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Visor light bars are an affordable and versatile addition to any police car's emergency lighting system. Most police cars come standard with a top mounted led light bar and a siren, however, if drivers are distracted by the radio or not checking their side view mirrors, they may not see an approaching emergency vehicle's lights. In this situation, a police officer can have a difficult time pulling someone over or getting them to pull over to get out of the way. LED emergency visor lights can help in this situation because they are visible directly in a driver's line of view. For this reason, 911 Signal USA should be your first source for quality LED visor light bars that will help first responders get the attention of everyone around them, which makes everyone on the road or on the scene safer as a result.

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Eagle Eye LED Visor Light with TIR Lens
Strap an LED Visor Light on and Experience Bright Illumination The Eagle Eye LED Visor Li ...
LV100-L4 Visor Light with Linear Lens
Your First Choice For A Two-Piece Stealthy LED Visor Light Bar Whether undercover, patrol ...
LV100-L6 Visor Light with Linear Lens
A Brilliant and Hi-Powered Two-Piece LED Stealth Visor Light Bar Looking for an amazing e ...
LV100-L9 Visor Light with Linear Lens
Our Full-Size Stealthy LED Visor Light Bar The LV100-L9 Visor Light with a linear lens is ...
Shark Tooth Visor Light with Reflex Lens
Our Innovation Brings a Reflex Lens to an LED Visor Light Bar Are you looking for the be ...
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)
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Why Police Need LED Visor Lights

When in pursuit, or on the way to an emergency scene or accident, police officers need to be able to rely on their emergency vehicle lighting. This means they don't have time to mess with broken bulbs or deal with overheated lights. Thankfully, with LED police visor lights, police officers don't have to worry about whether or not their police car lights are going to work or not. LED police and ambulance lights are extremely durable, long-lasting, and most of all dependable. LED visor lights are capable of being seen no matter what time of day or season. In fact, visor lightbars shine through snow, fog, darkness, rain, and nearly anything else as well.

TIR and LIN Visor Light Bar Options

At 911 Signal USA, we recognize that some fleets prefer TIR visor lights, and others want linear visor lights. To make sure our extensive inventory can satisfy any emergency vehicle driver, we carry both options. Our linear lights create a dispersal pattern, which makes it easy to spot for pedestrians and drivers alike. TIR designs condense light, which allows it to create a narrow, brightly visible, light. No matter what type of police lighting system you choose, you can rest assured that your LED police lights will get the attention you desire and expect.

LED Visor Light Bar Resources

To find tips, tricks, and advice about our high quality visor light bars, check our LED Visor Lights Maintenance and Safety Guide. If you aren't sure what type of visor lights are best for your fleet, you can find everything you need to make the best choice possible in our Police Visor Lights Buying Guide. For the best answers to commonly asked questions about our products visit our LED Visor Lights FAQs.