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In Need of an Ambulance Siren, Police Siren or a Fire Truck Siren?

In addition to emergency vehicle lights, the most essential tool for a first responder to have is sirens. Emergency sirens are ideal emergency equipment because they are able to alert people of their presence from a long distance away. Due to the loudness of sirens, this vital emergency vehicle equipment is able to keep other vehicles and pedestrians safe with loud ambulance sirens, police sirens and fire truck sirens.

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CJB100RD 100 Watt Siren
Choose from a Variety of Siren Sounds with this Top-Notch Emergency Vehicle Equipment Sir ...
IW3 100 Watt Siren
The IW3 Siren will help you be Heard Long Before you are Seen The IW3 siren is an elect ...
S100-3A Speaker
Big Siren Sound, Compact Size Speaker When you don't have much room in your cruiser, and ...
S100-9 Speaker
Tough Siren Speakers for those in the First Responder Community Need an low-cost 100-watt ...
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products)
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Why Buy Sirens and Lights from Reputable Dealers

Sirens are a great investment for any department. To make sure your department spends their money wisely, it is essential that you buy your sirens and emergency alert systems from a dealer with the experience and knowledge to help you make the best choice. To ensure you get the best sirens at the best price, choose a manufacturer and vendor like 911 Signal USA. We have the best fire truck, police sirens, and ambulance sirens on the market. On top of that, our high quality police sirens and vehicle emergency lights are available at considerably low and affordable prices beating out our competitors.

Choose the Best Police Sirens; Choose 911 Signal USA

Our superior sirens are very loud, which allows this equipment to be hard from very far distances. For this reason, our police, ambulance and fire truck siren are a great choice for traffic enforcement and emergency first responders alike. To be effective and safe on the road, first responders must have high-quality police siren sounds available to them. Just as important, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS workers need to know that their sirens are going to run every time they turn them on. For guaranteed quality and customer support, buy a police siren from 911 Signal USA.

Programmable and Adjustable Police Sirens

At 911 Signal USA, our sirens are adjustable and programmable, which allows them to complement any existing vehicle emergency lights system. If you are looking to outfit your law enforcement or first responder fleet, don't forget that an audio alert system is just as important as a visual one.

Make sure you get the very best audible alert system for your department by shopping with 911 Signal USA. We have the very best in police sirens, fire truck sirens, and EMS sirens, and are a leader in the emergency vehicle lights and sirens industry. To learn more about our police sirens visit our Sirens Buying Guide, and our Siren Safety and Maintenance Guide explains how to care for and maintain your siren alert system. Lastly, if you have any questions about our products visit our Sirens Frequently Asked Questions.