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Switch Boxes for Emergency Vehicles

Once you have fitted your emergency vehicle with the best emergency lighting solutions from 911 Signal USA, you are ready to purchase an emergency switch box which allows emergency vehicle drivers to easily operate their emergency lights and sirens with just the simple flick of a switch or push of a button. In fact, a light bar switch box is the best way to effectively manage your emergency vehicle lighting.

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911-920 Switch
A Versatile Two Button Switch Box If you are looking for an easy, no fuss way to control ...
911-930 Switch
A Compact Three Button Switch Box The 911-930 Switch from 911 Signal USA is a compact thr ...
911-960 Switch
Easy Wiring Six Button Switch Box Even if your emergency vehicle has the very best LED em ...
911-990 Switch
A User Friendly Backlit Switch Box The 911-990 emergency lighting switch box has the poss ...
BR8 Control Head
Mutliple Lights, Multiple Patterns, Easy to Use LED Control Switch Box The BR8 Control He ...
Toggle Switch
A Simple Use Toggle Switch No one will dispute the fact that emergency light switch boxe ...
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)
Result Pages:  1 

Emergency Vehicles Benefit from Emergency Switch Boxes

Our inventory is stocked with a variety of different emergency light switch boxes, so our switch boxes are ideal in a variety of emergency vehicles including:

  • Fire trucks
  • Police vehicles
  • Ambulances

When you browse our inventory, you will find toggle switches, 2-switch, 3-switch, 6-switch, and 8-switch emergency boxes. Many of our switch boxes are available with multiple preset patterns, so no matter how many warning lights you have on your vehicle, you can find the perfect switch solution with us.

Emergency Switch Boxes Help First Responders

Most times, when first responders need to get to an accident or crime in progress, they need to do so quickly. In these instances, an emergency light bar switch box allows emergency vehicle drivers to activate fire truck lights, police lights, or ambulance lights with just a single switch. Additionally, sirens for emergency vehicles can also be activated simply by switching a switch. Allowing driers to activate lights and sirens quickly allows emergency vehicles to go to where they need to quickly and safely.

When you shop with 911 Signal USA, you are accessing top of the line emergency vehicle lighting and emergency light switches. In addition to our inventory quality, we are also experts in the business of LED warning lights, sirens for emergency vehicles, and emergency vehicle accessories. For this reason, we are able to answer any questions or concerns you may have about any of the products in our inventory.

Choose the Perfect Light Bar or Switch Box

To easily access information about our emergency light switch boxes, you can access our own emergency light switch resource pages. To help you decide which emergency light bar switch box is ideal for your vehicle, visit our Switch Boxes Buying Guide. Additionally, our Switch Box Installation and Maintenance Guide provides valuable information regarding how to install our products and maintain them.

For any questions that are not addressed in our resource center, our customer service representatives will be more than happy to provide answers during business hours. We have also compiled a list of the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Switch Boxes that can be accessed 24/7.