Tow Truck Lights

Many people know what it's like to anxiously wait on the side of the road for a tow. Better yet, these same people understand why tow trucks need to have emergency lights. In fact, tow truck drivers have a rather dangerous job, and without effective warning lights, the risk involved with their occupation is greatly increased. To get a better understanding of why tow trucks operators are permitted to use warning lights, keep reading below.

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Why do Tow Trucks Need Emergency Lights?


Tow truck light bars and other emergency lights for truck's are used to increase visibility on the road. This is critically important because tow trucks often have to work close to roads where other vehicles are traveling. Without emergency vehicle lights that make their vehicle easily identifiable, tow truck drivers, as well as the stranded motorists, are at risk of causing or being involved in an accident. However, unlike many other emergency vehicles, tow trucks don't use their warning lights whenever they are on the road. Instead, drivers must adhere to local or state statutes in regards to the use of their tow truck lights.

When Can Drivers Use Tow Truck Lights?

For the most accurate information regarding when tow truck drivers are permitted to use tow truck warning lights, it is imperative to research the restrictions on warning lights in their particular state. In general, emergency lights for trucks can only be used when you are actively aiding a stranded motorist or abandoned vehicle. For instance, if a tow truck driver is removing a car from a ditch, the driver is permitted to use their lights. The use of lights in this situation makes both vehicles and anyone around the area more visible to other drivers and pedestrians, which reduces the risk involved with the process. However, once the vehicle is loaded or attached to a tow truck, the driver must turn off the tow emergency lights. Furthermore,drivers don't generally activate tow truck light bars when they are en route to a call for help or after the vehicle has been aided.

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