Swivel Bracket

Swivel Bracket
Emergency Light Swivel Bracket FrontEmergency Light Swivel Bracket SideEmergency Light Swivel Bracket Angle
Manufacturer: 911 Signal USA
Model: [911_B-5]
Category: Mounting Brackets
Price:  $9.99

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Many first responders choose to install their emergency vehicle lights flush against their vehicle’s interior or exterior surface. However, others opt to install an LED light swivel bracket. This type of bracket does exactly what one would expect it to, it allows a surface mount light to swivel. Drivers can choose this type of LED light head mounting bracket to ensure they can provide light in exactly the location they need it most. Find out more in-depth details about this unique mounting bracket by reading the entire product description listed below.

Swivel Brackets Allow You to Place LED Light Exactly Where You Need It

Surface mount lights are great in providing visibility and light output that emergency vehicles need to do their jobs correctly. However, traditional brackets don't allow the LED lights to swivel for angled light output. If you desire angled light output, our swivel bracket will help you achieve this.

Install the Swivel Bracket Easy and Quickly

Installing our swivel bracket is easy to do. In fact, everything you need to install this unique bracket is included with purchase.

Additional Features of the Swivel Bracket

When the swivel bracket is installed correctly, it will allow you to swivel your surface mount lights 360 degrees, which increases your cruiser or rig's ability to provide powerful LED light exactly where it is needed.

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