Speakers for Police & Emergency Vehicles

If you are looking for outstanding 100w siren speakers at an extremely affordable price, shop at 911 Signal USA. Our speaker inventory will never leave your emergency vehicle coming up short when it comes to police siren sounding. Every one of our siren speakers features advanced technology, and since our vehicle sirens and lights are sold at the best prices possible, you will surely find everything you are looking for to successfully equip your emergency response vehicle. You might also be interested in the following options for your emergency vehicle:

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S100-3A Speaker
Big Siren Sound, Compact Size Speaker When you don't have much room in your cruiser, and ...
S100-9 Speaker
Tough Siren Speakers for those in the First Responder Community Need an low-cost 100-watt ...
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Loud Low Distortion Siren Speakers

For a safe and optimal job performance, siren speakers on emergency vehicles need to be tested and fully functioning at all given times. All of the siren speakers from 911 Signal USA are guaranteed to amplify emergency sounds with very little distortion, which makes them the perfect addition to any emergency first responding vehicle including police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances.

Why Your Emergency Vehicle Needs Sirens from 911 Signal USA

When police, ambulances, and other emergency response vehicles need to get to the scene of an accident or a crime in progress, it is critical that they are able to travel as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there is no way for law enforcement agents and first responders to predict traffic and pedestrian traffic. However, they can turn on their emergency vehicle lights, activate their sirens and rely on their speakers to amplify the sound. Siren speakers from 911 Signal USA are guaranteed to amplify the sound for great distances, which means that drivers and pedestrians will be alerted to an oncoming emergency vehicle. This advanced notice allows drivers and pedestrians to clear a path for these emergency response vehicles, which allows first responders and law enforcement agents to get where they need to be quickly and safely.

911 Signal USA's Siren Speakers Resource Center

To learn more about the 100w siren speakers that 911 Signal USA carries for emergency response vehicles, you can visit our informative Siren Speakers Buying Guide. To learn how to install and maintain your vehicle equipment, you can visit our Siren Speaker Safety and Installation page. Lastly, our Siren Speaker Frequently Asked Questions page, contains the most frequent questions we receive about fire truck sirens, police sirens, and ambulance sirens.