State Emergency Lights and Warning Lights Statutes


Emergency Lights State StatutesAt 911 Signal USA, we want to offer each and every person who visits our online store the very best shopping experience possible. In fact, in addition to selling affordable, quality emergency vehicle lights and warning lights, we are also experts in the LED emergency lighting industry. Our expertise allows us to answer questions and make suggestions regarding a variety of LED lights including dash and deck lights, visor lights, strobe lights, and many other emergency vehicle lights as well.

While working closely with customers, we often incur questions regarding what type of emergency lights are allowed or required in certain states. To provide the best service possible to our customers, we have gathered information regarding each individual state's statutes regarding the use of emergency lighting including colors allowed in each sector. To find the information about your state and their statutes regarding emergency lights, browse the alphabetical list below.

Emergency Lights Rules and Statutes by State

The information above about emergency vehicle lighting and warning lights was gathered by 911 Signal USA as a courtesy to our customers. It is important to remember that the information supplied in the links above is our interpretation of the law, and while we have sincerely done our best to provide accurate information regarding emergency vehicle lighting, we cannot be held responsible for any errors. Instead, for the most accurate information regarding your state's statutes, please consult more formal sources.