow us to customize many of our most popular warning lights with the colors that are right for your career.

If you aren't sure what color security vehicle lights are appropriate for use in your state, feel free to check out our State-by-State Guide to Emergency Vehicle Lights.