Volunteer Firefighter Lights

Professional fire departments use fire engines that are outfitted with the very best emergency vehicle lighting available when they are en route to an emergency. However, many volunteer fire departments don't have access to vehicles with this type of sophisticated technology. For this reason, many volunteer firefighters choose to outfit their personal owned vehicle (POV) with warning lights that will help them get where they need to go faster.

However, it is important to realize that there are state statutes and other considerations that must be taken in account before installing led light bars, LED dash light, Strobe lights or any emergency vehicle light for volunteer firefighters. Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn about restrictions placed on volunteer firefighter lights.

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Restrictions Placed on Volunteer Firefighter Lights

There's no standard set of rules regarding what type of courtesy lights are right for every volunteer vehicle, so if you're considering emergency lights, you must do your research and pay attention to state laws. For instance, in some states, volunteer firefighters are only permitted to use certain colors of emergency lights. Some states allow volunteer firefighters to use red lights and others specifically prohibit the use of red emergency lights. Additionally, if the wrong lights are placed on a volunteer firefighter's vehicle, the driver of the vehicle can be fined by law enforcement.

Best LED Lights for Volunteer Firefighters

If you're a volunteer firefighter who's considering acquiring LED courtesy lights for your private vehicle, it's probably because you recognize the importance of answering an emergency call for help as quickly as possible. Furthermore, it's possible you live in a rural area where your volunteer fire department is the only fire department residents have to count on. To ensure you can get where you're needed as quickly as possible, you may choose to put emergency lights for volunteer firefighters on your personal vehicle. Better yet, you don't have to put out huge amounts of money to get the LED volunteer firefighter lights you need. In fact, when you shop from a reputable emergency vehicle light retailer such as 911SignalUSA, you can easily purchase affordable emergency lights and courtesy lights you need.

Need help choosing the best LED volunteer firefighter lights for your personal vehicle? If so, check out our State-by-State-Guide to Emergency Vehicle Lights.