E4 Surface Mount LED with TIR Lens

E4 Surface Mount LED with TIR Lens
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Manufacturer: 911 Signal USA
Model: [911-e3led]
Category: Grille & Surface Mounts
Price:  $79.99$49.96

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When you need emergency vehicle lights, but don’t have a ton of cash to spend, you will be glad you found 911 Signal USA. Our E4 surface mount LED with TIR lens is extremely bright, inexpensive, and easy to use. To ensure drivers can get exactly what they need, we offer these particular LED strobe lights in a variety of solid and split color combinations. As a result, our E4s are ideal for all first responder, emergency responder, and warning driver occupations. To see how bright our E4s are, scroll down and check out our emergency light demo videos.
Product Specs:
Power: 12V
# of LED's in Unit: 4
Wattage of Each LED: 3 Watt
Total Wattage Output: 12 Watts
Optics: TIR
# of Flash Patterns: 19
Pattern Memory: Yes
Syncable: Yes
Cigarette Lighter Plug: No
Housing: Poly Carbonate
Brackets Included: Surface Mount
Lifespan: 100,000
Warranty: 5yr Bulbs, 2yr Component

Dimensions: 5.75"L x 1"D x 1.75"H

Catalog: Download catalog page for E4 Surface Mount LED with TIR Lens (PDF)

Our Most Popular Surface Mount LED Light

If you are looking for the very best surface mount LED lights with a TIR lens on the market, you have found them. Our E4 Surface Mount LED with TIR Lens is an easy and affordable way to equip your emergency vehicle. In fact, these surface mount LED lights are a fantastic way to upgrade an existing emergency vehicle or to equip a brand new vehicle.

Four 3-Watt LED Light Provide 12-Watts of Light Output Via a TIR Lens

Four 3-watt LED lights provide 12-watts of light via a TIR lens. The use of a TIR (total internal reflection) lens allows the grille lights to create a bright, solid beam by gathering all the light and focusing it. This process ensures that no light is loss and the surface LED lights are working to the best of their ability.

E4 Surface Mount LEDs are Easy to Install on Any Surface of an Emergency Vehicle

One of the best things about surface mount LEDs is that they can be installed on nearly any surface of an emergency vehicle. Whether you want them on the side of your cruisers cages, on a push bumper, or nearly anywhere else, the E4 surface mount LED lights will provide the light output you desire. To make installation easy and fast, a surface mount flange is included with purchase. A cigarette lighter plug is not included with the purchase of these emergency lights, but the LED lights can easily be wired into an emergency vehicle's existing system. In addition, up to 19 E4 surface mount LEDs can be wired together to significantly increase an emergency vehicles visibility.

Additional Features of the E4 Surface Mount LED with TIR Lens

At 911 Signal USA, we are experts in the emergency light and sirens industry, so we understand different occupations need different emergency lights or warning lights. For this reason, we offer a huge variety of solid and split color lights. Choosing the perfect color for your new LED vehicle emergency lights is easy when you use the drop down menu box above. These vehicle emergency lights are paired with a polycarbonate housing, so operators can count on durable lights that will create a powerful beam of light for a very long time to come. Grill LEDs also provide 19 flash patterns and flash pattern memory, so drivers never have to remember what pattern they used last.

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